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  1. "Case is still our quarterback, that's where we're at currently, and I don't see anything changing in the future." I don't know how more definitive that could be.
  2. Finlay: "So long term...maybe least until the bye week I'm guessing." Callahan: "That's the direction we're headed in right now." Also Callahan: "Case is still our quarterback, that's where we're at currently, and I don't see anything changing in the future." Pretty definitive.
  3. Callahan said that Keenum is the starter long term.
  4. There is more writing on the wall other than 2 quarters of football. Have you seen how terrible Colt McCoy and Case Keenum have looked? 2 different coaches have come to the conclusion that they are still the better option moving forward despite the season being over. I don't know why this doesn't scare the hell out of more people, but it certainly worries me. Then there's this: Callahan is adamant that Case is their QB.
  5. DJHJR86

    Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: Wassup Cuz, AP Is Coming Home

    Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and marched down the field and scored 2 touchdowns in 9 minutes against this defense...and people think that Kirk is going to struggle? Vikings - 28 Redskins - 10
  6. Whatever happens on Thursday, I'm sure a new arbitrary measurement will be used to discredit his performance that doesn't get thrown around to other quarterbacks in this league.
  7. Why would 2 coaches, one fighting for his job and the other one auditioning for one, both lie publicly and not play him or even attempt to develop him? The easy route would have been to play Haskins and take the lumps with a rookie, and then the record would be somewhat justifiable. Either the entire Skins coaching staff is inept (possible, but unlikely) or Dan Snyder screwed up yet again and overdrafted Haskins.
  8. Total random factoid I just saw: Keenum put up near identical stats as Haskins did in his last year in college.
  9. Callahan being adamant that they still have faith in Keenum going forward tells you all you need to know about where Haskins is at in his development. Keim was echoing the sentiment that Russini alluded to (that caused the usual pearl clutching from national media pundits who barely follow this team). Where there is smoke, there is fire.
  10. You sink or swim with Haskins or a new drafted rookie QB.
  11. Yes it absolutely would. It's borderline almost there right now, but that would be the final straw for me.
  12. DJHJR86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'd argue that Bruce Allen just might be the right choice for Kindergarten Ninja Part 2.
  13. If Alex Smith is the starter going into next year, that would be the end of my fandom for this team.
  14. I guess I just don't get either mindset right now. Both sides, one who think he's going to be a bust and the other who is convinced he'll be a great starter, are basing their opinions off of 13 college games, 4 preseason games, and 1 relief effort. It's waaaay to early to tell either way. Which is why Callahan should name him the starter for the rest of the year. The "We were 6-3 last year with Alex!" crowd always forgets to mention that the Chiefs were also 6-3 in 2017 before losing 3 in a row. We were headed down that same path last year, except our defense couldn't bail us out like the Chiefs did the final 4 weeks of the season.
  15. Ditto for those who are convinced that he's the future, who will hopefully not make excuse after excuse and think "next year will be different" a la Campbell, Griffin, Ramsey, etc.
  16. Minshew just played against the Saints. Ditto for Jones against New England.
  17. If Haskins can't muster Keenum's awful performance yesterday (against the Dolphins!), what does that say about him as a draft pick? Is there anyone left that still thinks it's a good idea to sit him the rest of the year?
  18. I've been banging the drum of play Haskins immediately all year, so no argument from me on this front. I just found it interesting that there was more than the whole "Gruden hates Haskins" narrative and that maybe Gruden didn't want to lose the locker room by starting a guy who was nowhere close to being ready.
  19. Ben Standig was on Sheehan's podcast and he alluded to several players being mildly annoyed with the notion to "just play" Haskins for the sake of it, because in their minds there are 52 other guys on the roster who are prepping to play too. I thought that was an interesting answer when Sheehan brought up why not just let Haskins play the rest of the season.
  20. If this were the Bengals or the Dolphins you could chalk up talk like that to everything falling apart because of a terrible, winless team. But because it's the Redskins, and because people love to pile on the organization (rightfully most times) when things go south, they usually turn out true more often than not.
  21. These same defenses were made for RG3 when multiple sources were saying how entitled he was because of the owner. Turns out, the sources were right. Where there is smoke, there is always fire with this franchise.
  22. DJHJR86

    Reality check time.

    This is why I can't abandon hope and the team and start following and cheering for another. Snyder has employed 2 buffoons as his GM/Personnel guys during his entire run as owner. There is a slight chance that he lucks into hiring one that isn't an idiot failure.