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  1. Emsworth

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    Something Special this weekend, the NFL's first ever 11-9 scoreline! Three FG and a safety take the Skins to righteous victory over the Dolphins paltry three field goals and suddenly all is rosy in Dannyland. After the game Bruce reveals he and Dan are both immortal highlanders and that they're here FOREVER.....
  2. As I can never bring myself to pick against the Skins, I'll go with: Redskins 12 Giants 6 in one of the worst games in living memory
  3. Emsworth

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    May as well back a skins win, even if I don't believe it Redskins win 17-16 in a dual display of offensive ineptitude. One of the skins td's is from the defence, and the bears miss a late field goal.
  4. Emsworth

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    But why wouldn't top tier coaches want a go at Washington? After seeing Danny stick by Jay through 6 seasons of utter mediocrity, surely the incentive is there, how many seasons might he give you if you got the team performing well? Mike and his .375 Zorn-matching winning percentage got four years. I'd understand if a coach came in for interview, explored what it'd mean in terms of working arrangements, asked for some things and got knocked back and so decided not to take it, but surely you'd want to have the conversation. No one really believes that Dan doesn't want to win, he just doesn't know how to.
  5. Emsworth

    Guice Injury and Med staff

    Whether or not the trend towards always being amongst the most injured is or is not due to the medical staff, what's the downside in getting shot of the lot and bringing in a whole new Med team? No one is thinking that the efforts of the current mob have kept us there or thereabouts the last few seasons.
  6. Emsworth

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I don't think that Jay can even be a successful Offensive Co-ordinator; he seems totally unable to put together anything even resembling a consistent running game. Offensive Assistant (Passing Game) seems about his limit. Is that unexpected for someone whose main successes were in the Arena League? I remember growing up (in England) in the 70's/80's and people were shocked at the turnover of NFL coaches compared with English Football. Nowadays, there is no way a manager with Jay's output survives 6 seasons (Given that the way the NFL is set up, all teams should be considered potential 'contenders'). Just not seeing what we think Jay's ceiling is other than 7-9 to 9-7. What's the point in that? Might as well change coach every couple of years and suffer 2-5 win season (and getting high picks for more talent) until you land on someone you feel is worth 3-4 seasons development time rather than continually chasing mediocrity. Any coach who can't get you deep into the playoffs in 4 seasons is starting to see their first draft picks (and their cap-friendly contracts) disappearing and probably isn't worth persevering with.
  7. Emsworth

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    If you can't be daft-optimistic in week one then when can you? Redskins 20-13 over Philly-Average-ish running game + short fields accumulate enough points to overcome surprisingly sluggish Eagles O