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  1. Ohio State QB's just don't translate to the NFL, for whatever reason. And they have had some really good QB's through the years... Haskins, Cardayle Jones, Troy Smith, JT Barrett, Pryor, just outstanding college QB's. Fields may be the best player in the county, even better than Lawrence. That would be funny if we end up drafting Fields and getting rid of Haskins.
  2. we probably have two on the roster that are better than haskins
  3. he just isn't a good QB. it is that simple. we can discuss it over and over again, but what my eyes tell me isn't right. How much time though? This is a new staff and they didn't draft him. They have zero loyalty to him. Snyder is probably the only guy at Redskin Park that is in his corner.
  4. this argument does nothing for me. when you put yourself in the draft that means you're saying that you are ready for NFL ball. so that is on Haskins. should have stayed at ohio state.
  5. Haskins doesn't have it. He may be able to be a good game manager, he may be able to win games when the defense constantly gives him the ball back w/ good field position, but he will never go out a win a game like that kid Murray did. Is there anything that DH actually does well? I'd take Minshew right now over DH.
  6. Haskins will be benched. It's a matter of time.
  7. Landon Collins is stealing money
  8. Collins has to be among the worst FA signings. Not worth the money.
  9. haskins is a big boy and can handle himself. besides, imo ap is not a role model at all. i won''t go there but you can figure it out.
  10. not socked at all. he wasn't brought here by this staff, he is old and has stone hands. ron wants guys that can do multiple things.
  11. 1993.... Ritchie, Al Noga, Tim MaGee, Rich Gannon, Reggie Brooks and washed up Carl Banks.. The team got old and Gibbs knew it. His timing to leave was perfect, especially after swinging and missing badly on Howard. Best coaching job was 1992 by Joe and Ritchie. To almost get that rag tag team to the NFC title game was almost a miracle. Could have very easily beat the 49ers in that mudfest at SF. At least there was one good night in 93, the opener against Dallas. After that, all downhill. I was at the last game of the season against the Vikings. i remember feeling that the run
  12. You know, I'm already tired of Del Rio. Brantley is high risk, meaning he could potentially DIE. Does he understand that?? Del Rio has already ran his mouth on Twitter. Just shut the hell up and run the defense. You coach in a different era now where players are smarter about their health and their futures. Does he realize that these guys have lives to live AFTER football??? IDK, after all that we have been through with coaches and their drama, we got this new guy who is already saying sheet on Twitter and now this, where he basically has called out guys who opt out. How about you just say,
  13. We have two guys that if healthy, should get the ball. Guice and Love. Period. AP is just too slow and is basically 2 to3 yards and that's it. I don't want him. McKissic and Barber are JAGS. Gibson is not a pure RB so not even sure why or if he even gets a shot there. Guice and Love are home run hitting type of backs. In this day and age this is what we need, not a RB that is about to get social security. Turner should come up with some formations where Guice and Love are on the field together.
  14. I think it's over for me. I just don't care anymore. Almost 50 years of being behind this team. You rip off that name Redskins and it is just over. This is the straw that broke the camels back. The sensitivity of people is just too much for me to deal with. I will never use Fed Ex again. I will never buy Nike again. Like those two brands give a sheet about Native Americans. Fred Smith and this entire POS ownership group can just go back to where they came from. They have no balls.
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