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  1. I agree..I said the PLAY was a BS Play. I assigned to Gruden that responsibility whether the back executed or not. NO..Gruden didn't CAUSE the injury..but maybe you can allow that the call was "ill advised". So arguing isn't going to change minds. I am pissed at Jay for what I saw just like people were pissed at Alex for what they saw. I'm done's done. I hope McCoy has some gas left in the tank. I DO have confidence he can run this offense and still beat Dallas.
  2. Watch the play..Perine never hesitated or checked. He should have slide out like I said after checking...A Coach that would call a SLOW developing play (run through the line and into the flat) on a obvious (and telegraphed) Blitz has no business coaching... Just like the "Get behind Alex" are consistent at least..own it
  3. My point exactly..he pressed. That safety gave away the blitz wayyyy early ..he was coming within at least 2 count cadence and Perine stayed left and NEVER checked. That was not Alex's tendency. No need arguing..people can form their own conclusions. *I* think Gruden heard all the BS and pressed
  4. 1st post erred out..and if you listened to Gruden's would see he was responding to the pressure..obvious. HE was talking down Alex's reads. THAT Back should have ONE responsibility in that situation..stay in and Protect or slide out and receive. NOT take the time to slide through the line and get open in the flat. If you don't know that you don't know football
  5. 3rd and 9 and the Back went out into the flat as a receiver. NEVER checked on the Blitz!!! Who was that back? a 30#. THAT was a BAD Play Call. Gruden pressed and got Alex hurt. I stand by what I said...Gruden listened to the critics and tried for a big play and too a BIG RISK. Alex didn't have a chance. Gruden OWNS this because of the flack he listened to..
  6. THAT was a BS PLAY!!!! 3rd and 9 and the the back runs into the flat never checking for the obvious blitz. Smith had am empty backfield!! NO PROTECTION!! Gruden should be FIRED for calling that play...was that Perine in there #30??? THAT is exactly what I thought happened...Gruden let the pressure get to way you don't KEEP the back IN with that TEXAS front 7. I stand by what I said..Gruden pressed and Got Alex hurt
  7. I didn't see the game...did he get crushed holding onto the ball waiting for a deep route to develop? You don't think Gruden and Alex read this crud. You can't tell me the publicity didn't pressure them to take risks...I had a gut feeling listening to Gruden's talks that he would push Alex too far with a more than suspect OL against the Texans....just my intuition. People wanted Alex gone or better yet..NEVER here. Sorry picked the wrong town
  8. Well...I called it..I guess *some* of you will be happy now?
  9. There will be a few who want to waste picks trying to upgrade Alex...but I would venture the majority would want a couple (at least) OL in the 3rd or earlier, A 1st flight WR in the 1st, and a BEAST Heavy RB to compliment Guice BEFORE any QB is looked at in 2019...Maybe 2020.. The D is set for a couple years with maybe a "gift" LB in the later rounds BPA I believe Alex will "manage" a playoff win as NFC East Champs this year. Just look at Dak who was praised as a Franchise QB and is now struggling without a WR and OL ..Same with Alex..give him some tools
  10. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Screen and pitch out the heck outa them in little chunks...Have Clowney and Watt running sideline to sideline the whole game..then in the 4th..have AP the clock. D has to stop man and blitz big time and hope HAHA and Josh get to a few.. Like to see some no huddle just to have some fun
  11. Why do I find this funny when he slams Alex for doing just that...I know I'm on ignore with this guy..but I still "Had" to point this out..Back to being ignored ?
  12. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Watt and Clowney are going to be IT this game. I'm NOT optimistic. Hope we can keep Alex safe and we get out without anymore injuries with this OL. If this was a card game I'd fold and play the next hands saving my chips.... I think our D will keep it close. If AP has another 100 yard game in him..we have a shot. Alex can't get hurt though.. At lease he'll get a taste of what goings against Eagle Cox will be...Cowboys definitely gave us a gift beating the Eagles. Beat the Texans and I'm on Cloud 9!
  13. Jay is the evil genius. He's asking Alex to tank it just enough so as to not loose these games. So Alex is a MASTER QB who can dominate the game to control win by one score. Alex lost to Atlanta on purpose so their record to the Playoffs will require the Skins to travel away from RFK so they can win in the playoffs in front of the "BETTER" Skins Fans at other stadiums.The Skins will Visit the Vikings and SMOKE EM 72 to nothing. He suckered the Saints into winning BIG so when we play them next time in the NFCC they will be over confident and blow it. SUPER BOWL HERE WE GO!!! Alex is planning to kidnap Belichick....
  14. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    AND he NOW has a D (Luxury) that can cover for those TO's. We couldn't so each one was a knife in the back..THE fact is...*I* Trust Alex not to loose the game and *I* like watching the D playing normal field positions and not short/real short field position..God..can we just can the KC crap already
  15. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    More like reading a divorce forum with all the baggage than having any informative value (except for the few knowledge contributors who don't get into the KC B-Fest stuff). You have to wade through allot of crap though to find them...
  16. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Redskins vs Buccaneers Prediction Thread: Is This The Countdown To Meltdown?

