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  1. It's only OTA'S and maybe I'm being a prisoner of the moment, but reading all this stuff going on and how good the team is looking has truly got me believing that if we can get solid- not even stellar- QB play, we are going to be a formidable Football Team this year.
  2. Snyder has his own issues with women abuse accusations, so I would say even he will not want anything to do with Watson.
  3. There is zero chance we trade for Watson....zero. Rivera and this new regime have broke the barrier by hiring women to all kinds of high positions that women never had a chance at- including coaching positions- and I just don't see anyway possible he'd even entertain the thought of trading for Watson...and rightfully so, in my opinion.
  4. I hear what you're saying, but Bravehearts is not the Braves. The word brave in Bravehearts is the word brave- meaning strength and courage. As long as the logo didn't have any Native American imagery, I don't know why a name like Bravehearts would be offensive.
  5. I know the name Bravehearts was trademarked several years ago by Snyder's neighbor, so I'm not sure if it's even an option. But if it is, this is the name that fits a team that represents the nations capital perfectly. It honors: The Military Law enforcement First Responders Dr's and nurses Civil Rights leaders, such as MLK and Rosa Parks Native Americans in a respectful way Cancer survivors- which our owners wife happens to be, as is our HC It's your mother, father, grandparents etc. Football players I can keep going who cl
  6. That is a list of names that have been eliminated from consideration- right? They're awful- some outright embarrassing.
  7. The water is going to get much deeper for all these QB's once they get to the NFL, so who handles it and booms or busts- time will tell. I know a whole bunch of people scoff at the "Be careful of the Ohio St. QB's that played under the Meyer/Day system as NFL QB's," but I believe there's some validity to it. When you're asked to only read one half of the field, as the Ohio St. QB's are- Daniel Jeremiah has mentioned this several times as a concern- the transition to the NFL and reading NFL defenses is going to be a huge task. Fields looked absolutely great out there t
  8. Don't know if I'd be Chase Young kind of happy, but I certainly wouldn't hate this.
  9. Does anyone have any idea where they think Brevin Jordan might go in the draft? My son goes to the University of Miami, so i have become a big fan and watch all their games. This dude has speed, is good after the catch and had to block a lot of DE's. He has improved every year and has the potential to be a beast of a TE in the NFL. I've heard a lot of people say he's the best tight end to come out of Miami sine Jimmy Graham and a few of the draft guru's don't think that there's a huge difference between him and Pitts...for whatever that's worth.
  10. Cam Sims was on the improve with weak QB play and being our #2 WR by default. The signing of Samuel should open up his opportunities big time. The jury is still out on Harmon and Gandy-Golden, but whoever is out there with McLaurin and Samuel are going to get their targets. I'd also expect with McLaurin's and Samuel's speed to really stretch out the opposing defenses, that the underneath routes are going to be wide open with lots of room to scoot after the catch. Our offense just got a whole lot better and it's gonna be scary hours for defenses going against us.
  11. Diane Russini has been wrong so many times and her constant claiming of "I talked to a source" or "I talked to a WR" is your basic bad insider rhetoric. I don't believe anything she says and personally, I think the lady is full of bologna.
  12. Fitzpatrick- 168 games played- 0 playoff games played Heineke- 9 games played- 1 playoff game played + the start Advantage Heineke!
  13. This is okay for now. The way I look at it is we're replacing Alex Smith with Fitzpatrick for much cheaper- which is a pretty significant upgrade, in my opinion. I don't think from a physical standpoint it's even close and as good of a leader Smith was/is, Fitzpatrick is a great leader too. If he happens to lose out as the starter to Heineke or Allen, he will not cause drama and is going to do everything to help the younger guys in the QB room, whether he's the starter or not. And from what I've seen and heard, his teammates love him wherever he's been. This contract allows us to s
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