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  1. Agree totally. The only thing that stops this team from being looked at as the scourge of the league is a change in ownership.
  2. Haven't worn any gear in some time. Team hasn't deserved it! I may wear stuff if they come out winning. Actually looking forward to the change but they will be looked at as the Redskins for quite a while before the name change is considered "normal" to most fans. I guess we'll be looked at as the scourge of the NFL as well. Only a change in ownership would prevent that at this point.
  3. Can't possibly be any worse right? Allen gone is big as well. Snyd's HAD to do something big right away. This franchise was the Titanic, it may have just avoided the ice berg. At least one ice berg.
  4. As per news, Allen is gone. As in completely out of the organization. Rivera is a fantastic choice and will certainly make an immediate impact on this young team.
  5. Yes, simply brilliant move to put Norman in to lose the game and preserve the loss! First smart move of the year for Manbusky. Just brilliant! As I said, first good move Manbusky made all year. preserving the loss! JNorm was the perfect choice to get burned , solidifying what we already know. He's done.
  6. I started putting my fandom on hold after week 5. It was pretty clear the direction the team was going in. Put on my skins duds in week 1. Embarassing loss, but they were ahead of the Eagles for a while and looked promising. Swore I would not wear any garb until they won again. Well the Miami game was not convincing enough so I waited until the Jet game to wear stuff, ( girlfriend is a Jet fan so this was our superbowl), well needless to say everything is packed up until further notice.
  7. Did not see an existing thread on next years draft, excuse me if there is. The question is , now that we can assume a high draft pick, what stands out as the critical needs ( other than everything ) that you would upgrade with the draft? LT is certainly the obvious one but its so very clear that much more is needed. Or is proper coaching going to fix most of this teams issues? A lot will say ownership and management, but we know that will likely not change. I'm just hoping they haven't created such a bad culture that this ends up being the LAST team any player wants to play for. So what pos
  8. Its not unpredictable that much of this teams mindset is to get the season over. You may assume they are all " Professionals " and will put their best efforts in game after game. But lets face it, most of them stopped caring 4-5 games ago. Between the TW saga, other ex players coming out of the woodwork to trash ownership/management, the weakest QB line up in the league, the rookie WR being by FAR the best wr on the team, a defensive coaching staff that is clueless, etc. The human element was bound to take over.
  9. Well I'm not plunking down the rest of my bank account on him, but after watching the Jet game he seems to have some juice. Just hope he gets to show enough for the balance of this year to get us worked up for next year. The rest of this team is another story.
  10. Just read an article saying redskins are getting one of their best players back in week 11. Guice. What makes them think he is one of the best players? He has shown NOTHING yet. Play this kid the rest of the year to see if he's worth anything.
  11. the only thing i own that id wear is my 44 jersey. but i wont even wear that. Not for fear of ridicule, ( im a sizable dude), they simply dont deserve it.
  12. yup, i said it earlier. snyder/allen has managed to make it completely uncool to be a skins fan.
  13. Hoping Haskins gets all the reps until the next game so the team can get a much better evaluation on him. Against the Bills I saw a QB that was sticking to a safe script. Deep throws seemed off limits. Thats OK for now I suppose. That being said, he did not wow anyone, did'nt stink it up either. It was just boring as hell. One thing that stood out was his size and strength. He looked hard to tackle and thats good, ( kind of reminded me of a young Culpepper ). But this could lead to a false sense of security as he holds the ball way too long instead of throwing it away. Too many gang tackles an
  14. what team are they capable of beating on the remaining schedule? Jets ? I doubt it. I honestly do not see another win here.
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