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  1. 13 hours ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

    i always wonder if we would have won the division had smith not gotten injured. I think we do. 


    We didn't beat a team all year that put 23+ points up against us.  The record would have been the same.  

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  2. 45 minutes ago, dicksogj said:

    It appears to imply that the Redskins have an uneducated fanbase & that the team's issues are due in large part to the takes of the fanbase.


    The team's issues have nothing to do with the fan base.  The fan base is not "uneducated".  They over value this team and many of its players, however.  The whole "6-3" argument from last year is the most recent example.

  3. He legitimately reminds me of how bad Deshone Kizer looked in starting for Cleveland, and to a lesser extent, Rosen in Arizona.  Coincidentally these 2 guys were given up on after one year (in Cleveland no less).  He also is looking a lot like Finley is in Cincy right now.  Just totally lost and not ready for the NFL.  

  4. 6 minutes ago, Llevron said:


    Realistically speaking, I dont think Haskins makes it. Due to fault of his own, yes. But mostly because of the Redskins. But the one guy I didnt want here is the perfect example of why 3 games is way to early to give up on a player. Thats my only point. And I think we agree on that. 


    Cousins wasn't drafted to be the guy.  He wasn't taken in the first round.  He was the "other" QB during his first 3 seasons with the team.  And he still looked more promising than Haskins.  

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Llevron said:

    First, there was no QB change in 2015. Kirk started the entire season. 


    Robert was the starter all offseason.  It wasn't until our 4th preseason game that Gruden announced Kirk as the starter.  The offensive line was getting crucified by the media and fans (remember the Lions preseason game where Gruden was accused of leaving Griffin in the game to get hurt and how the o-line was terrible and couldn't protect him) despite the fact that Griffin was calling the wrong protections.  When Cousins became the full time starter, the sacks went down.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

    I just saw that "What do I have to do?" clip on twitter from yesterday.  Awkward would be an understatement.  


    I don't take that clip as Dwayne calling out his o-line or yelling at them.  But I do take it that his o-line has close to zero respect for him because most of them wouldn't even look in his direction.  Shades of 2015 when the o-line was getting blasted by fans and media for looking terrible until there was a quarterback change.

  7. 14 hours ago, Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin said:


    What did Cousins do here when we arguably had a cohesive (enough) offensive line and wide receivers?


    You left out without a running game and terrible defense.  But with all of that, what did he do?  Kept us competitive.  The passing game was the sole reason we were competent on offense for the 3 years that he was the starter.  Ignoring that is ignoring reality.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Koolblue13 said:

    Her being 21 is a good thing. Hes 23. If she was a lot younger, itd be more serious. 


    Yeah, but the implication here is that they were out partying somewhere when this happened.  It's not a good look.

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  9. 1 hour ago, London Kev said:

    Unless there is more information forthcoming then there's no indication of any crime being committed here.


    I don't think he committed any crime, but it doesn't look good that he was around a 21 year old woman who died after overdosing.  I highly doubt he just happened on this woman randomly.

  10. 22 hours ago, SoCalSkins said:

    Rosen is probably a 6th round pick now. You bring him into camp with Keenum/Colt type and see what Alex can do. I have a Rosen bias because I went to UCLA so it might not be the most objective take. Doesn’t change the fact that Haskins sucks. 


    I'd rather just start Trey Quinn in 2020 than have Rosen, Keenum, and Captain Checkdown himself trying to make a comeback and compete for the job.  Haskins playing blindfolded and with one arm tied behind his back would have me more excited than Alex Smith coming back.  

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  11. Even hearing the positives of the differences in his approach and his different mindset really aren't that encouraging to me.  He never had those character issues.  Aside from the knocks against his preparation (which coaches now say they've seen a change), there were never any real red flags.  The main concern was always his inexperience.  

  12. 16 hours ago, Califan007 said:

    let those particular narratives of this being dictated against Callahan's wishes and Haskins just being a lazy, disinterested draft pick by Dan to die down noticeably.


    Both Callahan and O'Connell made comments in pressers which bolstered this "narrative".  Virtually every single person who covers the team has said the same thing, and that after the Vikings game, something changed with Haskins and he has started to step up.  

  13. Had they rolled with McCoy and another stop gap veteran going into 2018, it wouldn't have been pretty, but it would have made sense.  Trading for, AND extending, a QB who, in his 13 year career, had only put up numbers close to Cousins once (on a stacked roster) was malpractice.  And it's what should have costed Bruce Allen his job.  

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