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  1. I'm wondering if Trent has to PASS a Physical and meet some weight/fitness metrics. What happens if he's fat as a toad and not in football shape. Is simple reporting enough? Or does he have to be "evaluated"?? Seems like in a CBA, simply showing up is not something the owners would accept...just thinking
  2. For God's sake trade the guy...don't repeat Cousins. Trent's words mean nothing here, look at the actions and think REPEAT.... Don't be Cousin'd AGAIN...
  3. Now THAT would be stupid.......IF TRUE Dan and Bruce just may be saying FU to the media, Skins Fans who trash him at every opportunity and they really don't care about the "Franchise" anymore. Hell, Dan is making money putting trash on the field. I hate to think an owner "hates" his team's fan base that much...but if he's as petty as you all claim. Who knows. IF they are rejecting a 1st for Trent...that's my only response to that. *I* HOPE that is not true. I'd be through with this team if that is shown to be true. You won't get better than a 1st (1-32) after the season. Trade his
  4. Maybe you don't see the value in waiting..but I see value in waiting to get a #1 this season. A 2 or 3 would be my asking price in the off season. Collins came here in the prime of his career...and *I* don't think a player who refuses to play, abrogates a contract, is hurt all the time and blind sides a franchise is as valuable as you seem to think. It might be that other GM's see that and say hell no to a #1. So we'll wait for the off season
  5. DING DING DING. He got his guaranteed money for the contract he signed. So he was paid. The contract he got was lucrative at the time. The rest of your statement is (to use your term) ridiculous. All those factors are in the negotiation and settlement at the time. Short career span is a norm in the NFL. Don't try and tell me TW was not compensated for the last 2 years of injury plagued performance. Give me a break..
  6. Exactly, Trent can withhold his services, the FO can withhold pay. Leverage is subjective. The FO's asking price has not been met so Trent hasn't been traded, simple. This team is such a trash fire that arguing over Trent's trade value is like fleas arguing over a dead dog. This team/organization is not worth fretting about anymore.
  7. Honor his contract. A VERY Lucrative contract when he signed it. He's been paid VERY WELL for his services. The TEAM planned on having him and thus drafted accordingly. By most of the comments on here..he's been injured/not playing up to his pay check the last 2 years...ES words not mine break agreements he signed and was paid UP FRONT? Where do you draw the line? which players are OK to break contracts. How can a team plan? If you think it's OK for all 53 players to abdicate on their contracts at their discretion, then you are the sucker not me. It's not Oct 29 4PM yet eit
  8. I'm waiting to see what happens at or before 10/29 4pm. And you don't "understand" his reaction? Someone pisses in your corn flakes and you are OK with that? Examples/Precedents have value and influence people who may think about taking a similar path. If positive reinforcement fails, negative reinforcement is the other option. Problem is...you guys blame Bruce more...*I* blame Trent more in THIS holdout. I blame Bruce/Scouts/Jay for the offensive trash they've put on the field. Too many High picks gone south.
  9. Again, the Browns said the cost was too high...so Bruce gave them a price. I would think all inquires that were a #3 or worse would be rebuffed. I wish somebody from the Texans would come out and say it..if they hate Bruce that much in the league I would think that would leak out... I'm not defending Bruce, Just saying if I can't get better than a 3rd before Oct 29, then wait till March. I'm no fan of Bruce but Trent put the team in a bad situation with his gambit. We are not going anywhere for a while (years) by the looks of this *whole* offense. Payback at least gives Bruce a lit
  10. Patriots 1st = 2nd Round Equiv. Too early in August to accept that. We DON'T know what Texans and Browns offered (except the Browns thought the ASKING pick# was too High, so we are negotiating. A 3 is too low because we *should* at least get a 3 in the off season.) You guys are slamming the FO on conjecture. If we can't get better than a 3..wait till spring. Makes sense to me at least
  11. Browns also said price too steep..so which is it. If all they are offering is a 3rd..hell no..wait till March. Up the pick..then lets talk..maybe
  12. The more Trent stays at home watching TV the more the weed looks awful tempting...I said earlier that Trent wouldn't accept a trade without a new deal that replaces the lost money. If a 3 is all that the Browns have offered...wait for March. If he reports, look for any reason to suspend for conduct detrimental to the team...Don't play him and keep him away from the locker room
  13. I don't think he'd survive longer..he'd be whimpering to Zimmer to take him out. WHAT do we have to lose..right! I sure pay to watch that and cheer EVERY DOWN Danny *could* incentivize that I'm sure
  14. *I* would like to see Manusky send the house EVERY Down..screw the score and lay wood on Kirk for 45 minutes. Make sure he is hit every play.
  15. Yup..but I didn't say that the FO was right all or even most the time and I disagree with ALLOT they have done/not done..like trading cousins after the 2nd Tag. I'm just saying I agree with what is happening right NOW with Trent. We NEED to be compensated and not get Cousined...That's my point here. We spent ALLOT of Capital on D the last couple years and it seems to have been unproductive..is that the FO, Coaches or Players. *I* personally think Jay failed this club with his Oh shucks discipline. The FO gave him better than average talent IMHO
  16. No...Smart GM's play leverage to maximize the benefit. You play the deadline, especially if there are multiple suitors. Conceding the game with time on the clock is what stupid coaches (Jay) and GM's do. This FO hatred is just irrational sometimes..
  17. You do it until you can't. Plus = TOP and keeping other offense off the field. Rests your D, keeps em fresh. No down side if you are getting +3 yards per rush. We have "new" QB's with receivers and timing is off..Case wasn't leading the receivers on crossing routes..too many behind the receiver. I have nothing wrong on planning to run the ball &screens with occasional deep ball. Richardson is/has been useless..would like to see someone who WANTs to get open out there
  18. Don't put him on the field..have him be the guy with the gatoraide bottles running on and off the field spraying into players mouths
  19. So what happens when he HAS to report to get an accrual and he refuses to play...does that change the equation? If he doesn't play..the year rolls over? I don't think it would be that easy....BUT he could be relegated to carrying Bruce's clip board and fetching coffee....WTF the whole team will be blown up next year so Trent's value will be minimized in the scheme of things...
  20. And RG3 had nothing to do with his failures...got it. Shanny at least had discipline..but he screwed the pooch on his DC's. That's what killed him. Not sure if Bruce was responsible for Hasslett, but It was discussed that Haz was a Bruce guy..so I agree Bruce is still the lynch pin of these failures
  21. Needed to be done/ This Oh Shucks attitude had to go. How about Manusky???
  22. They still ban signs at the stadium...thats how they got rid of Vinny...
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