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  1. Not even Klay Thompson's family would take Klay over Steph.
  2. So the cute girl in the Cat Stevens Jeep commercial is Prince Harry's gf?
  3. No, not really. Frankly, it's kind of amusing. Sad. But amusing.
  4. You're right. His 3-pt shooting is down to 40%, from 45% last season. Still obviously very good though.
  5. Good points. Thing is, you can't cut Rhodes. He's one of the top corners around. Newman is a dinosaur. But didn't he have a good year? If not, he's the one I would make an example of. Since you, or someone, pointed out earlier that he has played under Zimmer for several teams. He of all people should know better. And should also know that Zimmer knows defense. I just don't like this notion that it's Zimmer's fault, that a few of his players are dumbasses. To me, this doesn't reflect poorly on Zimmer. It's a cop out to put this on him. The way to correct this is to susp
  6. A story I just read says that the DBs only ignored the game plan on the first series. It also went on to say that the players that did it all have strong affection for Zimmer. Zimmer shouldn't be canned. He's not a bad coach. Sometimes players are just idiots. If it were me, I'd suspend those guys for Week 17. Problem solved.
  7. Most people think of the guy as a loser. Not sure either why the other poster would say "our guy". Those words should only be used when talking about a current Redskin, or a great from the past.
  8. Yeah, Coughlin would be a terrible hire for any club.
  9. I heard today that games involving Dallas had 4 of the top 5 highest ratings this year (Redskins TG game was highest), and 7 of the top 14 overall. So, unfortunately, all of the primetime games are warranted. Still, **** them!
  10. Let's stay on the topic. If you disagree with my stance, fine. But no need for name-calling.
  11. Yeah, so? The conversation is about Karl's book, and how he felt about Melo...as an NBA player.
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