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  1. THIS is too funny if the Min trade is true....all the "experts" who slammed this post just *may* eat some crow
  2. You could get a 3 easy just waiting till the spring OS. That is not a fair offer now IMHO.
  3. Man..that would make a great movie...I'd watch it any given Sunday. Honestly, I'd think these doctors have practices too and wouldn't jeopardize their license playing games. I don't understand how these players are getting a bye in the consequences of THEIR actions/in actions. RG3 not sitting to heal demanding to play, Trent not following up with a condition on HIS BODY and now Colt not wanting to blow a chance at starting and pushed himself too hard. These players often DEMAND playing despite doctors advice. Just like LT in AGS...they make the bucks for playing..not sitting. The P
  4. I was awful young watching this but his arm and mobility does remind me of XtraLarge Sonny Jurgensen . Sonny would laser passes..coverage be dammed. Didn't run much..didn't need to. Wish they have some more tape
  5. Ya..he seems to stop/drop and roll on hearing "Hike". No vision for holes/creases Jay didn't help with his play calls either. I know it's preseason but even vanilla has *some* color I'd like to see some more "planned" rollouts for DH. He looks very comfortable throwing on a rollout. Runs allot better than advertised.
  6. He has every right to refuse to play for the Skins ever again....just give us *some* of the bonus money back and sit on his ass for the season and we'll talk again in March. Bruce should come right out and say it if TW doesn't show by end of PS. I don't want a cancer coming back to the team in mid season regardless of our record.
  7. I understand that but if all that is being offered is a 3 at best now...I'd wager that you'd get a 3 for him in off season. IF we can get a GOOD return..absolutely for the reasons you mention. I'm just advocating the FO set a goal that is beneficial to the Skins. A #1 or a 30's low 40's pick # 2. would be a win/win. I just wonder what the FO thinks is the pick# for 2019 and does that change as LT's drop because of injury during the season..do you wait till week 10 to see if a injury enhances our position. Again, I'm saying it has to be a pick lower than a 50's/ 60's #2 to pull the
  8. I see it this way 1) Anything offered for Trent won't be much different than one if we wait till next off season UNLESS a team really needs him for 2019. I see NO benefit of trading for a "fair" pick now..because you'll get that before the next draft for the same draft. 2) You can roll his cap # into next year Just tell Trent we'll trade him next off season and be done with it if thats what he wants I hope thats what is happening...need a #1 or wait till next year. Period
  9. Anybody outside of DC get the Skins on the Dish sports package? I can't see where on Dish it says what games it covers...could care less about Florida teams..need to see DC Market. Anybody have DISK Football and tell me what the coverage is? No way I'm going back to AT&T/Direct TV
  10. With all the "slow" talk, I was surprised how well he moved. Looked fast "enough" for RPO. Just as fast as KC was in *my* eye. 1st series looked good. The fumble didn't help his confidence...almost looked like he thought he had to do it by himself after that..took chances he didn't have to..rushed a bit. the 2nd INT was an example of that..wanted it too bad. Has to learn to pick his spots better. Nice arm and velocity. Can't wait to see him again.
  11. Depends on the offering. Anything above a #2 ( 3 & up) and I would think he stays and looses money along the way. I'd wait for the 53 mandatory cut line to see who is available
  12. Man, looks like Jerry is playing hardball with HIS star players. Our's is nowhere near as critical as ANY on those three players. Zeke sitting our brings a smile to my face...at least sitout to game 3 and let us play Alf....
  13. Disagree..you can't stack the box with Reed at TE. Maybe when Reed comes out but that leaves Thompson to account for for the flat and they can't cover that. If both are in its pick your poison. If Thomspon and Guice are in the backfield together..wow. *I* think the weapons we have will shred a stacked box D and Colt knows the playbook and can audible to the best play better than the other two. The weak link is the O Line and Callahan has shown he can make gold outa lead. The first 3 games will tell so we don't have long to wait.
  14. This is Colt's role to loose. I'm routing for him..been a real team player. Prolly his last chance to be a starter in the NFL. With our running game..he doesn't have to have Elway's arm talent
  15. You left out "Under Contract" for 2 more years after signing a league leading deal for 5 years. If contracts are toilet paper.... At least KC was smart with his 3 YEAR Fully Guaranteed deal. It may be the future..short deals..guaranteed money. NO MORE RENEGOTIATION
  16. Sound Familiar? His BFF succeeded to the tune of 84Mil Not being smart ass..but who is Paul Conner? What gives him cred? Like was said..IF that is true..it does clarify *some* of the anger. Funny Peterson and others haven't mentioned that..Where did this guy get his info.
  17. Proof: Media hasn't a Clue. No leaks Proof: BA says he is talking to Trent directly and the conversation will remain private Proof: Robinson and Penn Want more??
  18. What do you think is happening right now?? Nobody is commenting. You are SPECULATING and casting Judgement with NO PROOF. The FO is doing the right thing right now. Keeping conversations private, talking to Trent (not the media) and taking action to insure the team is prepared for his absence. What the hell do you want the FO to do? You act as if the FO went out of their way to piss off TW
  19. I've been a fan since 68. That's allot of FO's The Cerrato was a cluster F*ck in that he paid HIGH $$ for washed up talent. Everyone can agree on that. Shanahan lived and died by those mistakes and his attempt to mitigate the cap with Fat Boy. Bruce has managed the Cap well..we had a team working, then the KC debacle caused a restart. *I* don't blame Bruce for that per se (I blame him for not recognizing KC's game and trading him prior to the 2017 Draft or at LEAST 2018 Draft..I was screaming for that. Yes..he let some player go like Garcon and Desean for Cap reasons...but thats a Business dec
  20. Just why is it Bruce's fault that a player has a gripe and he balks at the "remedy" of firing an entire staff with families WITHOUT any proof being offered by the player AND whose responsibility it was to manage his body?? Then you all say TW should go to Dan to get results AFTER these same people saw what that relationship with RG3 did to the team. AND vilified Dan (rightly for having a personal preference on a player). This player signed a contract and was paid UP FRONT to adhere to the contract. He consumed the front loaded goodies with 3years of injury tainted performance and NOW thinks h
  21. He'd be more valuable to us sitting out as an example than getting a 4th. I hope Bruce realizes that
  22. If Jacoby can't get into the HOF..Trent doesn't have a chance. I don't remember Jake missing a snap much less a history like Trent...Just sayin
  23. And the game begins..this juts MAY work out right with multiple bidders https://www.foxnews.com/sports/buffalo-bills-isaac-asiata-retirement-anxiety They'd listen if they started with I got a #1 for ya (or High Value/Low Round #2). The market is beginning to shape up
  24. Assuming Trent will not play. How does Penn/Robinson w/ the rookies stackup in the NFCE. Average..better than average? With our RB's being above average, has Bruce mitigated a blown season? And what happens to our Cap if Trent shows and the Penn $$ are 5 mil...only 5 mil for injuries? Do we now have a potential cap problem looming?
  25. I just remember all the times players opt for holistic healing vs surgery recommended by the TS. Plenty of examples where player decides on a treatment or surgery contrary to the Skins recommendations, fairly common I would say . Landry is a prime example of a player doing it HIS way. Like I said..this argument "seems" a stretch https://www.fredericksburg.com/sports/dc_sports/laron-landry-clarifies-his-health-stance-on-surgery-in-radio/article_b73377eb-6b2f-50ed-add7-cedce6e3cc6d.html
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