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  1. Yeah.. ha ha ^^ thanks for the unnecessary jab. I was just an Analyst who followed the money as part of GWOT as part of a NSC / JTF tasking. Anyway... whatever. I am retired and just a teacher now. Borna, If it was me to rank the top five right now? Here it is: 1. USA 2. Russia 3. UK 4. France 5. China (mainly because of pure human manpower and not capability) ----------- 6. Germany 7. India 8. Turkey 9. South Korea 10. Japan
  2. Borna, You are on the right track, but there are some things the intel community would disagree with. China is not the second most powerful country in the world. Far from it... their Hyperglide Delivery Vehicle has not passed one test. I cannot say more as it is still classified, but China poses ZERO threat to the US except through economic and cyber warfare. NK they could handle. China is a ****hole of a country whose normal citizen makes about $3 dollars a day.
  3. Witcher 3 is definitely my GOTY. There are a lot of second places, but nothing else compares IMHO. EDIT Qualifier: Big Time Shout Out to: Bloodborne Fallout 4 Just Cause 3 Destiny Taken King Battlefront Rise of the Tomb Raider Disappointed with: BO3 Rainbow 6 ALL CoD
  4. HammerheadBravo2 O and real name is Michael or Mike... I don't care which. Edit: I might get to Rainbow tonight just to install and patch it up. I got the Gold Edition. For Just Cause I was able to grab a "Day One" copy so we got a whole lot of cool toys to play with vehicle wise. T hat game takes a very long time to install and then there are two patches. Very good title though. Best graphics I have seen outside Witcher 3.
  5. So, I bought a couple of PS4 titles today and am thoroughly enjoying Just Cause 3. Also picked up Rainbow 6 and an on sale Gods of War III Remastered. About to fire up GoW since the young one left for a sleep-over. It's his birthday so I splurged. Plus I gotta put together his new BMX style bike.
  6. Rise of the Tomb Raider is awesome. My girls love it!
  7. Hey my man... you are good... just fine. That is what we are here for. Merry Christmas and enjoy your PS4.
  8. Nah... I use my laptop for that or my tablet. I use my PS4's for pure gaming or Netflix / blue-ray watching. And yes I completely agree with you it is mind numbing to try to surf the webz with that tool. Great machine, just wrong tool to do any serious web cruising.
  9. ^^ agreed on that. Go DESTINY brochacho. $39.99 is a steal for the fun you will have with your son. EDIT: That was to Taze and LD
  10. Yeah, I gave a second edit to include Battlefront for him and his son. Bloodborne was awesome but gave me headaches
  11. Get Destiny The Taken King for him and you. Wicked good and wicked fun. For you alone... Witcher 3 (not him). EDIT: I also recommend for just you... Bloodborne (kind of cheap), Wolfenstein New Order (cheap), Assassins Creed Black Flag (cheap), and Fallout 4. Edit #2 for the kiddo: Star Wars Battlefront my 12 yo loves it.
  12. Saints and Strangers is pretty good, but FYI all it is on National Geo Channel not A&E.
  13. It will come down 30% or more come Friday ... everywhere.
  14. I'll add you up too when I get home today. I have been on a Destiny binge and BF has been collecting dust the past couple days.
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