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    Mason Foster released

    Or they needed the money to appease Trent? Did Trent cost him his job?
  2. Disagree...with that safety and our D we WILL control field position. We need to play like the Ravens did with Dilfer. We RUN the ball. Even Flowers at LT can run block. I would rather go 0-16 than pay extortion money. Setup for next year and set a precedent for this renegotiation crap when a player has NOT been productive "recently". This getting paid by the skins has to stop. Loose BIG and have another GREAT draft and get rid of *some* aged talent. Think Belichick. Don't trade for less than a 2nd and a player..otherwise let him sit out.
  3. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    The Official ES Debating Style Guide - Updated

    The “Stupendously Insufferable Pessimist”- Characteristics: This FO can do NOTHING Right Commonly used phrase: "If you can't see my point you are ignorant, thus I will put you on ignore" Tips to remember: Have a sense of humor
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    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Relax...nowhere did it state the WEIGHT each person would carry in the decision. *MY* hope is that IF the competition is close, the deciding vote *could* be Dan to which I agree. If Case and Colt can't CLEARLY beat out the Rookie...Then start the Rookie. He has the most upside (as long as he doesn't get hurt-which the OL should be weighted heavily in the decision) Preseason will tell
  5. The Skins don't have to do anything now...even at training camp. There will be *some* talent available after cuts happen. We *might* pickup someone serviceable..might not, but a trade will will most likely happen after teams have assessed their rosters talent at LT and maybe look to cut to cap space. Either way..we get NOTHING to make a quick decision unless a GOOD trade offer happens..
  6. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Waiting to see him play in preseason...lots of good press! I just don't believe that the media is not gen'ing this up for a QB battle just for "clicks". The Washington Press sucks
  7. IF that is all that was done..why claim the medical issue. Why did this get into the Media...I already posted they should do some compensation adjustment for Trent. I'd like to know who (whose camp) put the medical stuff out there if this was only about Money. Who created the flap....or was it the media making chit up. That is not a fair negotiation IMHO
  8. I just keep thinking of the News the other day of the 911 1st Responders on the Hill asking for *some* help in covering their medical bills. Guys on a City Salary who ran into collapsing buildings KNOWING of all the chemicals and asbestos in the air that cause cancer. The construction people knee deep in that toxic crap...and then I read this *stuff* about how much risk these players take and NEED to be compensated for that RISK... Just Sayin
  9. But you can't. I think EVERYONE would agree..lets do *something* extra for Trent regarding money. *I* think had he approached it that way...nobody would be complaining. Also, IF there is Medical Staff incompetency, then name names and situations involved and again people can assess the validity. BUT it APPEARS the two have been convoluted with NO RESOLUTION unless Trent gets a release from his contract for the next 2 years and that is an unplanned critical shortage for the Skins. THAT is not fair to the Skins who have compensated Trent VERY HIGH during his tenure. So unless Trent gives specifics..I am siding with the Skins as being the aggrieved party here. We all have seen accusations that have been a fabrication. Why do *some* people reflexively blame Bruce. HE is NOT the Doctor and HE has to assess the impact to the team before granting ANY contract relief. It's frigging June guys..there is all kinds of time to resolve this. Bruce has kept his conversations with Trent Confidential...Trent has NOT I just don't like the lopsidedness of this whole thing.
  10. There is something to be said about trust too. I am willing to wait until training camp (while looking for talent via trade at the right price for the Skins). If left with a choice of a bad trade deal for letting Trent sit. Let him sit. The Skins HAVE to STOP this type of extortion. We got screwed by KC and set a perception that the Skins can be had. Trust is shot as far as I can see. Lets see some Pittsburgh Steeler back bone here. If they can do it with Bell and Brown..2 legit superstars back to back....we need to grow a pair. Time for this franchise to make a statement IMHO
  11. It IS the Matrix. Deja Vu all over again
  12. I have ! I have ! Uh OH!!!
  13. Obvious you didn't read my statement I see. I SAID KC would have to provide space 3Mil to cover the cost..12+3=15 which would make Trent happy. Without KC willingness to cut a deal and restructure (for his OWN financial benefit in 2020 in negotiating a new contract) THEN you would be right. BUT the WAY I premised the scenario would work. We won't know anything until Trent makes a move. If Trent wants/demands a TRADE, what is so off the wall that he'd maneuver to go to a contender with his good friend AND get paid? Vikings need a don't deny that do you?
