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  1. Damn. If he did request a trade, I could see Rivera answering this way. All of the local guys insist Haskins did not request a trade, so I have no idea why Rivera simply wouldn't answer that honestly.
  2. The knock has always been that Allen senses pressure when it isn't there and leaves the pocket which results in sacks. He should be stepping up and not bailing. Cooley said he did this a few times last Sunday.
  3. Pretty sure Kyle is the one with the antibodies... https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/27/sam-darnold-josh-allen-kyle-allen-quarantined-southern-california-coronavirus-covid-19-jets-bills-redskins/
  4. How dare the coach throw the player under the bus like this!?
  5. Don't be disingenuous. Literally no one was saying "but that penalty extended the drive!" in any of Haskins' starts, or any other quarterback that I can remember...ever. But it will be "fun" when we can blame the o-line, offensive weapons, Scott Turner's "nepotism", or imply Rivera's cancer is affecting his decision making when Kyle Allen struggles...can't wait!
  6. According to Rivera, Haskins got 11 weeks. This means Allen gets the rest of the season if he's healthy.
  7. So now that Dwayne isn't the starter, we're going to hold penalties committed against the offense against them? Interesting...
  8. Another wonderful Bruce Allen signing.
  9. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/03/05/nfl-combine-2018-news-josh-rosen-shaquem-griffin-mmqb-peter-king Football isn’t that important to him, because he’s a rich kid whose mom is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder of Penn’s prestigious Wharton School of Business, and whose dad is a renowned spinal surgeon, and who once put a hot tub in his college bedroom. Rich kids can’t have the same drive as lower-middle-class kids. He’s a crappy leader, he questions authority, and his teammates roll their eyes at him. He’s too smart for his own good. He’s anti-Trump
  10. The GM who drafted Ryan Tannehill remained in that position with the Dolphins until 2014. Apples to oranges to compare him to Dwayne. EJ Manuel, Josh Rosen, and even Patrick Ramsey are more apt comparisons. Because all of them were given up on when a new regime (that didn't draft them) took over.
  11. Amazingly, even Bomani Jones gets the main difference between Jones and Haskins...those who drafted Jones are still within the organization. Haskins, just like Rosen, does not have the same organization who drafted him.
  12. Dwayne Jr. shoots a text to well-connected ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, who had asked him to text him when he knew where he was going. Redskins. Riddick sends back a congrats text, triggering the iPhone’s colorful confetti response. Now we know why Riddick was insistent that Gruden set up Haskins for "failure". https://www.radio.com/thefandc/louis-riddick-jay-gruden-dwayne-haskins-failure Weird how Anthony Lynn wasn't accused of setting Justin Herbert up for failure though...
  13. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/26/dwayne-haskins-redskins-first-round-draft-party-marketing-company-brand I have no idea how I missed this story, but man this is really something else.
  14. I will not ignore the issue in the league. I will point out that it has nothing to do with Dwayne Haskins or his benching. It boils down to one man: Daniel Snyder. He insisted on drafting Haskins at #15 (or even trading up to get him) and his football staff did not want to take him there (if at all). So Haskins comes in to a lame duck staff who didn't want to draft him, and then the next year a new coaching staff comes in who didn't draft him. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It has everything to do with the owner of this franchise.
  15. It's also factually incorrect on just about every level. For every Haskins, there is a Josh Rosen. For every Jamarcus Russel there is a Johnny Manziel. For every "work ethic questions" there is a Paxton Lynch. For every "football IQ questions" there is a Mitchell Trubisky. The way these guys are treated goes nowhere outside of their local coverage, so I could see why people have this perception. Same goes for Chase Daniel. Josh Johnson was in the league for 11 years on 10 different teams. Tavaris Jackson, Geno Smith, Tyrod Taylor (who is somehow still conning teams into st
  16. At what point will you start to reconsider the fact that maybe "the kid" was the one responsible for his undoing?
  17. Cooley and Sheehan have brought this up multiple times on Sheehan's podcast. They are saying that it had to be a way for Rivera to soften the blow of benching Haskins.
  18. I understand why people are upset at the seemingly double standard that Haskins has vs. the way Alex Smith has been treated. For one, we do not know what happened behind the scenes to cause Haskins to be demoted to 3rd string. Second, Alex Smith is just as much as, if not more, of the owner's pet as Haskins is. A very small part of me thinks that one reason Rivera insisted on keeping Smith out there in the second half was to show Snyder (who was rumored to have been pushing for Smith if Haskins was going to be benched) how terrible he is.
  19. That was John Beck against the Bills in 2011 levels of bad. It was RG3 against the Chiefs in 2013 levels of bad. It's also the same exact way he played when Peterson was stuffed and the opposing offense put up points early and often back in 2018.
  20. People are aware that Kyle Allen can be the best quarterback on this roster and also not be the guy going forward? Both of these things can be true. So why aren't you advocating for him to be traded so he can prove everyone wrong once and for all?
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