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  1. Don't like Chelsea at all and they'll prob lose today now after I say this but I honestly think this is the best team in Premiership history. I don't see how you can fault them in any way. So much strength in depth also. They'll win the league by over 10 points this year. Sure of it.
  2. Could hear a pin drop from about the 10th minute in..
  3. I'm absolutely sure there'll be an incredible atmosphere as per usual on a European night in Anfield, just don't go along with the theory that nowhere else compares to it.. Anyway not getting into that again! Looking forward to the match myself tonight to be fair. Interesting to see if Balotelli starts..
  4. I take comfort in the fact that they didn't win, and Januzaj (who they've kept bleating on about for the past year+) is a footballing fraud
  5. It just makes me feel good saying them every week..
  6. How is Rafael playing for a team with top 4 aspirations. Total passenger. I see Januzaj is the latest young overrated Man Utd player on the scene. Love how he's deemed 'unlucky' according to the commentators when he misses an open goal. Typical Sky. Scored one good goal last year and has been treated like the messiah ever since..
  7. Couldn't be happier for 'Arry. Surely the sack can't be too far away. Probably the best match I've seen so far this season.
  8. Balotelli just doesn't have the brain to play that role on his own. Has no idea how to hold the ball up. Truth is, if you're going with one upfront Lambert would be far more serviceable in that role. You'd really have to question Rodgers watching this.
  9. Bobby Zamora reeling back the years.. How are ye holding on?
  10. using vipbox. Awful quality put doing the job.
  11. Still think they'll be there. Would be absolutely delighted to be proven wrong though. Leicester are a decent side as well. Credit where it's due. What a signing Ulloa has been.
  12. With an attack that good I don't think a dodgy defence will hold them back too much. Like Liverpool last year.Agreed its too early for a real assessment but it's just what I'm thinking unfortunately.
  13. Hate to say it but Man utd look a lock For the top 4 this year. They've bought very well.
  14. I'm the ignorant one? This is an internet forum GHH all I'm doing is giving my opinion All Liverpool fans have this built in opinion that they're the best supporters the world has ever seen. I'm saying that is just simply not the case. Most non scouse football fans who watch English football outside of the 'Sky Generation' would back me up on this. Thats the truth. Ehh I don't think you understood what I was saying here.. It's pointless talking about quotes from Nedved, Del Piero etc. when they've not experienced the likes of Elland Road. Ferguson has so I think his opinion h
  15. I know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyone can play the throw out a quote game (also Del Piero, Nedved and Ballack have never played in Elland Road making that statement a bit less relevant) You said "But give us Utd or the Derby or a big European night, and there truly is NO place like it." Here's what Alex Ferguson said about that. A man who's witnessed both sets of supporters many times. Heres the link to that quote if you don't believe me http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/273597/Sir-Alex-Ferguson-Anfield-trip-not-worst Not sure if you've heard this but her
  16. Fratton Park and Selhurst Park are examples of places I've seen rocking in the Premiership in the past 5/6 years. We're going off the point a bit though. What you originally said was how nowhere compares to Anfield on a big European night. Elland Road definitely did in the big nights against Real Madrid, Valencia, Deportivo etc, although i've never experienced it first hand Dortmund looks insane on European nights as do a number of eastern european and even Celtic do it well when they're there. From my experience Anfield looks great before kickoff as ye belt out YNWA and wave your sc
  17. Having a big fanbase doesn't necessarily mean its a good one to be fair. Man Utd easily have the biggest fanbase in England but it doesn't stop Old Trafford sounding like a library most weeks. I'm talking in terms of passion, atmosphere etc. I know you've been lorded over the years for it but thats what happens with the big clubs. The media like to hype up the clubs with large fanbases, it sells. Ye haven't been copied on everything over the years either.. Tin hat on. I'm aware this won't go down well
  18. Think you're ever so slightly biased It's pretty clear for a big game in Anfield the day trippers get their scarves out, sing walk alone then stay pretty much silent for 90 minutes. Elland Road has inevitably lost a lot of its boom in the last few years but it'll get back to those heights when we make our return. This 'Liverpool fans are the best, nobody else compares' with all due respect, is total nonsense.
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