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  1. Moss may start for us at TE day one.
  2. All wr's have a You Tube tape. Robert Davis had a sick one.. lol
  3. Yawn.. just another Cam Sims, just another Robert Davis. Why not go for a TE?
  4. I'm a little perplexed as to why the Redskins wanted to spend 20+ million on Cooper. He comes off as a little soft and when the going gets tough he folds.
  5. Winston would be terrible for this fanbase. I remember when Cousins had his issues and about 90% of the fanbase wanted to jump off a building. Personally I'd take a shot at Winston. I don't think Arians was a good fit for him. In some instances the play caller has to be able to know when and when not to be aggressive and protect the QB from himself. And in that area Arians probably lets all his QB's down. The Steelers fired him because he kept wanting to get 5 guys out in patterns and had no regard for protection. IDK, I just feel with the right coach Winston could probably cut down half of those ints. My worries are that he'll be spending most of his time in Annapolis because of the fresh crabs out of the bay. Those suckers can get pretty thick and meaty in the fall.
  6. Alexa

    2020 Roster Thread (Updated: 4/28/20)

    So happy we are getting Fuller back in the burgundy and gold. Welcome home kid!!
  7. I may be one of the few that wishes the Redskins would just cut bait with TW. He hasn't played in a year, he's always getting hurt and has some kind of nagging injury, and he totally trashed the organization. I wish the Redskins got smart had the ability to move on from players that are going on the downside of their careers. Same w/ Kerrigan. He is now on the downside, yet because he's a "Redskin" he'll be allowed to stay on and get pushed around against the run and get 4 sacks. And also what is the deal with resigning AP? From my couch I know whenever he comes in the game it's a run up the middle.
  8. Do not want him. No more old injury prone players.
  9. I still don't understand why a football team needs all these coaches. Assistant wr's These days in the NFL the position coaches have assistants. What do all of these coaches actually do all day long? Just one good old boy hire after another if you ask me.
  10. You turn in the draft card and Burrow.
  11. Alexa

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Screw Snyder. I will never trust that man. He has no one to blame but himself. He is the number one reason the stadium is empty. I give it a year before he starts undermining someone. I'm sure he and Scott Turner won't be best buds.
  12. I am just go glad Manusky and that base 3-4 is gone. I hated it the minute Shanahan switched it, for really no reason other then so satisfy his own ego. Why in the hell would you ever have your best pass rush guys drop back, be in space and cover backs and TE's? I just never ever understood that. Like seriously why would you do that? … ask guys to do something they're not good at doing? Are you trying to lose? Apparently so.