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  1. 34 people are talking about this 34 people are talking about this
  2. Wonder why Ron still wants to meet with him? Guess to tell him it's just business or is he trying to bring him back on a smaller deal...just thoughts
  3. I say go head and give him a shot, maybe a 1 or 2 yr deal
  4. Oh non believers not go want to see that, and going to come up with something to justify any of this.. I'll wait...
  5. Haskins IS my guy. Ready for him to get rolling
  6. I'm so ready for my guy to get ready and get it hush all the non believers from fans of the Redskins and not fans of the Redskins..LETS GET IT
  7. Young and Sweat coming off the edge is what I need in my life..and add in Brailford, also wouldn't mind if the show stopper is him in that Demarcus Ware role when he was with the Broncos
  8. Have to get Chase Young with Jack Del Rio
  9. Is anybody on the line of bringing Norman back?...I would if we could restructure his deal a bit., Think he have a new focus with Ron and the guys, and with our dline attacking now, he wouldn't have to cover as long
  10. I see Mahomes dailey, it's forced to me living in Kansas City..majority of his misses, or lack there-of misses it's because of his arm angles..throwing sidearm when he didn't need to..STILL not comparing him to Haskins at all, Maholmes is totally something different. But at the end of the day and when the smoke clears I feel what you saying in a way, Just hope our guy can turn into something like that at some point
  11. Like you said the reverse happen...BUT the good happen towards the end of the year, so that what makes me keep going that he's can be good, now if it was the other way around, I may feel what y'all saying on Burrow. them qualities you just named off..I live in KC, you just describe Maholmes witht he spotty footwork,sloppy arm angles and jump throws, now I'm i'm not comparing him to Maholmes, by a long shot, but that's what he does. maturity will come with age. We just have to wait and see how he progress with the new crew.
  12. So answer me relief appearances with a coach that didn't like you from the start and some starts that was not great by a long shot overrule them 6 excellent quarters as you put it with somebody that believed in him? I feel Ron and Turner like Haskins, just go challenge him a bit so he'll continue to work and not think the job is his, not a problem with that at all
  13. Just hope the Bengals do not put us in that situation and draft Chase Young...