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  1. great post and it is reassuring knowing Ron will make the right call in who to keep and who to let walk. It didn't take much time for him to realize who to cut loose that was here this time last year. None of that was a coincidence or because of cap space or anything else. You name them. They didn't fit in here anymore. It's all about who is all on the Riverboat.
  2. Wow I wasn't expecting that. I've always been hard on Moses because of his penalties but he was worth the money he was making. I trust Rivera though. He's earned that to this point.
  3. Not surprising at all. He wasn't a culture fit for what Ron wants with this team. RK was more worried the sack record and PT, which I get, but I also get why there is no seat left for him on the Riverboat.
  4. Love this draft. We are set up nicely to go all in for our Franchise QB next offseason. Everything points to doing exactly that. Very exciting time to be a WFT fan. I probably haven't been this excited since 2012 and really that was built around thinking we had a superstar QB. This time it's built on a team and culture.
  5. by chance do you like jogging?
  6. with all these picks I wouldn't mind using one on Jose Borregales wouldn't have to worry about a kicker for a decade
  7. Well I think I did better than the actual Raiders
  8. re: Brevin with bad interviews I can understand it. He comes off a bit immature. Not a bad person but maturity level may turn some teams off.
  9. First pick this year that I am not a huge fan of but I am willing to wait and see how it works out
  10. give me Tremble/Jordan and Tylan Wallace in the 3rd
  11. I wouldn't mind those 3 today Terrace Marshall Davis Mills (rather not go QB this year but he's the only one I'd take) Tommy Tremble
  12. I definitely want to see S and TE drafted today with CB or WR as the other pick. Moehrig at 51 would make this defense INSANE, if he's not there I would not mind moving down for another pick today filling those holes would make going ALL IN for a QB next year much easier
  13. Love the pick. I think he fits the D perfectly and sounds like he will add to the culture RR is building. If there is one position that I will trust RR and JDR its linebacker. Really it was probably our biggest need heading into tonight for not just 2021 but for the next decade. Perfect fit.
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