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  1. A little disappointed in the move at the time, and still feel they should have looked to the draft to replace Cousins, but agree with the sentiment of the OP. At a minimum, with Smith and Guice joining the roster it should make for an interesting season (at least the first few games!). I'm skeptical that a qb entering his mid-30s who has been league average throughout his career is the answer, but maybe he thrives here with Gruden. Stranger things have happened. Either way in excited to see the new personnel in week 1 and hope I'm wrong about Smith.
  2. I have to agree with Hardcore Zorn's take on the FO and their strategy at CB this offseason, and in general with roster construction over the past few seasons. Surprising for anyone who has followed this team for the last 25 years, but they do seem committed to building through the draft, responsible cap management, and focused use of free agency to build their roster. Hopefully guys like Moreau and Holsey can take a step forward this year and Scandrick isn't anything more than off-season topic. I'd assume that's what the team is planning on too. We shall see ...