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  1. Alexa

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The season has been over as far as the playoffs are concerned for a long time. Why was Sunday viewed as some kind of major finality? That just seems so bizarre to me. Were the people inside Redskin Park really thinking that there was a chance to make the playoffs? And once they were officially eliminated there was some kind of major let down? I swear, this organization...… SMH.
  2. I hope the Redskins draft a QB in the mid rounds to push Haskins.
  3. Alexa

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He is a year older and didn't play this year and was already struggling with injuries. Should have just traded him when they had the chance. Now is the perfect time to move him.
  4. Alexa

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce is not only Dan's lackey but they're best buds. Who is Dan going to hang around when he tosses Bruce aside? I guess Dan will always have Theismann.
  5. Alexa

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I believe it is best for both sides for TW to be dealt. He can't come back here.
  6. Alexa

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Hopefully Bruce is fired tomorrow morning. He has had enough time here and has failed.
  7. I'm burned out of the lack of starts in college narrative. He should be able to hit open wr's. I've seen Kyler Murray hit open wr's with ease and he only played one year of college. What do lack of starts in college have to do with bad accuracy? Even on the TD pass to McLaurin, that was about as bad a throw as we saw all day. McLaurin totally bailed him out on that throw.
  8. He shouldn't have been in the game if you ask me. But that being said he wasn't any good today. What my eyeballs tells me is he just is too much of a project that will never be a consistent NFL QB. He will never be a winner on 3rd down cause of the sacks and lack of accuracy,
  9. He showed improvement but there was really no where to go but up. Also people need to stop being bi polar and stop living and dying with every throw.
  10. They might as well give Sprinkle #64. I don't ever want to see him out in pass patterns.
  11. The Redskins offense is just so hard to watch. A simple 1st down is a major accomplishment.
  12. Sims should be playing over Quinn anyway. Quinn is not an NFL wr.
  13. Why are we playing AP at this point? This is a god awful team starting a RB in his mid 30's. That concept is just so off to me.
  14. Alexa

    Next Coach?

    I highly doubt either would come to work for Snyder.
  15. Alexa

    Next Coach?

    I'm curious why or how these stories get leaked. I firmly believe that Snyder is the one that leaks this stuff out. Either directly or indirectly he's the one. Who else would be the person that would leak this?