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    Someone who can help Manusky???? That much experience has to be a good sounding board. I know Rob plays with aggression..I *think* the gripe was Too Aggressive/Too Often. Gregg II..maybe Bottom line..Manusky needs help and this may be it
  2. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Redskins Lose Another Coach: LB Olivadotti Headed to GB

    Our LB play was a weakness....maybe new coaching and Foster will change that
  3. And holding players accountable. ALLOT of players were out of position..against the Boys it was especially ugly with 21..then with SB #26 Giants. Couldn't close any gaps. They were exposed and THEN hardly ever pressured the QB even with their rare blitzes. Manusky wasn't calling a good game after the league figured him out. I read of players saying how predictable the whole team was...nothing "cerebral" that *I* saw. I liked GM as a player..I thought he'd bring that with him as a coach..I thought wrong
  4. Waiting for Danny to kiss up and make up and go after Shanny. Another example of his screwing up and firing/passing over a coach who had the right instincts (RG3). THAT would be funny as hell.... The wake us SS Danny Boy is leaving more bodies than the Titanic. I ALMOST feel sorry for the Dude, but since he lives in his own bubble..My entertainment is waiting for the reality pin to has to eventually. Man he looks bad... Old JKC used to hold pressers...why hasn't this clown? At least that would give the fans *some* entertainment for their dollars $$
  5. OR Dan is a closet Dallas Cowboys fan and has a bromance with Jerry. He and Jerry were measuring their ---"yachts" the other day
  6. I hope Dan gets a clue that no good or decent coaches will put up with his BS. He is so ostracized now it is embarrassing. I can't imagine someone with his "ego" accepting he is a laughing stock and poster boy for "Stupid"
  7. I'm referencing the intensity and preparedness in this train of thought BUT I am on the side of you practice how you play. There is a established history/precedence that good teams use practice to get better not "take it easy". I can't think of any championship teams that skipped the preseason to protect players..there may be one but I can't name it. Going back to the first point..other than Swearinger ( for a "optics" violation and Norman's 1 series benching) Jay does not deal with poor performance (That *i* can discern) and makes excuses for his players and COACHES Poor performance at his pressers ..aka We tried..we were out coached. I don't see any FIRE in Jay..or his players when they get down. I guess I expect players to play like Clint Eastwood's line in Josey Wales, you got to get Mad Dog Mean when things go bad. I've seen GW's Skin players act this way..I have NOT see anything like that from Jay's teams. That may be the coaches folding and the players following suit (most likely) GW gets Mad Dog Mean--and he's vilified for it Its no coincidence that Sean Taylor played for GW for his 4 years and GW's defenses were FEARED. Now my worry is that the game's been too domesticated to get that level of aggression but GW will straddle the line for sure
  8. Fact is Jay can't motivate his players. Too many flat outings with NO repercussions. That crap WILL end if GW is HC. More Shanny conditioning sprints at least... Jay is a nice guy and can design an offense. He can't Manage the game or adjust. These are all facts that SHOULD get him replaced with GW.
  9. I have a different take...You see Bruce picking up Foster because in his mind its an upgrade to the fielded team so screw the PR, then you have Gregg who puts bounties on opposing players and gets into people/Players faces so screw the PR... THEY MAY BE IDEOLOGICALLY the SAME and be compatible. Both have been screwed by the NFL/Press. It might work... I may be in the minority..but Gregg's Saints Bounty Program showed he motivated his players to play harder (within the rules of course) and his caustic attitude is just what this team/culture needs after such laissez-faire
  10. It is a clear path to the HC job. He has talent to work with on the D. All he has to do is put up top 10 #'s on D and he's in place if the O continued to flounder. Yes..he has other choices but not in as big of market as DC. Just my opinion but it looks like THE opportunity for him
  11. The team's attitude changed. Gregg was interim HC and set the tone. Just my opinion but I've always liked Gregg's Defenses
  12. If he doesn't interview Gregg...then he deserves and EMPTY Stadium and all the crap the fans can throw at him. Gregg told the absolute truth to him when he was interviewed What we NEED is Williams short fuse and attitude..enough if this pansy crap
  13. Greg's interview where he trashed the FO is why Snyder didn't go for him...Turns out GREG WAS your HUMBLE PIE and get Greg back here!!! If you are such a ass as to let a guy telling you the TRUTH gets your dander'll be EVERYTHING *we* are saying about you. GROW UP for God's sake!!
