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  1. All over Twitter and unsure if true but if it is it'll cause quite the media frenzy: First openly gay PL footballer who played for England last night will come out as gay on Sunday in a Sun Sport exclusive
  2. McDermott reinstated as Leeds manager. I love McDermott and I'm happy about it but its till absolute madness. What a win against Huddersfield today though 5-1 Genuinely the strangest 24 hours the club has ever seen. What a hero Ross McCormack continues to be for us though.
  3. Yeah Varney can play on the left aswell if needed. Definitely better off upfront though. He's a decent squad player to have anyway. Would have preferred if he stayed in Leeds if I'm honest. Ross McCormack is getting zero help upfront lately and is living off of scraps and once again its looking like a transfer market of virtually no activity. Story of my LUFC life.
  4. Enjoy Luke Varney. He's very very average but a hard worker with a decent leap.
  5. Fair play Liverpool. Sadly another poor result for Leeds. We're going through a shocking patch for a change. Whole club in disarray..
  6. Could easily be done to your average Man Utd supporter also..
  7. That was absolute gold. Them getting the goal back thinking they are going to win it then going out in penalties. Absolutely woeful penalties and Carrick supposedly badly injured. Only bad news is the Mata deals looks only a matter of time away. Very good signing. BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport6m Man Utd's bid for Juan Mata, believed to be in the region of £37m, is accepted by Chelsea subject to a medical on Thurs #MUFC #CFC
  8. With the number of years we had under Ken Bates, Dan Snyder honestly would have been welcomed with open arms back then. Now we've been in talks about a takeover for over a year and the club is a total shambles once again. Got a nice streak of losing five in a row at the moment. Seriously, supporting the Skins is tough but supporting Leeds is just depressing to levels I can't even describe.
  9. Haha cheers theres always at least one Leeds around. Big club just going through a bad patch.
  10. Just a heads up to anyone interested Aldrick Robinson was on a podcast recorded over in the UK this morning. Presume the link will work in the US: Wouldn't say theres anything major said in it but anyway. When Aldrick was asked what he put last season down to he just said: 'A lot of calls didnt go their way which they were upset about and that they lost a lot of close games.' Refused to blame RG3 aswell. When asked about RG3 he said: 'RG3 is a cool and humble guy. He cares about the team and wants it to be about the team instead of being all about RG3.' He still hasn't met Gruden yet but can't wait to. Says team is excited about him. Really not much coming from it but as its prob the only time I can reveal an exclusive from over here in Ireland, I'm doing it!
  11. Long shot but any Leeds United fans on here?