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  1. Just why is it Bruce's fault that a player has a gripe and he balks at the "remedy" of firing an entire staff with families WITHOUT any proof being offered by the player AND whose responsibility it was to manage his body?? Then you all say TW should go to Dan to get results AFTER these same people saw what that relationship with RG3 did to the team. AND vilified Dan (rightly for having a personal preference on a player). This player signed a contract and was paid UP FRONT to adhere to the contract. He consumed the front loaded goodies with 3years of injury tainted performance and NOW thinks h
  2. He'd be more valuable to us sitting out as an example than getting a 4th. I hope Bruce realizes that
  3. If Jacoby can't get into the HOF..Trent doesn't have a chance. I don't remember Jake missing a snap much less a history like Trent...Just sayin
  4. And the game begins..this juts MAY work out right with multiple bidders https://www.foxnews.com/sports/buffalo-bills-isaac-asiata-retirement-anxiety They'd listen if they started with I got a #1 for ya (or High Value/Low Round #2). The market is beginning to shape up
  5. Assuming Trent will not play. How does Penn/Robinson w/ the rookies stackup in the NFCE. Average..better than average? With our RB's being above average, has Bruce mitigated a blown season? And what happens to our Cap if Trent shows and the Penn $$ are 5 mil...only 5 mil for injuries? Do we now have a potential cap problem looming?
  6. I just remember all the times players opt for holistic healing vs surgery recommended by the TS. Plenty of examples where player decides on a treatment or surgery contrary to the Skins recommendations, fairly common I would say . Landry is a prime example of a player doing it HIS way. Like I said..this argument "seems" a stretch https://www.fredericksburg.com/sports/dc_sports/laron-landry-clarifies-his-health-stance-on-surgery-in-radio/article_b73377eb-6b2f-50ed-add7-cedce6e3cc6d.html
  7. WTF????? Push what along?? The decision to have it removed?? the TS has no input as to when and who puts a knife to a player if the player's doctor says it's needed. I don't understand that quote at all???
  8. No value in out right releasing him. THAT would just encourage more of the same tactics
  9. Nope. Hang onto his rights for 2 years. Change tactics and don't encourage others. UNLESS we can get a early #2 or better
  10. If as was reported 2nd opinions are paid for by the club..there was/is no excuse for Trent not partaking of that benefit. It was HIS call.
  11. So NFL Rule says Aug 6th Deadline for players under contract to report to their clubs to earn an accrued season for free agency. So if Trent doesn't report..do we have rights on him 2019,2020 and 2021 since he didn't get an accrual? His 2 year contract is now a 3 year hold on his career?
  12. Flower was interviewed and the above is absolutely correct. He said he's working on incorporating a skip step vs just a back step that D lineman have keyed on in the past as to direction. He said he was predictable and this step addition "should" allow him to be more unpredictable...So he is working on technique and he recognizes *some* of his faults. At least the dude is working to improve. I hope the light bulb comes on and Cally can get Flowers turned around. What he did with scrubs was phenomenal so I do have some hope he can work with a 1st round talent (yes..a bust for now but the g
  13. He better be careful....*somebody* just may step up and make him expendable or worse..an example. He *could* be dealing with zero money for 2 years. My question is what happens to his salary if he's designated as did not report...you just fine him for each game or can you use the space.. *I* think that salary is dead space and Trent can report anytime he wants and start collecting $$ per game...that should be fixed in the next CBA where if a player doesn't report, the team can retain the rights and replace the player for that year without loosing his rights... Don't get suckered AG
  14. Disagree...with that safety and our D we WILL control field position. We need to play like the Ravens did with Dilfer. We RUN the ball. Even Flowers at LT can run block. I would rather go 0-16 than pay extortion money. Setup for next year and set a precedent for this renegotiation crap when a player has NOT been productive "recently". This getting paid by the skins has to stop. Loose BIG and have another GREAT draft and get rid of *some* aged talent. Think Belichick. Don't trade for less than a 2nd and a player..otherwise let him sit out.
  15. I just saw that the Players Association said the expansion to 18 games would be bad for players. I started to think about that and came up with some reasons as to why the Players Union should embrace that IF: 1) Rosters are expanded from 53 players to X number (63?) 2) Limits on quarters a player can play (say 16 games). That would allow some playing time fro 2nd tier and coaches to prove themselves 3) Keep players from playing hurt with #1 being said Seems the union has some leverage to get concessions and expand it's membership What am I missing?? Allot
  16. Relax...nowhere did it state the WEIGHT each person would carry in the decision. *MY* hope is that IF the competition is close, the deciding vote *could* be Dan to which I agree. If Case and Colt can't CLEARLY beat out the Rookie...Then start the Rookie. He has the most upside (as long as he doesn't get hurt-which the OL should be weighted heavily in the decision) Preseason will tell
  17. The Skins don't have to do anything now...even at training camp. There will be *some* talent available after cuts happen. We *might* pickup someone serviceable..might not, but a trade will will most likely happen after teams have assessed their rosters talent at LT and maybe look to cut to cap space. Either way..we get NOTHING to make a quick decision unless a GOOD trade offer happens..
  18. Waiting to see him play in preseason...lots of good press! I just don't believe that the media is not gen'ing this up for a QB battle just for "clicks". The Washington Press sucks
  19. IF that is all that was done..why claim the medical issue. Why did this get into the Media...I already posted they should do some compensation adjustment for Trent. I'd like to know who (whose camp) put the medical stuff out there if this was only about Money. Who created the flap....or was it the media making chit up. That is not a fair negotiation IMHO
  20. I just keep thinking of the News the other day of the 911 1st Responders on the Hill asking for *some* help in covering their medical bills. Guys on a City Salary who ran into collapsing buildings KNOWING of all the chemicals and asbestos in the air that cause cancer. The construction people knee deep in that toxic crap...and then I read this *stuff* about how much risk these players take and NEED to be compensated for that RISK... Just Sayin
  21. But you can't. I think EVERYONE would agree..lets do *something* extra for Trent regarding money. *I* think had he approached it that way...nobody would be complaining. Also, IF there is Medical Staff incompetency, then name names and situations involved and again people can assess the validity. BUT it APPEARS the two have been convoluted with NO RESOLUTION unless Trent gets a release from his contract for the next 2 years and that is an unplanned critical shortage for the Skins. THAT is not fair to the Skins who have compensated Trent VERY HIGH during his tenure. So unless Trent g
  22. There is something to be said about trust too. I am willing to wait until training camp (while looking for talent via trade at the right price for the Skins). If left with a choice of a bad trade deal for letting Trent sit. Let him sit. The Skins HAVE to STOP this type of extortion. We got screwed by KC and set a perception that the Skins can be had. Trust is shot as far as I can see. Lets see some Pittsburgh Steeler back bone here. If they can do it with Bell and Brown..2 legit superstars back to back....we need to grow a pair. Time for this franchise to make a stateme
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