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  1. Not a chance Watson gets traded to a division rival. Stafford probably comes to us and the Colts.
  2. I've been reading that the Texans are considering Josh McCown as their Head Coach. If that goes, you guys think Watson already been wanting out? Or wanted a player type coach? When I meant by a player type coach I didn't mean by a former player just in case someone thought that.
  3. If Watson is available you at least make a call to the Texans. Rivera said QB is the number one thing they have to address this off season. Right now apparently their is a top 5 25 year old Qb in his prime that might be on the trade market. You have to go for it without a doubt especially with this team and the situation they are in. This guy fits perfect in Turners offense and will have a great defense to back him up. Get another WR or two and the stage is set. Imo the cost for Washington to offer is 3-4 first round picks plus a second rounder and a third somewhere if they don't offer a playe
  4. Me being a Uva fan, and watching him in the ACC you're 100% correct on his deep passes. He' probably the best I've seen at it and I think hes going to be a great NFL QB.
  5. Idk if anyone has mentioned it, but its supposed to rain and it will be cold Sunday night. WFT 23 Eagles 13
  6. The Cowboys with a win over the Giants would have them at 7-9 and if we lose we will be 6-10
  7. If we win Sunday then we will be in the playoffs. If we lose then the winner of Cowboys vs Giants will get in
  8. Its going to be harder for Haskins if Mclaurin can't play Sunday.
  9. Im hearing that Mclaurin might not play Sunday with an ankle injury and has missed two days in a row at practice.
  10. Im proud of the team to keep on fighting and not give up. I was pretty sure Haskins was gonna score on the last drive the way things were looking but I was wrong. Proud of Haskins in the second half. Idk if Moses should have went back in at the end and gave up the sacks but I didn't know how the back up was doing either. We have to find a kicker or something, that missed extra point hurts. The two ints hurt too. I would like to see them again in the playoffs.
  11. Im pretty sure he drove the offense on a 94 yard td drive in the second half
  12. Don't bash me for saying this, but what about Dak Prescott? A few days ago I saw Adam Schefter on Get Up and he brought up Washington could go after Dak in the off season. We went after Cooper, but he chose Dallas as we all know. I can see Washington doing it cause after this season imo I think Alex retires.
  13. Gibson needs to be on the field as much as possible. Idk why they take him out and bring him in. Put him all over the field.
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