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  1. Yes sir, my hope is that he's good enough to start next year while our rookie learns as we build the team up. Hoping they sign another WR and TE, draft Micah and a qb in the 2nd round. This qb draft is looking deep so we might be able to get one in the 2nd round.
  2. I disagree with this. Draft position is loser talk and had been shown countless times in the NFL that you dont need a top 5 pick to pick your franchise QB. Russel Wilson 3rd rounds. Aaron Rodgers mid 1st round, Pat Malhomes 10th pick., Tom Brady 6 rounder, Lamar Jackson late 1st rounder, Big Ben mid first rounder. I think as long as we start building a winning foundation it would make the next QB of this team life easier while learning on the job.
  3. Anyone have any words about Bryce Love's status. I believe he was placed on the inactive list until week 6. Week 6 has passed and I am wondering when can we expect him. i am excited to see him play and see potential with his speed and McLaurin to have a good offense next year.
  4. I'll be happy with the 3rd pick. Lots of talent at positions of need. DE Chase Young, CB Jeff Okudah and WR Jerry Jeudy to pair with McLaurin. If we can trade Trent for a 1st pick up a stud LT.
  5. Guys, on the bright side the Dolphins are not guaranteed the #1. They could of beat us and outplayed us once Fitz came in. If he plays the rest of the year he for sure will win a few games. Meanwhile have a tougher schedule and cant see us winning another game. Dolphins might release Fitz due to good play.
  6. Lol the Skins Dolphins game at this point is gonna be for tiebreaker purposes for the number 1 pick.
  7. LMAO,I assume this is a reference to Snyder and Allen. I enjoyed reading your fan fiction. More fans should come up with some more or add to this lore. Would love to see where this heads.
  8. Yes, its called the watching Skins games for the last 20 years. I need AA meeting to help me stop watching. Call me addict or a masochist. Thanks for the heads up. Mod please move to random thots thread if more appropriate. Was looking for some laughs in these tough times.
  9. I have some crazy demonic story ive been thinking of. In the late 70s the Skins and 49ers make a deal with a crossroad demon. The deal expires when the owner or coach dies or retires and new team will take its place. The next team who inherits this deal will have the power of the 49ers and the Redskins Combined. That team is the Patriots. The Redskins fate is tied to however long this Patriots dynasty last. They will continue to suck until Tom Brady and Belichick retires. When this happens the balance of the NFL will be shifted with the Patriots suffering for the next 30 years while the Redski
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