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  1. Do you feel the same about his playoff record? Obviously he's not the only reason they went 1-4 with him in KC, but I find it rather odd that his regular season wins are heralded almost exclusively to him, but the playoff record seems to be placed squarely on Reid and the play calling.
  2. There really wasn't that much difference in the defenses of 2016-2017. In 2016, they gave up a total of 5,896 yards. In 2017 it was 5,842. Average yards per game in 2016 was 368.5 and in 2017 it was 365.1 Average points given up per game in 2016 was 19.4 and in 2017 it was 21.2. If anything, this would show that it had more to do with the emergence of Hunt coupled with the excellent separation his receivers continued to get.
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    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Pretty sure I've heard Cooley rave about Nicholson too.
  4. Fair enough. I just don't like the "all he does is win" narrative being painted, being that he had the benefit of a run game and an actual decent and healthy defense.
  5. There is precedent.
  6. Honest question. Do you think because we now have Alex Smith, that the team (regardless of how well the defense is compared to last year, same with running game) has a better chance to win double digit games than it did under Cousins?
  7. It's not a negative for the QB. I'm just saying that it's a reason (or more a mirage) as to why people seem to think Smith has changed as a player, and developed into a more aggressive QB. When he really hasn't. He still makes "safe" throws when guys are wide open. Edit:He did last year and 2016 and compared. KC was ranked 1st both years.
  8. "Essentially, we go back to the combine, where Derrius Guice said in a radio interview on Sirius XM that basically had been asked if he liked men,” Schefter said on ESPN. “He had been asked about his mother’s work habits, essentially the NFL launched an investigation, where it questioned many teams, and of the teams that Derrius Guice met with, none of them believed his version of the events. The NFL launched an investigation and found that no evidence of any wrongdoing had occurred, no team had asked a question, and in fact Derrius Guice even admitted to the teams, at least one of the teams that he had not been asked that question. There were other issues with Derrius Guice, and one team compared him to Dalvin Cook in the draft last year where Dalvin Cook had first-round talent, but fell into the second round where the Minnesota Vikings took him and he became a huge rookie bargain." Take these for what they're worth. I just hope this doesn't turn into another Su'a Cravens situation.
  9. He's not known to throw into tight windows. He's been in the league since 2005. There was a year where the KC offense went without a receiving TD to a receiver. That's insane. Not throwing 50/50 balls and into tight windows was something that Kirk got killed for (by Gruden) last year. A huge reason why he had his best year statistically, was because of the separation his receivers were getting.
  10. I just listened to that guy talking with Galdi, and he said how the 2017 version of Alex was much more "aggressive" and threw the deep ball more, and was more accurate when throwing it. Which is all true. What he did not point out, however, was the fact that last year, Smith was still the 2nd worst QB at throwing balls into tight windows. Only 12.7% of his passes went to receivers with less than a yard of separation. The reason he was more aggressive last year was because of the ridiculous separation that his receivers were getting. This myth that Alex Smith is coming in as an upgraded take chances kind of QB has to stop. He has not changed at all over the course of his career. He takes care of the ball. He doesn't throw interceptions. The downside to that is that he also does not take chances. Something that frustrated the hell out of Gruden with Kirk. The man in my avatar picture is the guy we should be pinning our hopes on in terms of how well our offense does this year. Source for the 12.7% number:
  11. Forgive me if I'm not buying into the "Alex is a gunslinger who'll throw it into tight windows, unlike Kirk" narrative.
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Now compare 2005.
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So this conservative, saving money and picks, over the past 8 seasons...has done what exactly? It sounds good in theory, because everyone hated Cerrato. But over the course of 8 years we, outside of cosmetically looking better from the outside ("we no longer waste money on washed up vets"), essentially have the same win-loss record under Cerrato. We've had consistency with Gruden going on 5 seasons now. Where is this improvement?
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Cerrato's total win loss record as GM/DPP: 70-79 Allen's total win loss record as GM: 52-75-1 Cerrato's win loss record from 2002-2009 (same amount of seasons as Allen currently): 54-74 Allen's interview with JP Finlay made it abundantly clear that "wins" are the measuring stick for success. So yes, it is worse.
  15. It's arguable that Smith, going forward, is a better QB than the ones listed (although I highly disagree with how they were ranked), but there's no way you could put David DeCastro at #44 on this list and not include Scherff somewhere.
  16. Pretty much yes to all of these. I'd say Smith is being overrated by a ton of people still bitter over the whole Cousins saga, while he's also being underrated by those other fans who are bitter at the organization for not signing Cousins. I think we've downgraded at the QB position, but we've upgraded at RB and defense (2 things not afforded to Cousins). I do think that we could have traded for Taylor (without losing Fuller), and still be looked at as a competitive team with a consistent QB who doesn't turn the ball over. I refuse to buy into a guy who 2 years ago, his team gave up picks to move up and take a QB in the first round. We've been fleeced before in trades like this. IMO, I don't see the optimism for a guy who has to have a team around him to excel (of which ours is currently a big question mark). At this point, for me anyway, it's best to remain cautiously optimistic.
  17. Brandon Scherff was the biggest snub for this team.
  18. Smith also had the benefit of Hunt, who averaged 4.7 YPA and led the league in rushing. Hopefully Guice can put up comparable numbers. I think this year hinges on Reed's health, and Guice's potential.
  19. Over the course of 10 years (2005-2015), Smith had exactly 5 300+ yard passing games. He had 6 in the 2016-17 seasons. Yards are not the be all end all of course, but with a team that has relied on the passing game so much over the past 3 seasons, I don't see how this shouldn't be a red flag to fans. His sack percentage (career) is almost double what Cousins is. I get that he doesn't turn the ball over. Neither does Tyrod Taylor. Who we could have got (theoretically) without trading away Fuller.
  20. I want Smith to succeed and win here, but I just don't see any reason to get hyped up that it's going to be some massive upgrade at the position. At best, IMO, it will be a wash in terms of production from the QB.
  21. Assuming that it's better, this should help the numbers put up by the QB. Maybe not total yards, but definitely TDs. See my edited response above.
  22. "but since everyone within the organization keeps insinuating that the stats put up by our previous QB was due to Gruden's quarterback friendly system, would anything less than 4,000 yards 28+ TD's be deemed a failure?" With a decent running game, he should be able to put up more than 4,000 yards and 28 TD's easily, since the defenses will be putting 8 in the box. If anything, a run game that's above average should help the passing game immensely. And with a below average run game, this QB friendly system should be able to generate production similar to the past few years.
  23. That's irrelevant based off of the praise of Gruden's system in terms of a QB being able to put up big numbers.
  24. Not sure if this has been covered yet, but since everyone within the organization keeps insinuating that the stats put up by our previous QB was due to Gruden's quarterback friendly system, would anything less than 4,000 yards 28+ TD's be deemed a failure?