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  1. guys to keep/build around: offense: mclaurin, scherff, rouiller, haskins, (guice maybe) defense: payne, allen, ionidis, holcomb, dunbar, collins, mooreland, settle, nicholson, sweat everything else up for grabs. we're gonna have a ton of cap space next year and even more in 2021 when smith is off the books. but it doesnt matter if allen is still running the show.
  2. this is close to the worst - 2009 with zorn was so awful but at least that season saw the end of vinny and new hope with shanny coming to town. i dont see anything promising on the horizon. and our franchise QB looked horrific today (not his fault and not an indictment of his play, just the facts). i didnt think anyone could ever top vinny for ineptitude. bruce has done it. which is absolutely mind boggling to think that it could actually be worse than the vinny era.
  3. calahan sucks, sorry. i dont care about his history or what hes been able to do, his run scheme is straight trash and our oline is either completely devoid of talent or he is just bad. i want him gone asap as well.
  4. this has the making of 2009 all over it. i remember the day vinny was fired, it was the greatest feeling ever to wipe the slate clean from that clown. i am literally counting down the day until i turn on the radio one morning for breaking skins news to hear bruce allen has been relieved of his duties. please football gods get us a brand new front office staff and coaching staff.
  5. its insane that allen has outlasted vinny, and 100% been worse. i didnt think it was possible to be worse than vinny, and allen has successfully taken that torch.
  6. hes pretty horrific. terrible vanilla gameplan on defense, dak literally threw uncontested all day, he only missed 4 passes. i dont care who the QB is, that is absolutely unacceptable. and no adjustments at all (which i expect out of this staff because they are incapable of it) but im still going to complain about it lol. he'll be fired soon, the whole staff is gone come january so we might as well give tomsula a shot at running the D for a few months, and get the haskins party started sooner than later. this team has started 0-2 5 times since 1998, no team finished with more t
  7. love the haskins pick. of course he has his flaws but its on jay and oconnell to get it fixed and into our system. at least now we have something to watch. the idea of watching case keenum meander around this season was a horrible thought. and the sweat pick was just amazing.
  8. so smith isnt playing in 2019 as pretty much confirmed today. he costs us 20 million alone, so with that being said, colt will be here and we'll draft a QB in round one. doesnt matter who likes it or not, its literally the only option the franchise has. a QB in round one ensures: a. low cost starting option b. excitement to get people back to games c. potential solution to our perennial QB problem d. ensures colt doesnt start because that literally gives us no hope and the lack of care will be even worse next year e. protects grudens job somewhat if the rooki
  9. thats exactly right. the more we teeter on these 8-8 type seasons the more dan will think we are close and doing well. only thing to get changes are a terrible season. vinny got fired at the end of a 4-12 season, i still believe had alex smith lost 2 of those games early in the season, bruce would be gone. but 7-9 is closer than 5-11 so he gets to stay. only way we get real change is losing lots of games.
  10. so why doesnt dan just have him do that and find a GM to run the football side? wouldnt bruce be MORE effective if he was focused on just the stadium instead of trying to build and manage a roster? makes no sense.
  11. couldnt find in the search, but ill be in Leeds UK next week during the colts game. anywhere to watch skins games in that area? any bar or restaurant will work, let me know UK skins fans! thanks!
  12. please dear jesus god let this kid work out and not be a bust. i love EVERYTHING about this dude, just want to see it on the field. and lord knows alex smith needs a run game lol. #portis2.0
  13. agreed, bruce is a clown and needs to go. but sadly, i think we're stuck for one more year. i have a feeling next year we are looking at a 2009 type season where everything is just ugly and terrible, and we'll clean house again and start over. ugh.
  14. wow the Nick Caserio thing sounds awesome, but thats too good to ever happen to us here lol.
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