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  1. Stupid hosts can't keep a job by reporting accurate news, so they come up with idiocies to stir up controversy to get ratings. Guys like S.A.S. and Skip Bayless stay in business by doing that stuff. Dak is here to stay. Romo is probably getting traded... maybe Denver.
  2. Leary is a solid player; I hope he doesn't sign with you guys haha. And honestly it could still be a Skins fan, man. On the our forum, when we lost to the Giants a 2nd time there were already "Trade Dak for 2 first round picks"-type threads because his stats were at low points. Fans can just be stupid when they let the emotions from the game get to them.
  3. Not sure how the contract talks with him have gone, but I'm assuming he will be franchise tagged (again)? Yeah, he didn't "clutch it out" in some moments, but as someone who watched Romo for many years I can't put blame on a guy who in many games put up the #s yet the TEAM did not do enough as a group. Even if he may not ever be a "top" QB, but he's much better than the average/mediocre QBs that start for more than half the league. Even a slightly better defense would have won you a couple more games and put you guys in the playoffs this year. I guess the biggest quest
  4. If I was Skins fan, I'd hope the front office signs Kirk. He's been a good QB, and we both know how hard it is to find a serviceable one. If you can keep those offensive pieces together, maybe draft a top rated OL, get some defensive talent then the skins will be a competitive playoff team that can run for a title. Our Cowboys D proved to be smoke and mirrors, but at least our offense looks set. I look forward to the tough divisional competition... it roots out the pretenders early, right? edit: I don't know why there's threads about "should we sign Kirk". To me it's a no brainer.
  5. You're right, I am still salty... but I actually feel really good seeing the cheeseheads lose. No tears here, dude. We actually had a enjoyable season (disappointing ending aside). I'm looking forward to next year. Are you?
  6. 0 points against a defense that isn't top ranked? Should we "RELAX" and wait for a comeback? Last weekend's sting is wearing off much quicker.
  7. If you think I'm talking smack, maybe you should read my post again.
  8. I didn't say the refs "won you the game", just pointing out that Dallas doesn't get favored by the refs like many people claim - all season long I had to hear about how our OL "gets away with murder". Rodgers is just amazing. Too bad the Packers overall haven't been great, otherwise he'd have more rings by now. The Falcons D isn't a top unit, so get ready to light em up. Unfortunately, Green Bay's D isn't very good either. It will be fun to watch.
  9. Every fanbase gets bitter after a loss. Especially a playoff loss. This is not unique to Dallas.
  10. Like I always say: if you let the refs "dictate" how the game came out, you didn't deserve to win. Making it clear that the Packers deserved to advance, and we didn't. However, I think it's fair to point out that the refs don't favor Dallas like many (on this board, and elsewhere) claim. The GB OL did not get one holding call in the game, right? Wrapping your arm around a defender's neck should be called, and this play should have resulted in an automatic safety via a holding penalty. Again - just saying this to disprove that Jerry has the refs
  11. Whatever helps you get through the day. Cheers.
  12. You should have stopped while you were ahead, dude! Or picked a better one...
  13. The funny thing is I'm not trolling, yet you still get upset... That meme actually made me chuckle.
  14. Thanks for explaining to me to how I live my life. I'm very much into football; it's my favorite source of entertainment during the season. However it's not a priority in life, and my happiness is not dependent on the Cowboys winning. My fries could use more salt, keep it coming.
  15. SaltyGuy, you're the only person here who gets like this. Like I've said numerous times, it's just a GAME - it has no bearing on one's life, unless you make it that way - so I will be perfectly happy with the "offseason", thanks. Disappointed in the outcome? Sure... it was "heartbreaking". Doesn't change the great year we had and the entertaining games we played.
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