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  1. 1st Step..walk Manusky to the door with all his things
  2. Question for the "experts". I read Rivera is/was a 4/3 scheme coach. Does this portend a 4/3 Defense here if he is hired (that's what he prefers) or does he have the personal flexibility to let his choice of DC run a 3/4 and not mandate a 4/3. Also, if Rivera is hired..how does this effect Norman (who under Rivera was a damn good corner in his schemes) Basically..has Rivera ever used a 3/4???
  3. He probably realized he had been spoon fed BS by Allen by the "We're Close" comment. That and from what I read (could be wrong) Allen protected Manusky as his guy. Then Micro Managed Gruden's roster. But Congrats to the fire Allen movement! I didn't think it would happen. I'm happier that Gruden is gone and if the price of getting a quality coach in here is Allen's head..so be it. Complete re-boot was defiantly warranted! We'll see if Dan keeps his hands of the Jocks.
  4. Lets see if it satisfies the prospects for the coaching job concerns..if not..it don't do squat..
  5. I agree, I would have liked to have kept KC at our offering price . That whole 2015 thing could be both a correct financial assessment of his ceiling (is that offer now a reasonable one?) AND a career ending mistake for Gruden by putting his job on the line for Cousins vs working with RG3. I *think* Gruden would still be here if he developed RG3 (assuming RG3 would have let him and RG3 eventually learned to read D's) What a cluster F
  6. So how many ES'rs think KC is/was worth 84Mil. Forget Alex and all the subsequent activity by this FO. Basic question, seeing KC with a vastly superior roster than the Skins--would you NOW say you would have spent the money/matched the vikings offer. (and Don't bring up the 18Mil 2015 "could have gotten him for less) This "letting him go" is a red herring...
  7. What is it with the Wash DC area and Skins players. We draft good college prospects and they come here are learn to be losers and POS's. Not all but we sure seem to have our share of AH's. It used to be skins players were idolized by fans and they could get away with aberrant behavior (Riggins). They way theses skins play ..not so much. What happened to choosing character players (Gibbs type). I hope Trent gets his ass sued off and that changes his attitude. Does he FIGHT these dogs like Vick did???
  8. That and the offensive rules then and now are comparable to Rugby and Touch Football. These QB's are pampered babies with receivers the "D" can't touch. You don't see any LB's with a Moniker like "The Hangman" anymore.....Sonny was an elite tough sob...Kirk...don't make me laugh
  9. But do they consider how many $$ are expended on KC that could be used to build a stronger roster. IS his money and play offsetting the diminished capability of the team to field quality players. Does KC's play overcome deficits....could Keenam had better results with a lower cap hit with the added capacity the difference between KC and Keenum would have bought. It's not one dimensional..KC's plays Good VS Great. Its a TEAM play that he should be measured against. You can't argue that KC's salary doesn't effect other capacity elsewhere on the team. So far Keenum and his TEAM has o
  10. Cousins expectation- fulfilled. Didn't do enough to win an important game. Not saying the loss was his fault, just saying he didn't WIN the game with heroics commensurate with his pay scale. Haskins expectation-Fulfilled. He didn't get killed out there. 30 points...needed 38. Still rooting for Vikes to miss playoffs and make 2020 a fun off season to watch.
  11. Why isn't this in the tailgate? I seem to remember a direction that non redskins topics belong there? Same old BS
  12. Gruden would still be here and we'd continue to see the pansy play and pampering that got us NADA. Gruden's input MADE the Cousins debacle. Should have traded him after the 1st tag. So getting rid of Cousins and Gruden is a 2fer
  13. Ya..thats the way I read it too. 2 years on his contract for next year Trade. I can't see how such a simple fraud could be executed on the NFL...too easy
  14. The growth..cancer or no..is a NON Football Injury. No way is that caused by playing ball or football contact. Like appendicitis...s*it happens THAT and he could have had that checked way before now....
  15. The ONLY precedent on this type of issue was Galloway. The arbiter ruled as 8 games player = accrual IN THAT CASE. There is no legal verbiage in the CBA that says 8 games. Trent is relying on a single finding as case law....Another arbitration hearing could go against HIM with these facts..who knows but that 8 game BS is a crap shoot from what I'm reading. Could go either way and Dan has better lawyers and a league that doesn't like this trend in player actions https://www.nytimes.com/2000/02/11/sports/nfl-roundup-seattle-galloway-wins-but-may-be-traded.html
  16. YUP..GO FOR IT! After all, Danny loves to play in the court system! He wins there (Billionaires have more fun). Also, as was said the League wants this to stop..if not in the courts..then the new CBA
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but Clev didn't trade for any LT at the deadline so the NEED is still there in the off season. Nothing has changed really...Trent will STILL be Trade bait in March. ES was asking for a 1st and a Player...that's funny..you condemn the FO for doing your bidding... I want to see how this plays out on accrual. Lets see some hard ball so in the OS Trent will still have 2 full contract years as trade value.
  18. Which if done he would NOT get the 1 yr accrual. That is what I suggested a # of pages back..suspension for conduct detrimental and not put him on the roster. That's my tack on how to deal with it (if legal)
  19. What is stopping Danny from suing for breach of contract? Is there an arbitration clause in the CBA?
  20. I thought for a long time that Jay's offense was VERY predictable and the DC's were feasting on it. Glad he's gone but the damage was done. That and the talent really sucks. Doctson (if not on IR) is better than Richardson..especially in Red Zone attempts.
  21. For NO money! Fines taken from game checks. Every minor infraction = fines. Conduct detrimental to team suspension. Daily conditioning drills...anything and everything the Coach can throw at him. THEN do it again next year..screw the draft pick 26bcdc4b-f017-4a4f-b124-a82a57a56b48.mp4
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