  14. Top 2 words WHAT IF Last 3 words Think About it If you don't think a player will lobby another player then YOU are naive. Trent and KC are/were tight. Get a grip
  15. Agreed. But their starting LT is 12 Mil now so they ONLY have to come up with what..2-3mil+ That is where I theorized that KC would do something with his cap # to allow that so that HE will benefit from his better performance with Trent watching his blind side so NEXT YEAR he can recoup those $$ negotiating an extension in his last contract year. If KC sucks this year because of a bad OL, he could loose ALLOT of future $$ negotiation his next contract That's why I said this could be a Win-Win-Win (Skins/Zimmer/KC) It's no slam dunk but it is a Business Case to be argued I think. I'm not arguing that a #2 is the going rate...I'm arguing that desperation can bump that up some so don't go in at a low #
  16. They are talking about cutting the 2nd year player who is their "starter". Our asking price is our asking price. How we arrived at it does not concern the Vikings. IF we have the leverage, use it and get what we can
  17. Starting negotiation price. Selling points is KC knows and trusts Trent. They have ALLOT invested in KC and we got nada for him so looking for some comp+ isn't too outrageous. Zimmer is in a WIN now so he *may* be desperate to save KC and his job. They got NADA an LT now. Their LT is 12 mil this season, Trent wants 14mil....not a big makeup/risk for big upside. If you believe Zimmer's job is on the line and KC enters next year negotiating for an extension..Both could free up cap space in 2019. We'd have the leverage I would think. The best deal is likely to come from the Vikings if we HAVE to part with Trent. Asking vs getting. I just don't know if the Skins would do it with the Vikings at any price... It's all speculation without knowing the "truth". This *could* be a win-win for us and Trent and KC
  18. So you wouldn't call the vikings and offer Trent for their LT and a #1 and #2 in 2020...Also, why waste your time?? Dumb huh...I just checked and it's all over the place as a possibility
  19. Trent should come out and address this then. I hope it's media BS but the longer he stays silent the more speculation will occur and sour the team/fans. That could be the plan though..make playing here a non starter...who knows. Something is going on that is not good
  20. WHAT IF: Kirk: "Hey Trent...I'm getting my head handed to me here! I Need you real bad" Trent: " I have 2 years left on my Contract" Kirk "No Problem, The FO is a bunch of pansies and they will fold if you hit them with a complaint about being mistreated and disrespected. Demand a Trade and they will fold for pennies" Trent Fine but you guys can't afford me Kirk. I I don't perform here, I'll be toast. I'll redo my contract and cover the extra couple Mil Think about it....
  21. And WE win with Draft Picks commensurate with his career OR he sits out and loses 13-14mil AT LEAST. Put him on did not report to camp and use his 13mil cap
  22. These guys make MILLIONS. They can afford to get 2nd opinions and/or HIRE their own doctor. It is THEIR Body..they should act accordingly. If I got an opinion that effected my health significantly..I world corroborate it. We've all done it. I'm callin BS. Just looking for a foil for leverage IMHO
  23. Substitute Bruce for the (fill in the blank). Find a foil and leverage it to get your desired results PPS. Where is the complaint to the Union Rep. Seems like this is a CBA issue
  24. I agree 100% . I LIKE Trent. I would have preferred he came out himself with this complaint AFTER registering it with the FO . Now that it is all over the place, he SHOULD make a statement. IF not...then I'll just assume his agent is following Cousins roadmap of making up a transgression claim so as to leverage a release or trade where the Skins get little to no compensation. If this is Coisins 2.0, the FO should send a message..if you don't won't play- ANYWHERE for the term of your contract. I *hope* Bruce doesn't falter and get a BS Draft Choice in a trade. Get GOOD Compensation..TRADE if Trent wants out