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  1. Ya I looked at that. I can't get a good look from that.
  2. Does anybody have any pic from row 1 of section 231 or section 233? Thanks and HTTR
  3. Ya I get nervous because when I sat in the first row the 400's there was always a couple of seats where there was a rail right in your face. I like to get the first row of the section because I bring my Dad to the games and he's old and he can't stand the whole time.
  4. Ya I didn't want to be under the overhang. I hope its not a issue. My father and I are pretty tall both over 6"2. You would think the ticket office would tell you that theres a bar in your line of vision.
  5. I just upgrade from Section 433 row 4 seats 7,8 ti Section 231 Row 1 seats 11,12. Does anybody know anything about these seats? Its the first row of the section and I noticed there is a metal bar in front of us. Will this block our view? Thanks and HTTR
  6. What row does the overhang start in the 200's. I don't wanna be under it.
  7. My upgrades tommorrow at 2pm. Hows the 200 and 100 levels looking?
  8. Sun is on the Visitors side How is it looking boys. My upgrades 24 hours from now.
  9. My upgrades not till tuesday. Any 100's or 200's left? HTTR
  10. Just got my upgrade postcard my window starts at June 2nd at 2pm. This will be my 4th year as a season ticket holder. Wonder if they'll be any seats left in the 200's by the time I pick.
  11. Still haven't got the email yet.
  12. This will be my 4th year with season tickets. Hoping to move to the lower bowl this year. Have not got my upgrade email yet. Is this normal? My current seats are section 433 row 4 seats 8,9. Also I make monthly payments, do you think you get a quicker upgrade window if your paid in full? How long has everybody had their tickets?
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