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  1. think Haskins is a bust based off of 1 preseason and 3 appearances in games (and only 1 start), but want to trade for JOSH ROSEN?
  2. Even hearing the positives of the differences in his approach and his different mindset really aren't that encouraging to me. He never had those character issues. Aside from the knocks against his preparation (which coaches now say they've seen a change), there were never any real red flags. The main concern was always his inexperience.
  3. Both Callahan and O'Connell made comments in pressers which bolstered this "narrative". Virtually every single person who covers the team has said the same thing, and that after the Vikings game, something changed with Haskins and he has started to step up.
  4. DJHJR86

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    Fire Bruce Allen, cut Alex Smith, and then resell the team to Jeff Bezos and retire.
  5. DJHJR86

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Alex "just like Kirk" Smith was on pace for 16 TDs, 8 INTS, 3500 yards, and had a 62.5 completion percentage before his injury last year.
  6. This is the correct call, but I'm not really as optimistic as many other fans about this.
  7. Yes. Literally for the last 16-17 years I've been heckled by someone (majority of the time they are strangers) for being a Redskins fan.
  8. DJHJR86

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Had they rolled with McCoy and another stop gap veteran going into 2018, it wouldn't have been pretty, but it would have made sense. Trading for, AND extending, a QB who, in his 13 year career, had only put up numbers close to Cousins once (on a stacked roster) was malpractice. And it's what should have costed Bruce Allen his job.
  9. You'll have to ask Louis Riddick and many others who were offended at the idea that the backup rookie QB would have to come into a game where the starter got hurt.
  10. The Vikings are the only team in the NFL to have played 6 away games out of their 10 already played. And the Vikings are undefeated at home so far.
  11. I'm echoing the agenda pushed by Louis Riddick, and many others, that the mere thought of playing Haskins in a game was tantamount to Gruden deliberately sabotaging his career. I also remember Case Keenum getting hurt in that Giants game where Haskins came in as relief.
  12. But I thought a backup inserted into a starting role without starting reps would have his pysche crushed and wouldn't be able to recover? Does Doug Marrone have an agenda?
  13. Has Louis Riddick come out and said how the Jaguars ruined Gardner Minshew for going back to Foles? Or was having the backup QB come in and play to be replaced by the healthy starter only an issue for this team?
  14. You don't tell the interim guy that he has full roster control and then a few weeks later go behind his back and name a starting quarterback. And I want Haskins to start. But this ain't how you go about it unless you are a dysfunctional dumpster fire.
  15. From what I gather, Callahan wanted to wait and see if Keenum would clear the concussion protocol and probably would've named him the starter if he cleared this week, but the FO had other plans and went over his head and told Haskins he would start. Which is exactly what all of the winning organizations do in the NFL.
  16. I don't get the O'Connell hype either, but Anderson was the same portion of the media who acted like Gruden murdered the Haskins family live on television when he put him in the Giants game when Case got hurt.
  17. I think the majority of fans who are skeptical of Haskins have this basic approach: They know that next year's quarterback draft class is stacked, and that there is a very good possibility that the Redskins will be in a position to take one who will either have a similar or higher ceiling than Haskins, and will be more pro-ready than Haskins is right now. And the reality of the situation that it's not "writing him off", it's just that they have zero faith in this franchise developing him properly, let alone bypassing on a (potential) better "can't miss" quarterback to try and get something out of him. I think at best people expect minimal improvement (assuming he starts the rest of the year) by season's end. And it's unsettling to see the #15 overall draft pick look completely different than guys taken as fliers in later rounds (Minshew, Allen). And then there's the very real criticism that he was a Snyder pick, and not a football personnel one. My personal opinion is that he isn't going to succeed here, and that is solely because of who runs this organization. Had he been drafted by a team like the Chargers, I think his future would have been bright.
  18. Czaban did not say that. At all. You do know that with this team, especially when they are losing, where there is smoke...there's fire?
  19. Am I the only one who thinks there is something "off" about the way Haskins throws? It appears to me like he rarely sets his feet and steps into throws, and sidearm chucks the majority of them. It just looks really awkward.
  20. It was absolutely 10 games of luck with the Skins. Let's take a stroll back to 2014, when the Chiefs were 6-3...and then promptly went 3-4 to finish the season. Or 2017, when they started 6-3...and then went 3-3 to finish the season (with Smith as the QB). Now you could point to 2013 or 2016 where they had double digit winning be promptly eliminated from the playoffs due in large part to the quarterback on their roster. I mean they did beat the Texans that one year in the playoffs (with Brian Hoyer...yay?), but there was a reason why Chiefs fans were not sad to see him go. Knowing all of this, and knowing that it is indisputable that the Chiefs from 2013-2017 was a MUCH better team than the 2018 Redskins...I fail to see how this magical formula of meh play from the quarterback would transform a terrible team to contender. The wheels were coming off fast in that Texans game before the injury. This was an 8-8 team with Smith remaining healthy...which would have probably been the same record had McCoy not gotten hurt too.
  21. DJHJR86

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Weren't you "CowboyKillerzRGIII" on another message board a few years ago? If so, I totally understand your irrational hatred for Cousins...but why not Lamar Jackson as well?
  22. I have been banging that drum since last year. We were 5-1 (with locker room commander Smith as the QB) when Peterson rushed for 90+ yards. And guess how many games he's eclipsed 90+ yards this season? One. When we beat the Dolphins. The only thing Smith brings that Keenum does not is that Smith's terrible quarterback play is shadowed by the fact that he was on a stacked roster with a good coach for 5 years, whereas Keenum was only on a stacked roster with a good coach for 1 year.
  23. You know who else "got us" to 6-3 with near identical numbers as Alex "proven winner" Smith (largely on the strength of the run game, but some folks chose to ignore that when it comes to Smith)?
  24. Smith and Keenum have the same number of fumbles and Keenum has 2 more interceptions but also threw 1 more touchdown than Smith. And Keenum has a much better completion percentage. And their sack numbers are also near identical. This is what you would have seen last year without AP. A 1-7 team. I never understand why fans would rather not lose than win. That's the glaring difference between Kirk and Alex. With one you had hope that you could win, with the other it was hope that you would not lose.
  25. Colt I understand, because of health...but why Keenum? What you are getting this year with Keenum is the same exact production you got from Alex Smith last season. The one glaring difference has been the fact that AP isn't carrying the team on his back this year.