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  1. I see haynesworth conditioning tests if Trent pulls that....just sayin
  2. It helps when people don't start a response with "That's Dumb", That's Stupid"..etc. No need for that..people may be wrong in the mind of the reply-er but denigrating people's opinion starts most of this crap..
  3. Be nice to know what the offer was...we don't know if a 1st was involved in that offer. Like I said, the way TW has stayed silent and how he's handling his current contract is NOT attractive to a club. Bruce should turn to TW and say go make a deal that involves a #1 and #2 yourself and EXPLAIN yourself instead of relying on Bruce.
  4. What makes you think TW would not hold out for a better contract with the new think he'll just take a lateral with no cash?? Seeing how TW treated his current contract terms....I bet teams would be leery of him.
  5. You didn't watch DEADPOOL???
  6. I'd bet money there is a lockout in 2021..and teams might not guarantee money into that year..I think Trent is stuck with us or sit out/retire
  7. Already posted Patriots trades
  8. Absent a good trade; With the new CBA expiring next year and a possible lockout/strike facing 2021..Trent either needs to come back to the skins or see the end of his career (Trent trying a come back in 2022 is a reach) If Trent is OK with his career ending..he has the leverage..otherwise it's the Skins hand that plays better. Trent will not play for greater than 2 years if the Skins stay put. 156 pages of BS and nothing has changed..who blinks first
  9. Why don't them make contracts on BOTH sides "CAP playing" year to year. You live and die by the agreement based on performance metrics. If the player meets the metrics he can't be cut. If the Team PAYS the player can't renegotiate. If BOTH want to renegotiate, Fine. If one doesn't the current contract is executed and penalties ABOVE Game checks are applied if contract is broken (Draft picks or Huge FINES for players)
  10. No..people are saying to wait until March to trade his ass UNLESS we get a 1st. Big Diff
  11. I don't remember anyone saying if we get a 1st rounder, don't pull the trigger (except the Patriots..theirs is more like a 2, add another 2 and I'm good)
  12. The only way Bruce can F this up is to let Trent go for a pick higher in number than 40. You would get a 2nd rd pick in March , that should be the ceiling
  13. I think we are going to find out what our FO theorized. That Kirk is a system QB and he fit Jay's System perfectly with timing routes/exact placement at exact time. Jay AND Kirk are OCD on that stuff. Kirk is NOT a freelancer or improvisor and he gets into trouble when he tries (Fumbles/Int). Kirk would have excelled in Jays system and got paid over the long haul playing more years as a TOP QB. If he fails in Min by not getting them deep into the playoffs...those big $$ will be gone after 2021. I think Kirk thought it was all him and he could produce in any system. We ALL will find out shortly who was right.
  14. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I have little get QB's getting 58 Mil, 80 Mil and taking higher % of cap space they have to live (rather Die) on the fact that the money is not there for supporting casts...Brady IS smart enough to realize that...and make money by volume than over 3 years... tahts why I hate this "renegotiation" crap while under contract..
  15. 3 for 13 for 35 yards in a 1/2 of football against the Cards 3rd preseason game starters tune up!!! BWHHAHHHHAAAAAA!!! THAT I hear you'a Knocking??? If Case did that man the ES Sky wouldn't just would EXPLODE!!
  16. THIS is too funny if the Min trade is true....all the "experts" who slammed this post just *may* eat some crow
  17. You could get a 3 easy just waiting till the spring OS. That is not a fair offer now IMHO.
  18. Man..that would make a great movie...I'd watch it any given Sunday. Honestly, I'd think these doctors have practices too and wouldn't jeopardize their license playing games. I don't understand how these players are getting a bye in the consequences of THEIR actions/in actions. RG3 not sitting to heal demanding to play, Trent not following up with a condition on HIS BODY and now Colt not wanting to blow a chance at starting and pushed himself too hard. These players often DEMAND playing despite doctors advice. Just like LT in AGS...they make the bucks for playing..not sitting. The PLAYERS have ultimate control whether they play or may cost them $$ but it's their call
  19. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I was awful young watching this but his arm and mobility does remind me of XtraLarge Sonny Jurgensen . Sonny would laser passes..coverage be dammed. Didn't run much..didn't need to. Wish they have some more tape
  20. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Ya..he seems to stop/drop and roll on hearing "Hike". No vision for holes/creases Jay didn't help with his play calls either. I know it's preseason but even vanilla has *some* color I'd like to see some more "planned" rollouts for DH. He looks very comfortable throwing on a rollout. Runs allot better than advertised.
  21. He has every right to refuse to play for the Skins ever again....just give us *some* of the bonus money back and sit on his ass for the season and we'll talk again in March. Bruce should come right out and say it if TW doesn't show by end of PS. I don't want a cancer coming back to the team in mid season regardless of our record.
  22. I understand that but if all that is being offered is a 3 at best now...I'd wager that you'd get a 3 for him in off season. IF we can get a GOOD return..absolutely for the reasons you mention. I'm just advocating the FO set a goal that is beneficial to the Skins. A #1 or a 30's low 40's pick # 2. would be a win/win. I just wonder what the FO thinks is the pick# for 2019 and does that change as LT's drop because of injury during the you wait till week 10 to see if a injury enhances our position. Again, I'm saying it has to be a pick lower than a 50's/ 60's #2 to pull the trigger in 2019 vs waiting Going back to my preferred position stated earlier..Give Trent + 2 mil/yr with performance guarantees to games played and keep him if it's about Money.
  23. I see it this way 1) Anything offered for Trent won't be much different than one if we wait till next off season UNLESS a team really needs him for 2019. I see NO benefit of trading for a "fair" pick now..because you'll get that before the next draft for the same draft. 2) You can roll his cap # into next year Just tell Trent we'll trade him next off season and be done with it if thats what he wants I hope thats what is happening...need a #1 or wait till next year. Period
  24. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Anybody outside of DC get the Skins on the Dish sports package? I can't see where on Dish it says what games it covers...could care less about Florida teams..need to see DC Market. Anybody have DISK Football and tell me what the coverage is? No way I'm going back to AT&T/Direct TV
  25. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    With all the "slow" talk, I was surprised how well he moved. Looked fast "enough" for RPO. Just as fast as KC was in *my* eye. 1st series looked good. The fumble didn't help his confidence...almost looked like he thought he had to do it by himself after that..took chances he didn't have to..rushed a bit. the 2nd INT was an example of that..wanted it too bad. Has to learn to pick his spots better. Nice arm and velocity. Can't wait to see him again.