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  1. 9 hours ago, crabbypatty said:


    You can't blame him for that game though, the dude was buried quite a bit right off the bat, and when he did have time to throw the 9ers had great tight coverage.

    I don't think anyone would have done well with that piss poor game plan and ol blocking.

    He threw a BAD INT to Sherman for eventual +7. Didn't have to throw there..bad timing..communication..just bad. That was 100% on KC and it let the air out of the balloon for the whole team and they never recovered. You could see that on the sideline. It crushed the team's momentum from 1st half...which is what KC does.

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  2. 1 minute ago, SkinsFTW said:


    While the Redskins have paid KC and AS over 100M the past 4 years while losing over 2/3s of the games.

    80% losses on KC. Alex went down a winner. the 20% on backup/rookies. Alex was (still is I hope) a better QB than KC ever was or will be. Can't blame Alex for us being backed into a corner. Like others said..Market Value. And Fuller...well..the verdict is still out there on him.

  3. 1 minute ago, rebornempowered said:

    I live in SW Minnesota and now understand why my Vikings fans friends can't stand the OC.  He's trying to play Tic-Tac-Toe with twigs and rocks and the other team is playing chess.  Every play call takes too long develop for the DL you are facing.

    Kirk is holding the ball looking down field and not taking the check downs. He is not being patient. Those last 2 sacks he was looking 20-30 yards down field. He should KNOW he doesn't have the time..it's his reads that are killing the offense

  4. 3 hours ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    Again calling a player a turd and disloyal is just the voice of an irrational fan. There is no loyalty in sports, you need to get that through your head.   Teams cut their better players all the time. BB was ready to move on from Tom Freaking Brady several years ago for crying out loud. There is nothing wrong what so ever for Kirk to leverage his position, a position he put himself in by playing very well for a POS team. Calling him a turd is a bit immature and totally unfair.  

    INT leads to 7 in the 3rd. Kirk being Kirk. YOU LIKE THAT??? (I hope I don't eat crow in the 4th Qtr...but..Kirk will be Kirk) 🤣

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  5. 6 hours ago, Veryoldschool said:


    Rubbish, All Snyder had to do to lockup the best QB the team had had in decades if not generations was to give him the middle of the road deal he requested, they refused and tagged him instead.  It's tough to imagine a dumber move.


    No, of course, you Cousins critics can't imagine that happening, just like you couldn't imagine all the other things he has already accomplished, you just don't get him.

    You KNOW I was screaming to TRADE Kirk after the 1st tag and before the next Draft so I am no FO apologist or Dan supporter. They screwed that up big time.That is just a lazy fallback to justify your position. Kirk was/IS a average to good QB.


    BUT..Kirk was responsible for the the beginning of the end to a miserable feckless Redskin Staff. Gruden NEVER matured into a leader and if Kirk stayed we'd still be mired in mediocrity because that's who Jay was. Bruce was not a quality GM/President because he was one dimensional- Good Cap manager/Bad Talent (durability) scout.

    So I am NOT Sorry Cousins is gone..it has led to a fresh start with a quality coach and assistants who know the pro game inside and out.


    So I say THANK YOU KIRK!!! and you are still a T^rd and a disloyal one at that.



  6. 1 hour ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    You are entitled to your opinion and equally obvious is I won't be able to change your mind. But I have to laugh at the "loyalty" comment seeing as the Redskins, or any other team for that matter, never shows loyalty to players.  Why on earth should Kirk show loyalty to a team that showed him none?  Why should he not be able to maximize his earnings like every other American is able to do?  

    Loyalty to Jay...you don't think he owed Jay some courtesy given what Jay did to promote him over RG3. Jay stuck his neck out for Kirk. I agree..he owes/owed the team nothing.

    He should have told Jay " I don't want to play for the skins" instead of playing Bruce

  7. 1 hour ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    There is a difference between expending emotional energy on a team and taking a stupid, selective, position that Kirk Cousins "abandoned" the fans while not taking the same position when other players leave.  I didn't hear one poster say anything when Preston Smith did the same thing.    Same with "Kirk didn't want to be here"  Well what sane player would chose to take a worse deal with this franchise, a franchise that showed him zero respect,  over a franchise that is a contender and offered a better deal?  Again a stupid position, those saying this would take the exact same position Kirk did if they had that chance .  

    #1) Jay put his head on the chopping block to Promote Kirk over RG3. Jay gave him his shot ...and he repaid him with disloyalty

    #2) Bruce may have been a brain dead Azz tagging Kirk twice thinking he could negotiate a deal with Kirk , BUT he had to be given signals from Kirk/Agent that a agreement could be reached. Bruce was played..no doubt about it by Kirk to attain his goals with NO thought about #1. Had Kirk said what his intention was (either $$ or just I want out) I would have respected that.


