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  1. 5 hours ago, Warhead36 said:

    I'm all for all contracts being guaranteed. Would you rather the owners pocket the money? The league makes billions, the money's gotta go somewhere. I'd rather it go to the guys that actually play.

    I started this, so here goes. The owners split about $260 million between the teams. The salary cap last year was 188 million. After uniforms, doctors, Front office, stadium leases ect. Ect. The profit is a lot less then 80 million. Quite a bit of profit still, but as a capitalist, I think the owners don’t make as much as people think, and it is their businesses. But what do I know. 

  2. On 2/15/2020 at 6:11 PM, SumTingWong said:


    True, but it would be at the considerable risk of losing whatever's left of Haskins trust in the Redskins heirarchy-- something that might never be restored even if it was a bluff all along.


    In my opinion if we start hearing legitimate reports that the Skins are shopping Simba it means that Rivera has decided to trade him.


    Until that unlikely, but possible event the Redskins will no doubt publicly deny any interest in acquiring a first round signal caller.


    However, that doesn't mean that deep within the bowels of Redskins Park we aren't granularly analyzing and comparing the pro potential of Haskins, Tua and yes, even Burrow. Anything less would be front office malpractice.


  3. So Norman gets released and we save 15 mil. Richardson gets released and its 2 mil. Everyone applauds. Their still under contract, but a player plays above his contract and want to hold out on the final year, without guaranteed money, and that player should live up to the contract? Not saying either is right or wrong, but IMO it’s messed up. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, tibbidoe said:

    Sad that some people can't allow others to take pride in an event that isn't typical to the norm. African American coaches went thru (and still go thru) the same thing. It's the society many here have grown up in and one that many are still trying desperately to cling to.


    Coach Rivera is an excellent hire and we're going to be better with him aboard. He also gets to be a role model for Puerto Rican and Mexican people, and other non-white people, who don't have nearly the representation that we, the EXTREMELY privileged White people in America, do.


    Congratulations to Ron Rivera. I’m happy to have you aboard. To those that take pride in him being a minority, that’s great. To me he is the best candidate out there. 
    to the people that say privilege, have you walked in my shoes? Worked hard to get to where I am, as did Mr. Rivera. 

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    45 minutes ago, Burgold said:

    Did I just read that Scherff has been put on IR? If so, that might change my calculus on whether to keep him or at what cost. I think this is three years in a row where he's been unable to finish the season and despite his probowl bid, I don't know that he has been elite while playing. I prefer he stay, but if he can't stay healthy I don't know that the team should pay a king's ransom to keep him.


  6. 16 hours ago, Vanguard said:

    It would be awful for Scherff to say publicly he wanted a trade if thats the case.  Could you imagine?  A second pro bowler saying they didn’t want to be here.

    Pro bowls don’t mean anything to me. 1/3 of the voting are fans. More of a popularity contest imo. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, ntotoro said:

    I don’t know if the Estate Tax came before or after JKC’s death (you really should be cursing Ted Kennedy for this), but you can’t just will a team. John KC would have had to pay a HUGE tax on the difference between what his dad paid for the team and the value at that time. I think 28%... ? If you can’t afford that, that’s when outside investors (or even a group led by him) can come in and take it.

    The tax on the team would have been almost 50%. And some one wishing that JKC is in hell is downright pathetic. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, TD_washingtonredskins said:


    Well, I don't know for sure that it's "right" but I'm closer to not giving an already-well-paid-but-declining player more money than I am giving him a raise. He's made some good money, so it's incumbent on the team to pay him for what they believe they'll get out of him from here on out, not reward him (more) for what he's already accomplished. 

    Thanks for the reply. In my opinion, if it’s the money, I’d consider making his last two years guaranteed money. Also draft his replacement next year. Anything else trade if possible. 

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