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  1. HailGalvatron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    It is sad. Pretty much everything is about DLC now. You get a game maybe half complete and you have to spend another 25-50 to get the full experience.
  2. HailGalvatron

    Spider Nightmare

    Spiders are pretty much the most hideous of all of Allah's creations. Snakes are a close second.
  3. LOL looks like Dan Snyder found the Native American Wayne Brady
  4. HailGalvatron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I also have owned both systems since launch but I enjoy the xbox one much better. I prefer the controller and some of the exclusives like the NFL app. I also think the interface is much better. The PS4 looks exactly the same as ps3. Specs wise the ps4 is slightly better but honestly i can't tell the difference. Ultimately it comes down to what exclusives you like better. Titanfall is my favorite game on both systems so far. I also like how MS constantly adds new feature in monthly. Other than 3D blu ray support. PS4 hasn't changed much.
  5. HailGalvatron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    EA will add it back in a year or two from now and act like it was a new feature.
  6. HailGalvatron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Xbox one user's get the full madden a week early by using EA Access. Basically they are telling Sony user's to piss off for not picking up there service.
  7. It was your eyes. i was at the game. They were exactly the same.
  8. Are we rocking retros again this year. I know the league rules screwed up the helmets. if not I hope burgundy pants return.
  9. HailGalvatron

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I have both systems and I prefer the xbox one experience. The PS4 does have slightly crisper graphics on multiplatform games but the difference is minimal in my opinion. The extra features and exclusives so far outweight the resolution issues. You also get an exclusive NFL app that is well built. I could live without the kinect but I have gotten used to it. XBox one will also offer 3D blu ray support when the august system update drops. I bought a ps4 expecting it to support 3D blu ray and I was shocked when it didnt. I traded in my PS3 so I was kind of screwed over had to buy a standalone player. I have a 60 inch samsung 3D TV and do enjoy the experience. If i was in your situation I would defininately go XBOX Edit. I just noticed the post above. I guess MS forced sony to release a 3D blu ray patch.
  10. HailGalvatron

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Does anyone know when tickets are shipping out this year?
  11. If it appears that I am happy that a Heel like Wade Barrett got hurt. Then Wade is doing his job.
  12. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2108865-bad-news-barrett-injury-updates-on-wwe-stars-shoulder-and-return Wade Barrett injured the next night on Smackdown. Kharma is a ****!!!
  13. http://tinyurl.com/okzp47g Video of the WWE Raw Wade Barrett Redskins rant
  14. I was sitting ringside tonight at Raw when Wade Barrett addressed the Redskins name contraversy. The camera zoomed in me wearing my Skins draft day hat. Now the photo has gone viral and I am officially the Redskinsnamechangeguy. Check out the following articles. http://t.co/epT0KXXXy1 Washington post http://t.co/nihU3Ohpdn Yardbarker.com
  15. Ok so I try to represent the Redskins whenever I attend big events. Well tonight at WWE Monday Night Raw. I was sitting ringside and Bad News Barrett decided to weigh in on the Redskins name contraversy. Well the Camera zoomed in on my reaction and now my picture has gone viral. I am officially the Redskins name change guy. Check out these two articles. http://tinyurl.com/myuko98 Yarbarker article http://t.co/epT0KXXXy1 Washington post article. I love my team but its becoming extremely difficult to wear Redskins gear out in public.