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  1. Monkman56


    Colt is getting a bit older and obviously a bit more brittle. Keenum looks to be the day 1 starter at this point. JJ would certainly be the more mobile of the 3, although Colt is fairly mobile too ( but thats what took him out last year ). If Smith plays again, it would simply be the professional sports comeback of the century. ( in my opinion). And even if he does, is he the same QB that we expected him to be? Injuries like that have just as much of a mental effect. I would think they're hoping to have a QB fall in their lap a bit later (2nd, or 3rd rnd) like Finley, Grier, or Thorson maybe. And use the #15 on a G, LB, or beast WR. But there are so many needs, at this point its anyone's guess.
  2. I agree with retaining AP if the price ( and it should be ) is reasonable. Johnson could be a good mobile QB project as a back up. Harris is a mid level WR that will probably lose out to Cam Simms who was turning heads last pre-season. I've seen about the same amount of spark at times from Bibbs and Marshall, but agree with the Marshall injurie problem.
  3. Monkman56

    Superbowl Sunday Thread

    I'm an Ol New Jersey guy that started rooting for the skins years ago. 1983 to be exact. Since Im from NY Giants area, it was fun to pump my chest at all my Giants friends. Us fans have enjoyed several more superbowls since then and I think a lot of us started taking this playoff thing for granted. I know I did. But OH how times have changed. It has become increasingly hard to root for this team. In all fairness, I've seen way too many games decided by horrible officiating as well. And it has caused me to question the integrity of this game. My interest level has nose dived over the past 5-6 years and I stopped routing my weekends around this game & team. The superbowl has become less interesting as well. Not just because we're not in it, but because of the way the other teams GOT in it. Yes they are talented teams, but as I said the officiating steered these teams there. It was blatantly obvious, and is a disgrace. This is the most flawed sport in our nation and probably the world. Everything should be subject to replay. Bad calls , no calls, etc. Shouldn't matter if game takes 5 hrs. Get it right! Oh and, this superbowl will be " the changing of the guard" as the Rams will win. Its good for the league so it will be........
  4. Monkman56

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Yeah, I find myself being much more enthusiastic about what "might" be in a few years , than what Im "sure" will be next year.
  5. I for one enjoy this team. I get my popcorn ready, sit down and have a good laugh as if Im watching any other good comedy. And its a 16 episode series, so the laughs keep coming! Ah the entertainment industry is great!
  6. Monkman56

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Precisely. Jays not throwing the ball. They had Johnson rolling out all day and had PLENTY of time to hit guys on the move that were open. He missed all day. Long , short , easy check downs, etc. This kid was missing even the most basic throws. Sure, Gruden signed him, but he cant play for him.
  7. Monkman56

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Not Jays fault the QB couldnt hit the side of a building with his passes all day. Off the street QB, off the street Oline, 32 yr old RB. Gruden was left with quite the challenge. Last game this team just gave up. So that would be the only knock on Jay, not getting them up for a meaningless game.
  8. Monkman56

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    It is quite clear that the team is broken. whether its players, coaches, front office, ownership. Its been the same recorded loop for years. There is NO WAY a professional NFL team should ever lay a stinker like that. No OBJ? either. No one can catch, block, pass rush, pass defend etc. Quickly becoming the worst team we've had in years. I give up.
  9. Monkman56

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Now that our season is over, and we will finish in last place, where do we go from here? Because it certainly does not look good from any viewpoint. Why cant we get someone to teach this team how to tackle.
  10. Monkman56

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

  11. Monkman56

    Can we stop pretending now?

    4 more games?(now 3 I suppose), Well, its looking we take our rightful spot in last place as usual. ( after Giants whip us ). Clearly no more wins possible at this point. Primarily because our D cant stop anything and keep games close enough to scratch out wins. Even with Alex every game a nail biter. Problem is this D is not as good as everyone thinks. In fact, their a low tier D.
  12. But this was the year that our D was loaded with talent AND deep on the bench yada,yada,yada. same ol,same ol. No pass rush , slow LB's, and corners that fall down or get juked out of thier cleets constantly. This is a bad football team.