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  1. Your response is great but you didn't address the reason for my post. Does Daniel Snyder as a business owner care what his fan base thinks? I was told he doesn't because we are not a direct source of his revenue. I disagreed and showed proof that we, Redskins fans, are directly responsible for a portion of his revenue. Are you also saying he doesn't care about the opinions of his fan base?
  2. "Local revenue, which consists of ticket sales, concessions, and corporate sponsors, is earned by the teams themselves. In 2018, the Packers earned $196 million in local revenue, 43% of their total revenue that year, which was $455 million." According to information I found with a quick Google search, it looks like you may be mistaken. It looks like we are a large source of his revenue.
  3. Are you serious? You don't believe a business cares what their customers think? Maybe you're right which would partly explain why we have been terrible for so long.
  4. I'm not talking about the chosen candidate but the firings to get that candidate. Do you truly believe he would have fired Bruce Allen without the media and fan base pushing him?
  5. Give him credit for what, LOL??? The Redskins have been terrible for over twenty years. He fired them because he had no other choice.
  6. Unfortunately, this doesn't work long term. Teams with the most consistent success have general managers who oversee both the coaching staff and scouting department. They are what keeps these organizations successful during times of transition. If the head coach leaves they just put someone else in his place that matches their vision and no rebuild is needed.
  7. That's untrue, most of us would be happy with something called WINNING! I'm not asking that we have Patriot's level success but can we at least win one playoff game every five years!!! If that can't be done just give us a professional product while we lose.
  8. If a general managers job is to pick the players why do you hire/promote him after you pick the players? Also, historically general manager do much more than just pick the players!
  9. If this happens nothing has changed and the Redskins will continue to suck. The general manager should be in place before a coach is hired.
  10. Unfortunately, i don't need to be there. I've watched the product of his leadership for most of my adult life and it's evident he isn't Steve Jobs lol!!!
  11. Does he do that when every player is injured??? If not, it sounds like he is still befriending certain players. This is exactly what happened during the RGIII and Shanahan debacle.
  12. Yes, but they have more offensive talent. Gruden was throwing the football more and got fired for not winning. This team isn't going to win by merely throwing or running the football more. Football 101 - Passing: Both teams get more possessions. The game is longer because the clock stops when there is an incomplete pass. If there is a large gap in talent the talented team scores a lot of touchdowns. The less talented team scores more than they would have running the football but extra time in the game creates a larger margin of defeat. Football 101 - Running
  13. If it's that easy to fix we should just hire the 49ers head coach so the redskins can run some of these creative schemes!!! Wait a minute.... I'm not even going to respond to your other comments as you didn't read my second post and clearly don't understand football!
  14. I'm not sure how your response is relevant to my post. Disciplined commitment to the run was compared to a 1975 offense and going .500. I disagreed and provided one example. Running the ball 25 times per game is not the reason we are losing, may actually be keeping the games closer. We have the poorest organizational culture in the NFL and it's not going to be fixed by passing or running the ball more. No coach can fix this disaster, it has to come from the top and I have doubts.
  15. It's 2019 and the 49ers are undefeated!!! They are averaging 38 rushing attempts per game, your post is a joke.
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