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  1. Greg's interview where he trashed the FO is why Snyder didn't go for him...Turns out GREG WAS your HUMBLE PIE and get Greg back here!!! If you are such a ass as to let a guy telling you the TRUTH gets your dander'll be EVERYTHING *we* are saying about you. GROW UP for God's sake!!
  2. Browns just passed over Greg Williams for HC...We GOT to get him as DC and Asst Head coach with a path should gruden fail. He got the Browns playing ball...GO GET HIM if he'd come!!
  3. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Starting QB 2019???

    Just wondering..where is Paxton Lynch..would he rate a look for backup to Colt or 3rd QB? Maybe Gruden can do something with the kid.
  4. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    God...I HOPE he has learned (like he did with 36) to hold people accountable. Quit being their friend. Practice like you intend to play. Get a Greg William clone if you can't get him. That and ley someone else call your plays. You don't process fast enough. Teach someone your system and stand back and let them run it. Be your creative self on any day but Sundays
  5. That and other quotes of the players I've read. If Zimmer doesn't get an extension beyond 2019 and he's playing out his contract the pressure is going up even more. That means Zimmer won't be committed to KC's 3rd year and HE *might* be negotiating next year with KC an extension OR NOT. It just seems like a perfect storm is brewing for a QB that is allergic to pressure. The press is going to be all over this from every angle. Just *my* prediction...rocky seas ahead. Zimmer is a popular players coach among the 2017 players left. If Zimmer gets his extension...this goes away
  6. Coach comment from Cousins..other players support Zimmer. The locker room is in trouble
  7. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Man..another RIGHT call on my part. Can I get a honorary + 10,000 post count so I status with the big boys
  8. Man...Keenan should have been given a chance. Whats coming is brutal
  9. Between the 20's when there is room to work the Corners and Safties..Kirk eats the field up. The WR's have more open space to hit and separate and Kirk has the tools to get the ball there. Inside the RZ, the lanes are smaller, the rush is quicker and you have to "anticipate" WR Breaks before you see it...Kirk doesn't...he holds the ball until he Sees a open he gets sacked more often. He doesn't feel the pressure well and that's why he gets strip sacked. He was a Gruden SYSTEM Qb where he had timing routes and he'd throw on a count not anticipation- THAT WAS GRUDEN. Gruden's plays were designed to where if the player wasn't open the ball could fall incomplete...the route where only the receiver could get it... Asking KC to work the D like Rogers, Brady, Brees is NOT HIS GAME...that is where the OC in Vikes failed to understand KC as a player.
  10. This will ALWAYS be my #1 reason for hoping KC fails and fails miserably. No frigging Jay or his team mates. He wouldn't BE in the Pay Scale grid he is in now if Jay didn't stick his neck out. I said..he bit off more than he could chew with his inability to deal with pressure. His 84Mil will crush him. This year's performance will exponentially increase pressure for 2019 when his Cap will keep them from fixing the OL, he is already getting blow back from his teammates and the PRESS will be on him like stink on.... I watched the April and July training camp press fawn on him and KC made em LOOK STUPID. Payback is coming from the press..and it won't stop unless KC produces 5-6 wins early season. With The Bears,Packers aleady contenders and the Lions getting a new OC to better Stafford..THAT IS NOT HAPPENING. Vikes HAD their chance and blew it with that contract.
  11. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I was a Gruden supporter most of the season....but now..I just don't think he can 1) Hold people accountable Coaches (DC) or Players for bad performance 2) Compete mentally with the "Good" Coaches we face. He gets hit with adjustments and doesn't respond or anticipate what so plan B or next gear. Unfortunately, I'd hate to scrap a "system" that seems to have potential - (people seem to get open but we can't get the ball to em) for a restart with a new coach for the next 2 years or so. But if Alex is done and can't come back in 2019 with Colt being the starter ..then maybe it's time for a restart regardless. Get rid of some big $$ contracts and play our draft picks and look for some diamonds to polish for 2 years. I could watch the skins with young-uns getting better. The Flip is that Gruden grows a pair and works harder on his game plans and we sneak up next year. I don't understand Gruden ..thats for sure
  12. I already did and stand by my analysis. Now you tell us how you could have ignored all the rational for not paying Kirk and berated anyone who thought otherwise as clueless matched against your superior analytics. Enjoy your crow. Any predictions for next year?
  13. A legend in his own mind!..but I'm on ignore... Where is the apology BTW... 18 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said: You’ve talked out of both sides of your mouth in this thread dependent upon what happens in any given week. When you continuously throw crap against the wall, eventually something will stick.
  14. The Hangman- C_Hanburger The Special Teams Ace Members 388 posts Report post Posted August 20 What I find "funny" is how Kirk's 1st 2 preseason games are a microcosm of " Kirk the Redskin". One game he's HOF..then lays an egg the next. It was a recurring question for the last two seasons "Which Kirk will show up??!!" There seemed to be no in between or consistency ( and don't quote stats made up from garbage yardage when the game was lost. Kirk was a Good QB with consistency/trust/choke issues that *could* have been coached to be GREAT'R (I'll give the eR for the games where he pulled the string and played aggressively) Just like RG3, Kirk seemed to think he knew how to play QB better than the coaches. aka Gruden's frustration on the tentativeness on some throws/patterns. So this is my opinion based on my observations..he was not worth the Cap hit it would have cost to keep him. Had the price been right/better, I would have loved to have him back with the caveat that he play the game the way coach wanted it played. Gruden would have been the 1st to say "I told him to take that risk/make that read" I swear..we just drafted a bunch of "Diss ready" players in 2012 with too big of ego's. I am glad that it has ended. I just posted the 3/8 for 12 to make the point..same old..same old.
  15. I'd love to to that too..but "they" put me on IGNORE so they wouldn't see it I rely on you guys replying so they'l see it anyway
  16. Ya just in time to play grifter again to negotiate an extension during that 3rd year . You watch...
  17. Isn't THIS the God awful Truth....ANYBODY who disagreed with the Clique was a looney, ignorant or (wait for it) HATER....I couldn't post without these tools commenting. Some did me a favor and put me on ignore. They are not man enough to apologize
  18. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Karma is a B*itch ain't it. Both Kurt and Bruce got their just rewards.
  19. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Danny and Allen gave a NOT win this game. I'd bet money on it!
  20. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    Alex SAW that blitz before the snap..he started back RUNNING immediately after he saw the back didn't pick it up. If you want to blame Alex for holding the ball and not getting rid of it...fine. But the CALL that left an empty backfield on a "The whole world saw that blitz coming a mile away" was stupid. You made my point for me..even if you didn't mean to. Thanks!
  21. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    What would you want the Skins to do

    From what I can see; If the Bears beat the Vikings the wildcard will be between Philly and Vikes. A Philly win would eliminate the Vikes
  22. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    I'm not criticizing the above post..just documenting my rational for saying Jay played a BIG Role in getting Alex hurt. If people think thats be it. I see no difference in #4 and the call made for Alex. Yea..Alex broke is leg in a "dumb bad luck" play gone BAD. It all started with a bad play/call. I don't know if the line call was blown or the rb misread the call...point is..there should have been only 1 option for the back..stay in and block the blitzer if blitzed OR go into the flat as a safety valve for Alex when you KNOW Clowney and Watt have their ears pinned back. To try and worm your way through the scrum and try and find an opening is a BAD PLAY CALL. I PREDICTED Alex would get hurt against the Texans because of Jay's play calling history (my perception of). Go read THAT prediction post.
  23. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    You are in the minority on this STUFF the loon talk OK