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  1. Wouldn't it be FUNNY and FUN if the Skins kept em out!! That would be a Xmas present I'd never return...I know it won't happen..needs 3 more wins
  2. THAT is where I fault Cousins who led the team on until after the draft to show his true intention. Cousins didn't want to be traded. He wanted to pick his team and played his cards perfectly. Problem with that is that his talent didn't match his ego and he's feeling the effects now
  3. AND the Players don't like it.....NOW comes the distention and finger pointing. I hate to say I told you so...but Kirk bit off more than he could chew and couldn't deal with the pressure. The pressure going forward with this firing and player revolt is going to be interesting to watch. He should have stayed *home* with a coach and system that accepted him and his tendencies. I still say Jay could have made him better here and we all would have been better off. Ego feeding sometimes consumes the host.
  4. Karma is a b*tch ain't it. Looks like the big K is coming back to bite both sides responsible for the contract "impasse". Both side DESERVE IT! At least I have a reason to watch an NFL game not featuring the Skins and HAVE FUN watching. I know it's shallow but that's how my season feels so F I...
  5. The expectations set by the media was if they could just walk into the SB. Zimmer fed it too....The media is unforgiving when you make em look like fools
  6. Then he should have told the FO he intended to test the Market and not string them along and let the draft happen. But you are right..he fully leveraged himself and played the FO as chumps. Even that I have no problem with but betrayal to the coach that fought for ya..*I* just can't forgive (Like KC gives a %$^^ whether I forgive him or not). He did throw Jay under the bus...but EVEN THEN...I'm OK because Jay got his MAN- McCoy. So ....I am a HAPPY CAMPER with the Redskins Team we have right now. Now it's outside entertainment to see if Karma comes round and bites KC in the azz...I believe in Karma Peace... That's what I meant by pressure. If he can't handle it's going to get ugly. If he pulls it through and plays well under this pressure..he may just get to that elite level
  7. I expected him to counter BEFORE the Draft and let the team know the # he WOULD accept. That's all. Yea..HE played the game for himself..I have no problem with that..I am glad he's gone so *I* am not complaining about not resigning him...I am complaining that the FO didn't see the "game" and get some compensation for him. Look..he wanted to force the skins hand until after the draft to prevent a trade to a team he didn't like..and choose who to play for FOR Big $$. He played money problem. I just don't root for a mercenary to lead the Skins..hell I'd try Paxton Lynch over KC. I want to root FOR somebody who wants to be a Skin...Just Like McCoy. I love rooting for underdogs the 60's and 70's Skins. I can watch that without complaining as long as they are worth rooting for- Effort. So there are two camps and each is right based on their view of enjoyment of the game. Kirk didn't do it for me.
  8. Honestly, I'd take ANYBODY BUT Kirk just based on how he threw Gruden under the bus by leading him on for 2 years. Leading the team on. Gruden would have been FINE going with McCoy after RG3. He would STILL Prefer McCoy over Kirk. nomination is the guy leading the team right now. He was/is a team player..signed 1 year deals..stayed with the skins because he WANTED to be a Skin. So *I* am a BIG McCoy fan right or lose just to reward his loyalty. No way we are SB WTH...give him a shot! I'll enjoy watching this and that's what it's all about. Full disclosure...I was against signing Kirk on ALL the Franchise Tag offerings..wanted him gone with compensation from the get go. Why the FO didn't sniff this out is beyond me..they FUBAR'd this up good
  9. That's what FA is about...plenty of "Good" QB's test the market and you can get one of those while looking/grooming a rookie. Kirk is/was a "Good" QB. Nothing special. You don't pay sirloin prices for flank steaks
  10. The Pressure is building like I foretold. I firmly believe Kirk bit off more than he could chew. At least he's getting paid (by someone other than the Skins) Now the next 6 games is going to be pressure like he's NEVER felt before. I'm curious as to how he reacts. Not knocking Cousins to go for the $$ and getting paid. Just wondering if it will be worth it to him in the long run. If the Vikes get to the SB, then yes and Cousins will have been through a seasoning process that will help him in the future. If they don't, Zimmer and the whole crew will feel the heat. Especially come Cap time 2019.
  11. With the way Gruden is calling the offense, McCoy is the better General. He's experience in the system and that system doesn't require him to be bombs away. I don't know why Alex didn't eat this up? He was either restrained (which gruden has debunked) or he just never got comfortable with the talent. McCoy is clearly more comfortable and that should produce some anticipatory throws. So *I* think McCoy is actually the better QB for the last part of the season..a little surprise maybe. My wife broke both bones in her leg and they metal plated it together..she still isn't even 70% and that was 10 years. I hope sports medicine has improved dramatically. Has any QB come back from a broken leg like this. Joey T surely didn't. 74Mil cap hit for years just rubs salt into the wound.. Here is hoping Sanchez can be a Miracle resurgent. (if they sign him). Good news is the East is pretty lame right now
  12. UH..we are not alone...NOT worth the $$. THAT was the complaint...*I* was willing to keep and work with him IF he listened to his coach and was a 23-24 Mil (Alex Like) contract...he's NOT and He didn't. So NOW the pressure is REALLY on and I predict he will press and make things worse for himself. The wall will close in
  13. Cravens just went on IR never mind..already posted
  14. in 1983 at age 34, he rushed for an NFL single-season record 24 touchdowns, and again led the league in rushing touchdowns the following season at age 35. THIS is where I'm at too. Riggo Drill 2.0
  15. Anybody heard the workout #'s???? Does he have the ability to make the corner??
  16. What I find "funny" is how Kirk's 1st 2 preseason games are a microcosm of " Kirk the Redskin". One game he's HOF..then lays an egg the next. It was a recurring question for the last two seasons "Which Kirk will show up??!!" There seemed to be no in between or consistency ( and don't quote stats made up from garbage yardage when the game was lost. Kirk was a Good QB with consistency/trust/choke issues that *could* have been coached to be GREAT'R (I'll give the eR for the games where he pulled the string and played aggressively) Just like RG3, Kirk seemed to think he knew how to play QB better than the coaches. aka Gruden's frustration on the tentativeness on some throws/patterns. So this is my opinion based on my observations..he was not worth the Cap hit it would have cost to keep him. Had the price been right/better, I would have loved to have him back with the caveat that he play the game the way coach wanted it played. Gruden would have been the 1st to say "I told him to take that risk/make that read" I swear..we just drafted a bunch of "Diss ready" players in 2012 with too big of ego's. I am glad that it has ended. I just posted the 3/8 for 12 to make the point..same old..same old.
  17. I tried this past May....Maybe my negotiation skills need work... "Oh YEA!!! #%^&*^ U I'm getting Dish" didn't close the deal???
  18. I tried that...since AT&T took over they didn't budge..even when I said I'd switch to go...So I said OK..cancel..I got dish.
  19. I just looked at the #'s 7/11 w/2 drops 1TD. When you put it they way you said.......ya..those are some negatives
  20. He played pretty good in the HOF game...don't know
  21. I was there too! I thought we had a FQB FINALLY!! Loved the way the kid played..didn't like the risks he took. All that changed after the Baltimore game and the media and "others" in the camp turned on the Coaches. DAN...Dan Snyder screwed up RG3 not RG3. Who among us would not leverage power given to us to get what we want... Dan screwed the pooch on this one make no mistake..he fed the beast I'm waiting to see what Guice says after a loss, especially if he fumbles and costs a score. That will tell me allot about the player