    THIS is why I can't stand the guy..disloyalty and deceit. True christian values..huh.


    And YES Bruce deserved to get canned and I'm glad with all the changes but this nostalgia for this T^rd is beyond me.

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  8. He finally did it. Kudos. Now, assuming the Vikes lose to the 49'rs...does Kirk 2020 extension negotiation ceiling rise or drop after one clutch performance against a good team. (not accounting for another PI controversy against the saints). I didn't watch the game..so I'll look at the replays today to see if it was a legit call. Remember..he still hasn't matched Keenam's record

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  9. On 12/24/2019 at 5:43 PM, The Hangman- C_Hanburger said:


    This is the BIGGEST Game of his career. Playoffs...next year is his last a contract year to set any negotiation for extension (if he isn't traded). They NEED him to play with Brees (Brees is going to score a bunch). THIS will be CLUTCH.


    Redemption or implosion.


    IF he can beat Brees..that will take the monkey off his back..if not..next year will be a nightmare

  10. 7 hours ago, SAli457180 said:

    No guarantees at all as far as W/Ls,  but at least Rivera brings something this team hasn't had for the longest time:  Respect

    Discipline...I bet we won't see 2 dlinemen in the same gap..12 yard cushions on 4th and 1..ridiculously delayed blitzes, NO ADJUSTMENTS during the game AND NO LIP FLUTTERING BAFOONARY by the Head Coach.





    28 minutes ago, Llevron said:

    Y’all gotta stop expecting Dan to stay completely away from the football side of things. He isn’t going to do that. What it sounds like he’s trying to do, and we can hope for at best, is that he is putting together a team of people who know better than him, have them help him make the best moves for this team. He is GOING to be involved. He wants to be the guy who fixes this. 

    How many times can a man be BF'd on National Television and NOT LEARN. Getting rid of people who conceal the truth (when the obvious truth is on the field exposing themselves) is his 1st step twords redemption. 3rd strike and he'll NEVER get the fan base back..he has 2 (Vinny,Bruce). Logic would demand that he learned his lesson...right???

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  11. 15 minutes ago, Califan007 said:


    Shanahan helped orchestrate the trade for RG3 so he deserves any blame for how it affected his time here.

    Correct me if I'm wrong..

    1) He didn't want to give 2 #1 for him. If he could have gotten him for less..sure..he was for it ..but it was Dan wanting to make a big splash again and forced the issue

    2) Even at 2 #1's, the Shanahans developed a game plan that absolutely maximized his skill set..nobody has done that with RG3 to date

    3) It went to RG3's head and he fought the coaches WITH DANNY BOY's Coaching


    I am convinced that had Dan let Shanny knock RG3 down to size and MADE HIM listen to coaches. Kyle would have developed RG3. Now you say what leverage Mike had...it was named Cousins..bench RG3 and let him watch Cousins take the job from him. That would have motivated him and developed Cousins (who could have been traded for more picks)


    Danny..Danny Boy..Little Prick..screwed all that up by himself


    I know everyone has an opinion..but In my mind Snyder's interference kept the Skins from becoming a dynasty for decades between Mike then Kyle's leadership.


    Anyway..enough of that...Ron..kick ass and take names. Jack, get mean and nasty.


    Mike was an power mad ass...I agree, but there was a path there...

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  12. 26 minutes ago, Skin'emAlive said:

    Shanahan brought in haslett, signed haynesworth and moved him to nose tackle, and changed a top 10 defense to a 3-4 for no reason. He gets most of the blame 


    Shanny was Washington Redskins (Head coach, 2010–2013)
    Haynesworth signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins in February 2009
    He did bring in Hasslett and Changed the D..but he wasn't given the resources to make it work. The limited CAP for FA, 2 #1 Draft picks and Haynesworth doing squat at the Nose hampered the D
    All because of Dan and RG3...
    Sorry to disagree
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  13. 56 minutes ago, Peregrine said:

    So basically the difference is we have some better players and more cap space?  I mean, thats positive, I just wonder if anything is actually really different from what failed the first time.  if Shanahan had 10 million more in cap space each year would that have been the difference between failure and competing for superbowls?

    I was one of the few that thought Shanny could have delivered. Dan screwed that pooch with the RG3 Trade taking resources Shanny could have used and empowered RG3's ego. Was Shanahan a boy scout...no..but he could have coached a few years and turned the reigns over to his son who was the Big Fish we lost.


    So I blame Dan for Shanny's demise 1000%. i will remember Haynesworth's conditioning wind sprints till the day I die...

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