    Agree..they are going to have to put Alex on his wheels with roll outs and passes to Thompson with occasional WR sideline outs. The run isn't going to be there. Gruden HAS to change up with the OL like it is. He should have used roll outs and screens more often...14 points sucks.. WTF with all those injuries?? Every Year???
  17. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Falcons

    The SKINS were NEVER going to the SB...nobody predicted that. The SKINS are making progress towards the playoffs..maybe a one win there. We are NOT in a league of the P's, NO, Rams..but we ARE seeing SOME good games played and like Kdawg said..playing hard! Why you all need to slam Alex is beyond me. I have enjoyed this season more than any of the previous (except for 2012,2015). As AEROSMITH would say..Get a Grip...
  18. come all the "I told you so's" again. 5-3 and you all B&M like the Skins had an alternative option than Alex. Alex was the best option available and is still THE BEST OPTION available. We're still in this thing and if you all were honest you'd admit that 5-3 is a pleasant surprise for this club. Ya..another clunker..they got too full of themselves again (the D) and got B-slapped. Atlanta is a GOOD offense.....just sayin
  19. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    40 Yard dashes- Sean was 4.51. Landry was 4.35 vs Dix is 4.58 and DJ is 4.67 Sean/DJ- Free Safety requiring more range but BOTH were slower??? Being Laron was a FAST muther I always thought the FS was the fasted position on D. IS it in fact SS the position that requires more speed for Blitzing and running down RB's at the LOS? (I just read the Dix will play FS and DJ move to SS- Makes sense if that is the case) Paper just gave me the answer
  20. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Sean had incredible range and nose for the ball. That wouldn't change in today's game. He DID like to lay the wood though. Players did FEAR his hits. Was awesome to watch. Landry was a heavy hitter too. Sean allowed Landry to head hunt at LOS. Swearinger's 40 @ 4.67 speed as compared to Sean's 40 @ 4.51. Troy Apke 40 @ 4.34 Wow ?
  21. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    So how does this tandem compare to the pinnacle AREA 51 (Taylor and Landry) duo. I know ST had better range/speed/everything...Any expectation to get into the same zip code?
  22. He's not playing loosing he. Until he is RESPONSIBLE for loosing a game that was won or in the final drive have the TO in the 4th Qtr, I will say we got what we wanted in a QB
  23. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    In defense of Martyball

    Even Aikman commented on how this D looked like the Manley/Mann D of the 80's. If that D can get there...we can win a bunch of games
  24. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    In defense of Martyball

    I predict this D will not allow 30 again. The Saints lit a fire. I could be wrong. This D is still getting better ..FUN TO WATCH. This is how I wanted this team to be year the O. Reminds me of the Allen teams!