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  1. I think somebody just nailed the new logo! And the wolf pack might tread a little to close to the Boy Scouts, we don’t need that controversy...
  2. Absolutely not!!! After this whole fiasco if they don’t want to be associated with this franchise then we should have nothing to do with the culture in general. And Redwolves seems like a cheesy tail between your legs name. If we’re going progressive I think we should go with a pronoun, possibly one that is fluid so it can change with each coach we hire as that list continues to pile up. Then we could be the ones calling others bigots for a change Just Kidding I actually kinda like RedWolves
  3. I give DS no benefit of the doubt what so ever. If he picks a winning combination he’ll have stumbled into it like a drunk yard cat, but I do on occasion enjoy buying a lotto ticket so I’ll enjoy this for at least as long as it takes to scratch one.
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