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  1. YES I get it pick & choose who can post what, typical! Im out
  2. TAK ABOUT OBSTRUCTION......illegal alien raped a child in Philadelphia after the city refused to comply with an ICE detainer request & released him back into the city. Sanctuary city mayors should be arrested for defying federal immigration law & be held civilly liable for these incidents. Where's Mueller when you need him?..................
  3. Looking more and more like our Democrat led cities across America............
  4. What does anyone expect from this Nations FAKE NEWS reporters.......Trent will be starting LT week 1. Trent & the Redskins have made 1 thing clear and thats keeping everything private and thus the reasons for the FAKE NEWS!
  5. This is not looking good, I don't think we will ever see TW in a Skins jersey again Trent is GONE!
  6. What's TW cap numbers look like if we trade/waive him? would we save $9,217,245 this season? not sure if this is correct?
  7. You are very welcome my friend here is something that may interest you.......https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2019/06/10/mexican-military-started-rounding-up-illegals-riding-the-beast-train-to-the-united-states-n2547948 As you can see Mexico is NOW ENFORCING LAWS sound familiar?
  8. OK 75% of this thread is from twitter and as far as bringing "something to the conversation" I did bring plenty of somethings, manly facts. Just because you or majority don't agree with what I bring doesn't make it lack substance or validity.
  9. California ignores homeless AMERICANS to protect ILLEGALS...............Way to go NANCI I do not.....you? what is it?
  10. Free health care for illegals, Nancy will pay for it............
  11. FISA abuse US Attorney meeting with Barr "Dialed in" PANIC AT THE DEEP STATE...... Is that like our statues that are being torn down by vandals?
  12. Judicial Watch says HilLIARy will be next.......... WOW.... De Blasio at 0% in new poll... says "This is just the beginning!"* The wealthy are also leaving in droves.....
  13. American Hostages under Obama: Decapitated by ISIS Murdered Left to die Brought home only after BILLIONS in payments to Iran, our enemy & a state sponsor of terrorism American Hostages under Trump: 20 Brought home ZERO taxpayer dollars paid to terrorist countries 250 replies5,177 retweets11,899 likes