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  1. It's not that fans hate Haskins personally, they hate the fact that he was a Snyder pick and they see the poor play and start to wonder if Rivera was ordered to start him.
  2. No Chase Young is going to make this a blood bath. I expect RG3 to get some playing time. Rat Birds - 33 Football Team - 17
  3. If you truly believe in Haskins' potential, why don't you want him to be benched at some point this year? Because if he has the tools to turn into a franchise quarterback, isn't sitting and learning the best route possible if he continues to play poorly?
  4. I think another under-discussed aspect to Haskins was that he was a Snyder pick. That leaves a bitter taste for a ton of fans. And that is unfair to Haskins, but it's absolutely a red flag knowing Snyder's history.
  5. Your argument wouldn't exist because the Bills would have given up on him. Hopefully Washington does the same with Haskins if he doesn't improve drastically. Sunk cost at this point, tbh.
  6. You continue to ignore the counter argument of the fact that a big reason why Allen was given multiple seasons to improve his passing accuracy was because he was a dual threat quarterback. Josh Rosen was not given the chance to increase his passing accuracy after 13 starts.
  7. And to make up for Tebow's bad passing ability and inaccuracy, he could rely on his legs. Haskins cannot. Ergo, the comparisons to Tebow and Josh Allen are worthless.
  8. Tebow had 652 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns in his first ten starts. He was terrible inaccurate, but he could scramble and run to make up for that. Haskins can't scramble. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-nfl-predictions/quarterbacks/ Haskins is rated as the worst quarterback on the team.
  9. No, it's meant as a cover to excuse the poor play of the quarterback mostly. Remember how the offensive line went from god-awful to serviceable in 2015? What changed that year?
  10. Lamar Jackson: Cartoon Carrot:
  11. The Cardinals did this without even giving Rosen a shot with the new coaching staff. They threw in the towel. It worked out for them.
  12. Haskins doesn't deserve anything. Rivera and company should be allowed to select the quarterback that they want going forward.
  13. Here are all of the first round quarterbacks drafted going back 15 years: 2005: Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Jason Campbell 2006: Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler 2007: JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn 2008: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco 2009: Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman 2010: Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow 2011: Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder 2012: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden 2013: EJ Manuel
  14. By the way, the current most apt comparison to Haskins would be Mitchell Trubisky. Both had only experienced one year as a starter in college, and both were touted by many as the second best quarterback in their respective drafts. They also had new head coaches after their rookie seasons.
  15. Josh Allen is a dual threat quarterback, so his shoddy passing stats were helped by his ability to run. Jared Goff excelled in his second season with a different head coach. Drew Brees became great after a change of scenery, same with Tannehill. Cousins first start and his other starts in 2014 showed flashes of someone who could be a potential top 15 quarterback. Hasselbeck, Smith, Carr, and Orton were never "great".
  16. Terry leads the league in YAC. Can we please stop with the "we have no weapons on offense" excuses?
  17. Maybe it's because I don't follow a lot of the social media stuff or go to meet and greets/training camps, but everything that I've seen about him is the complete opposite.
  18. I have no problem with RIvera and company doing essentially what the Bengals did last season...they knew that Dalton was gone after that year so they gave Ryan Finley a look. He sucked too, so they drafted Burrow. That's the "benefit" to playing Kyle Allen this season. Because once Haskins is benched, he's done here, IMO.
  19. I wouldn't take what Young tweeted out as proof of the seriousness of his injury. I remember Guice saying he was "good" while smiling and eating a lollipop before he was announced as done for the season the next day.
  20. I mean you can pick any other quarterback you want, and Haskins is objectively worse.
  21. I am not seeing many fans outraged at all. As a matter of fact, the only outrage I see are from the fans/media who consistently show up to circle the wagons around the guy whenever he has a terrible game. Most people are just stating the obvious, and the numbers (even the advanced ones) back up what everyone is seeing: he is by far, the worst starting quarterback in the league by a considerable margin. When a #15 overall pick can't even outplay Jeff Driskel, every single fan of this franchise should either: A. Be scared to death because they want to stick it out with Haskins and he isn't
  22. Instagram workout videos aren't a good measure of progress for a quarterback. Who knew?
  23. He deleted this after posting it to his Instagram.
  24. After 2 or 3 more games like the one yesterday. Once Rivera benches him, it's over for Haskins with this team, IMO.
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