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  1. 3 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    One cannot make an offer to someone that won’t accept one.  

    Show me the trade offer sheets of any deal ever.  I’ll wait.

    Leaks happen all the time....it was leaked that NE supposedly offered their 1st..where is the leak that the Texan's offered two 1sts for Trent....That is big news...BTW the Texans Tunsil went down to injury pretty quickly..


    IF Bruce turned down that high of draft package..he deserves all the criticism. I don't trash people for rumors...even Bruce

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Andre The Giant said:


    Reports are that Skins have been unwilling to even engage in trade talks. Not sure how accurate, but this situation reminds me of when Cousins asked for a trade, but Snyder refused. 


    After we were penalized with the salary cap hit, reports are that Bruce Allen stood up at a NFL Owners meeting and loudly admonished all the other owners for what they’d done. IMO he did this because 1) he believed it, but 2) he knew it would engender tremendous loyalty from Snyder, which has proven to be true. 


    Allen calls a lot of the shots, but on big decisions (Cousins 2016 extension, Cousins trade, TW trade) he knows to defer to Dan. That’s how he keeps his job.


    Snyder called Laveranues Coules personally and admonished him when he requested a trade. He hates disloyalty and takes it personally.  This TW situation seems utterly in character for the Danno. 

    Again,,there is time on the clock. IF someone offered a couple of 1st's...it WOULD have been leaked and Bruce would be a fool. But that hasn't happened..the market has strengthened/grown for Trent not diminished and the supply has not grown for a LT. There is plenty of logic to wait for the deadline. If there is no 1st in the offers..wait till off season is not a bad approach

  3. 41 minutes ago, SkinsFTW said:


    There was plenty of evidence that the Texans were after TW before they settled with inferior Tunsil for 2 firsts. Tunsil hasn't even made it to a Pro Bowl.


    Maybe they didn't offer that for TW but I bet it wasn't far off. Tunsil Isn't that good but Williams is proven to be a top 2 or 3 LT.

    Put it up here then.....exactly. Show us the Texan's offer to Bruce for Trent. It doesn't exist..all conjecture


  4. 6 minutes ago, Andre The Giant said:


    You just know it’s Snyder that doesn’t want to trade Trent even though it’s the logical thing to do.  Same reason he didn’t want to trade Cousins. He lets his EGO get in the way. Beyond frustrating. 


    It makes one think that you can get rid of Allen, Doug, etc, but we still won’t win w/ Snyder here. 


    Might be be the worst owner in sports. 

    No we don't know. The right trade numbers have not materialized for a trade now scenario. Why leave time on the clock when the demand will only grow. You *may* be able to claim that after the trade deadline..but there is NO evidence ANY offers contained a 1st rounder (Maybe NE but I haven't seen that either)

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  5. 4 minutes ago, carex said:

    We were trying to determine if he wad worth signing to a long term franchise QB deal

    For the money he was looking for, it was a no brainer. We all saw the type of player he was/is. I wanted him traded 2 drafts prior.....why Bruce let himself get played is beyond me...*maybe* Bruce was influenced too much by Jay and that BS is now why Bruce cuts Jay outa player decisions. I don't trust Jay anymore to have ANY input..Dead Man Walking as far as I'm concerned.


    They all need to go..at least then fans can have *some* hope of the franchise coming back. I won't see it in my life span unfortunately

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  6. I don't want these "teams" , owner, FO and coaches to spoil my memories of the Redskins. These are not THE Redskins...not even the "Replacements". I've tuned them out 90% and just check the score and stop that at halftime. I was getting way too upset watching these guys where it effected my attitude on other activities. Like stopping smoking...it was hard but I kicked the habit... I go back to 1969....it took allot to get me not to care.


    I really wonder if this isn't Danny payback for all the media and fan derision...how could a old fan as he has claimed tolerate this **** show??

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  7. I think this team has been soft for most/all of Jay's tenure. They are coached soft..worried about injuries..not playing in preseason..playing not to get hurt..but the players GET hurt because of conditioning..LACK of real practice...Jay is Soft on his coaches..


    After today..he's just mailing it in..maybe be has a beef with Bruce and is being tempestuous..


    If they just got rid of all of them and lets see what the Asst Coaches can do. Jay has LOST this team..



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  8. 17 hours ago, volsmet said:


    The notion that a game plan would need significant altering, because Dunbar & Fabian were out, is hilarious. 

    Ya..THAT is BS..if you have a suspect secondary..you PRESSURE!! Don't let the QB settle and pick them apart...playing soft zones is the most stupid game plan for that that I can imagine. I don't understand this statement at all...it proves to me they are clueless and probably as predictable as the sun coming up. Too many "perfect O Calls" for what the D runs...Dak's run for one..no containment

  9. 1 hour ago, KDawg said:



    3) What Jets thing? You mean the fact that the Jets defense managed to keep the Browns close for the majority of the football game despite the fact that their offensive line may be the worst I've ever seen, were on their third string QB and they struggled to do anything?

    Good point...that's very true. I should have considered that

  10. 52 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:


    By my count this is their 6th month dealing with this.  How much time do they need to process it?  I follow the Dolphins closely since i am in South Florida and Minkah pretty much just became an issue as for his discontent a few weeks ago.  They made a decision.  They acted and now likely have a top 10 pick for it.  It's not rocket science.   


    I'd be very surprised if Trent's value stays the same in the off season.  If I were another team my interest would not be as high.  In the off season, you got Trent now going to be 32, only one year left on his contract and most importantly a draft that's potentially very rich at LT and FA in front of me, too.   