  14. Browns just passed over Greg Williams for HC...We GOT to get him as DC and Asst Head coach with a path should gruden fail. He got the Browns playing ball...GO GET HIM if he'd come!!
  15. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Starting QB 2019???

    Just wondering..where is Paxton Lynch..would he rate a look for backup to Colt or 3rd QB? Maybe Gruden can do something with the kid.
  16. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    God...I HOPE he has learned (like he did with 36) to hold people accountable. Quit being their friend. Practice like you intend to play. Get a Greg William clone if you can't get him. That and ley someone else call your plays. You don't process fast enough. Teach someone your system and stand back and let them run it. Be your creative self on any day but Sundays
  17. That and other quotes of the players I've read. If Zimmer doesn't get an extension beyond 2019 and he's playing out his contract the pressure is going up even more. That means Zimmer won't be committed to KC's 3rd year and HE *might* be negotiating next year with KC an extension OR NOT. It just seems like a perfect storm is brewing for a QB that is allergic to pressure. The press is going to be all over this from every angle. Just *my* prediction...rocky seas ahead. Zimmer is a popular players coach among the 2017 players left. If Zimmer gets his extension...this goes away
  18. Coach comment from Cousins..other players support Zimmer. The locker room is in trouble
  19. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Man..another RIGHT call on my part. Can I get a honorary + 10,000 post count so I status with the big boys
  20. Man...Keenan should have been given a chance. Whats coming is brutal
  21. Between the 20's when there is room to work the Corners and Safties..Kirk eats the field up. The WR's have more open space to hit and separate and Kirk has the tools to get the ball there. Inside the RZ, the lanes are smaller, the rush is quicker and you have to "anticipate" WR Breaks before you see it...Kirk doesn't...he holds the ball until he Sees a open he gets sacked more often. He doesn't feel the pressure well and that's why he gets strip sacked. He was a Gruden SYSTEM Qb where he had timing routes and he'd throw on a count not anticipation- THAT WAS GRUDEN. Gruden's plays were designed to where if the player wasn't open the ball could fall incomplete...the route where only the receiver could get it... Asking KC to work the D like Rogers, Brady, Brees is NOT HIS GAME...that is where the OC in Vikes failed to understand KC as a player.
  22. This will ALWAYS be my #1 reason for hoping KC fails and fails miserably. No frigging Jay or his team mates. He wouldn't BE in the Pay Scale grid he is in now if Jay didn't stick his neck out. I said..he bit off more than he could chew with his inability to deal with pressure. His 84Mil will crush him. This year's performance will exponentially increase pressure for 2019 when his Cap will keep them from fixing the OL, he is already getting blow back from his teammates and the PRESS will be on him like stink on.... I watched the April and July training camp press fawn on him and KC made em LOOK STUPID. Payback is coming from the press..and it won't stop unless KC produces 5-6 wins early season. With The Bears,Packers aleady contenders and the Lions getting a new OC to better Stafford..THAT IS NOT HAPPENING. Vikes HAD their chance and blew it with that contract.
  23. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I was a Gruden supporter most of the season....but now..I just don't think he can 1) Hold people accountable Coaches (DC) or Players for bad performance 2) Compete mentally with the "Good" Coaches we face. He gets hit with adjustments and doesn't respond or anticipate what so plan B or next gear. Unfortunately, I'd hate to scrap a "system" that seems to have potential - (people seem to get open but we can't get the ball to em) for a restart with a new coach for the next 2 years or so. But if Alex is done and can't come back in 2019 with Colt being the starter ..then maybe it's time for a restart regardless. Get rid of some big $$ contracts and play our draft picks and look for some diamonds to polish for 2 years. I could watch the skins with young-uns getting better. The Flip is that Gruden grows a pair and works harder on his game plans and we sneak up next year. I don't understand Gruden ..thats for sure
  24. I already did and stand by my analysis. Now you tell us how you could have ignored all the rational for not paying Kirk and berated anyone who thought otherwise as clueless matched against your superior analytics. Enjoy your crow. Any predictions for next year?