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  1. Czaban reading Snyder's statement on the air is magical. He played the laughtrack at the part where Snyder says he has been too hands off lol
  2. Oh please. This is sweet revenge for what he did to Herzog and even more funny in this scenario that Dan has to trust this sleezeball to not turn on him.
  3. Larry Michael is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Kinda why they had to distance themselves from any former people who worked around him the booth like Cooley...and poor Doc had to lose his spot as a consequence.
  4. Guy who leaked draft day rumors that caused him to fall is taking a big victory lap https://mobile.twitter.com/AllbrightNFL/status/1291872525568233472
  5. The time is now to get the guy out of there. He has a good 4 more decades in him and do we really want that after the last 2?
  6. The silver lining in the current dark cloud is this goof being gone. The worst announcer ever.
  7. This is a terrible day. The only gold at the end of this pot is that this locks in their return to RFK where everything should be headquartered. All this nonsense of being scattered in VA and MD is over.
  8. Gained absolutely nothing tweeting that out. The players will turn quickly if things get off to a bad start on the field.
  9. So many People on this forum and many more all over Social Media wanted Collins to wear #21 LOL What's gonna and should happen is we release his ass and then he starts talking to his new media city about how it's our fault he absolutely sucks. Worse than Archuleta.
  10. I have the 2003 win vs Brady and Belichick at FedEx with Ramsey abd Spurrier leading the charge. If NFL Throwback doesn't post it by Friday I may post the full game on Youtube. Best win that is forgotten about in the Snyder Era.
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