    I don't disagree about trading him NOW..if you can. I just don't want to see him go for a 3rd round or worse. LT's are going down ..if you get a chance go for it..just don't get fleeced. If they knew TW was this adamant prior to the draft..yea..major screw up. I sure a heck don't know the facts here

  11. 1 hour ago, Skinsinparadise said:


    I'd add three things that might make this even crazier if its all true


    A.  The Redskins will levy and not forgive the fines on Trent (according to one report)

    B.  Trent will likely do the same song and dance next year and might hold out again (according to D. Hall from his conversation with Trent directly)

    C.  Strong impression (multiple sources) that Trent will not resign here when his deal is over


    Ok if all of this is true.  Let's say Trent comes back and they antagonize him further by not waiving off the fines.  We go through this dance all over again next year and then he leaves after that.  Forgetting the stupidity of forgoing an opportunity to upgrade the team with a high pick or two in a draft that might be special at LT -- they also are attracting constant drama to the team.  As some have pointed out who cover the team, Trent returning after all that has happened will have an edge to it.   You want Trent in that locker room when he supposedly has a beef with the medical staff and FO -- talk about awkward?   Plus a round 2 of this might be coming?






    I doubt the FO would be stupid enough not to trade him in the off season. I don't know if the FO had any inkling Trent was going to do this prior to the draft. Yea..there may have been "issues" but the holdout caught the FO off guard. Penn IS a Cheaper and adequate solution until he get hurt or worn down. If you can't get a #1..then deal with it in March 2020...The team has MUCH bigger issues in 2019 than this. At least we/re not alone..jets/miami/giants....The Jets thing makes me reconsider Gregg...I'll pass on him for that showing alone...

  12. 2 hours ago, goskins10 said:


    Hmm..   I said even 1/3 of what Miami got for Tunsil. We know teams wanted him. So are you really willing to accept that with Houston giving 2 1sts and a 2nd for Tunsil a throw away player and 4th rd pick, the redskins could not have a gotten a 1st rd pick? It does not take an insiders view to know that the Redskins could have at least gotten that. Bruce could have moved him - and if he truly weer toxic why not move his ass for anything you can get? So again spare me theatrics.


    Trent a toxic commodity? Are you kidding? His teammates have never had a bad thing to say about the guy. He has been named captain year after year. All the young guys look up to him. He is one of the prime leaders in the clubhouse both by his relationships and his work ethic. 


    Toxic? That is nothing short of ridiculous. But thanks for he chuckle...  🙂  



    So you don't know what IF ANYTHING was offered....OK..point made and as for Toxic..it other FO's that would have to deal with TW's money demands..not the players...so YES *I* would be hesitant to trade picks for him not knowing if he'd play under his current deal and/or what he would want as $$....


    chuckle all you want...EVERYTHING you said is opinion...just ask AP(Good friend) who needs the incentive $$ what he thinks of Trent's holdout. His interviews are not a full throat-ed support of his business partner...are they?

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  13. That is just trash football on D. You have guys signaling...LB's looking backwards to DB's while the Boys are SET at the line..everybody is waiving/patting....Just NOT SET in the D you are going to run. Looks like they are just over thinking this...too many coverage schemes...and they are ALL WRONG.


    I swear...they looked panicked. The D WAS supposed to be an asset...

  14. 52 minutes ago, goskins10 said:


    Please spare me the blindsided Bruce stuff. They have all already admitted they knew Trent was not happy as he and Bruce talked almost every day. But let's assume for a moment the poor innocent bruce was totally caught off guard and never knew his best player was unhappy. He had a chance to move him for a pretty good haul - even if they just got 1/3 of what Miami got for Tunsil after Trent made his intentions made. He did nothing. So **** bruce.  


    Again, in normal organizations, even if there is no new deal the fines are typically waived as a sign of good faith. But we are dealing with a mental moron so Bruce may intend to keep the fines in place. if I were Trent I would tell him to stick it in his ear. But that's just me. 

    You don't KNOW what was offered for Trent...RIGHT? If you KNOW...show it..how much...all this is conjecture about the Texans "Offer". Seems the Texans would disclose what their offer was...why haven't they? *I* think Trent was/is a potential toxic commodity for any team..just my opinion

  15. 15 minutes ago, goskins10 said:


    If he does come back as they stated - typically those fines are waived in the renegotiated contract. So he will not owe the team anything. 

    I think if they were negotiating a new deal..that would have come out. I think Bruce is holding fast..no new contract..possible trade..but those fines will happen. Given Trent blindsided Bruce when his job may be on the line..why would he play nice...


  16. 4 hours ago, benskins26 said:

    With the lame duck coach, all the insane injuries and medical issues, TW, Bruce Allen, etc etc, this is the first time I truly just don’t care. I’ve said it before, many times, but I actually feel it. I no longer plan to prioritize a skins game.


    I’ve been putting off doing the annual negotiating with direct tv for Sunday ticket, and here I am the day before and I don’t think I care enough to even put the effort in for the phone call. My son has a hockey game at 345, and my wife took him last week but this week I think I’m just gonna go. It’s more fun. If I see the game, so be it. But I’m not going to make it a priority. It’s not fun anymore. 20+ years of this nonsense has killed my joy, and I’m not sure it’s capable of coming back.


    Sure, we have another RG3 type breakout season some day, I’d get on board the train and enjoy the fun of the moment. But i don’t think the days of me gettin hyped up, wearing gear, living in the game day thread, smoking a pork butt all day in buildup etc are ever coming back. I’m just kinda meh on the whole thing now. 


    ETA- the more I think about this, the more I recognize things that are different than even say 5 years ago. For example, I don’t do any of the superstitious stuff I used to do. I don’t know when that stopped, but I don’t do any of it anymore. 

    Dallas Week with George Allen and Tom Landry...Riggo/Riggo's rangers and Randy White...the whole town would go berserk. Now....meh...not even "Meh"..disgust...

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