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  1. I'm in but would like a different team than the Titans
  2. Zion Nelson. He really should have been a RS Freshman this past season but got thrown to the wolves as a true freshman in 2019 and started 13 games at LT while only weighing MAYBE 260. He's really put the work in over the last 2 years and is around 310-315 by my estimation from when I recently passed him on campus. Super nice kid, definitely easy to root for. Miami was his only FBS offer, he was an App State commit at one time IIRC. it doesn't hurt that he's been going against Rousseau, Phillips and Roche in practice over the last few years.
  3. Just getting back from a week in Vegas so I haven't caught up on this thread yet. I just want to say "Zaven Collins me at 19". Perfect culture fit and fits a need.
  4. A good to great QB on a rookie deal is the NFL version of a cheat code. I am all in on the Zach Wilson train. My favorite QB prospect of the last few years not including Lawrence. Of course, just like so many others my track record on QB's is not the greatest. Having said all of that I can easily get behind Stafford but the object of my desire that is already in the league is the hope that the Texans new front office decides to have a fire sale to replace the picks BOB traded away and make Deshaun Watson available. One can dream.
  5. We definitely should wait until one of our picks in the 3rd round this year to take a QB
  6. Figured this was the best place to put this So on draft night I ordered the Chase Young jersey that the official team website was pushing. They stated then that it wouldn't be until October or November until it was received. Didn't make sense but anyway. So about 3 weeks ago I get an email stating the order was on delay. Yesterday I get an email stating that the order was canceled and I would get a refund within 7 days. Anyone else have this same issue?
  7. I've always been a uniform number nerd so Collins switching to his (and not coincidentally Sean Taylor's) college number 26 is the biggest eye opener of the day for me. I'm not really surprised by any of the cuts. other number changes Moreland to 20 Danny Johnson to 32 Barber to 34 JSW to 96
  8. That 24 is bringing back Kelvin Bryant memories
  9. AGG needs to take 11 when Smith finally decides he is done playing
  10. If we are picking top 3 again I think its safe to say Haskins isn't the franchise QB and we will be in on the Lawrence/Fields sweepstakes I don't see us picking anywhere near there with this coaching staff
  11. I've always rooted for Cager being as though he's from Maryland and we don't get many of those at Miami. Also I sat next to his family in Toledo a few years ago and they were nice. He just rubbed me the wrong way when he was there. It's like he goes through the motions too much. Before the game he was the slowest moving person on the field every game. Like he just woke up from a 4 hour nap and didn't know where he was. Maybe that changed in Athens. I don't know. He also had the dropsies at Miami. That is 2 Canes I have knocked the last few days when they've been mentioned. One that
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