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  1. Hell, I'm 43 and have great memories of great 'Skins teams! One moment in particular that sticks out in my head is a game against the Cardinals in 1992. They were throttling them and the Cardinals had a big play on offense late in the game. They were showboating on the field and Darrell Green, Charles Mann, Martin Mayhew and a few others tapped a few Cardinals on the shoulders and pointed at the scoreboard. That is what I long for now, moments like that. This team is not only bad they seemingly have no heart. They are playing soulless, no pride. A winless season is definite
  2. I remember watching games that took place in good ole RFK and specifically remember many occasions the announcers stating they could literally feel the stands shaking with those crowds. Now, not so much.
  3. I'm not convinced we can beat the Dolphins to be honest. We always find new and remarkable ways to lose.
  4. Watching these guys play I think they are a better unit with Haskins at the helm. His quick release and arm strength get them the ball much quicker which matches the speed they run their routes. I don't think there is any doubting the speed of our WR's and they do run their routes pretty much on point. With this OL we need whoever is behind center to have a quick release and deliver laser shots which should open up the downfield game when combined with running the ball often with our bevy of RB's.
  5. Especially with this line! He very well may take a beating, especially from the left side.
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