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  1. Villa will do alright this year. I really rate Lambert as a manager They're organised so well that they won't concede enough to be out of games. Also Fabian Delph will be (already is) a fantastic player. Leeds bring them up well.
  2. For radio download the TuneIn Radio app. You can get ESPN 980 from there once you have an internet connection. Not sure on how to get a video stream though.
  3. Liverpool agree an 8.5mill deal for Remy, Leeds sell McCormack to Fulham for 11mill. Real Madrid sign Kroos for 20mill, Liverpool sign Lallana for 25mill. Transfer market makes very little sense these days.
  4. Serious buzz over here in Ireland for the McGregor fight. In fairness to him he's a smart man. Earned nearly every bit of this hype through simple talk. Sold out the O2 Arena over here in minutes and theres huge anticipation for it. Can only be good for the sport really. I've seen him a couple of times walking around Dublin. Supposed to be a genuinely nice guy. Hope he pulls through.
  5. This summer is reminding all too much of the summer of Roque Junior, Camara, Olembe, Domi, Sakho etc. No idea what could happen. 11million for Ross McCormack though. We've robbed Fulham there.
  6. Great question. Footballing giants of the Conference Premier. A division lower than the mighty Accrington Stanley...
  7. In non-world cup news, Leeds have just announced their new manager...Dave Hockaday who got the sack at Forest Green last season. Nothing surprises me with this club anymore.
  8. What we reckon for the world cup so lads? My prediction... Winners: Argentina Runner Up: Germany Golden Boot: Aguero Player of the Tournament: Messi I'm fully convinced this is the year Messi puts Argentina on his back and takes them to the final at least. If he wants to be in the conversation for the greatest ever he has to deliver. Personally think Spain have too many players passing their prime. The likes of Xavi and Iniesta aren't the same players as they were 4 years ago and I have worries about their central defence. Sneaky feeling Germany will beat Brazil in the semi's
  9. They are encouraged not to but if a judge can't separate the two fighters he can score a round 10-10. It's rare enough but there's no rule saying they can't do it.David Haye had the first two rounds down as draws last night. That's how close it was at times.
  10. Groves most dominant rounds were the 7th and 8th (till he got hit) though in my opinion. He may have been winging shots but he was having success in those rounds. Sadly left his chin open once and got tagged. The first 4 rounds were nearly too close to call. Felt Groves had a lot to give in the remaining rounds to be honest. Would have loved to see it go the full 12.
  11. Had it 3-3 with the 1st round being a draw going into the 8th. Gutted for Groves. He was going from strength to strength in that fight I felt but one sweet punch was the difference. Thats boxing though.
  12. Can't wait for it. My money is on a Groves win by decision but I dont really think anyone has a clue how it'll pan out. Hoping Groves does the business anyway.
  13. Keep Suarez, sign a quality central midfielder and sign a new back 4 maybe apart from Skrtel and I think ye will be back up there competing next year. One thing that slightly annoys me about Liverpool fans is that they seem to think the past few years have been the biggest nightmare ever even though you've still been consistently picking up silverware the past decade. Fair enough you still haven't won the Premier League but seriously ye don't have it all that bad with your consistent top 6 finishes and you've just had your best league season by a country mile. The tears are a bit much.
  14. Bit hypocritical of Neville to comment on the atmosphere when Sky are playing a good part in killing it. The Everton players gave it their all though no doubt about it. The better team won as expected. I remember Leeds being in a similar situation in 2003. Playing Arsenal in Highbury and basically handing the title to Man U by beating them 3-2 although we were battling against relegation at the time.
  15. Think this is most boring 5 goal game I've ever seen
  16. I was literally just about to say that. Between letting Barkley go and swapping Becchio for Steve Morison, I'm happy enough to call him the worst manager I've seen at the club and theres a lot to choose from..
  17. I'm not exactly sure on the difference in choice between Ireland and the US but a good pint of Becks is what I go for 9 times out of 10. Avoid Budweiser at all costs.
  18. Ref will be cringing when watching the highlights of this one. Amazing decision
  19. Think the FO have come up with a masterplan to eliminate our special teams woes: The Redskins proposed moving kickoffs to the 40-yard line. That would increase the amount of touchbacks even higher. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000335423/article/what-rule-changes-will-be-considered-next-week?campaign=Facebook_atl_rosenthal
  20. All over Twitter and unsure if true but if it is it'll cause quite the media frenzy: First openly gay PL footballer who played for England last night will come out as gay on Sunday in a Sun Sport exclusive
  21. McDermott reinstated as Leeds manager. I love McDermott and I'm happy about it but its till absolute madness. What a win against Huddersfield today though 5-1 Genuinely the strangest 24 hours the club has ever seen. What a hero Ross McCormack continues to be for us though.
  22. Yeah Varney can play on the left aswell if needed. Definitely better off upfront though. He's a decent squad player to have anyway. Would have preferred if he stayed in Leeds if I'm honest. Ross McCormack is getting zero help upfront lately and is living off of scraps and once again its looking like a transfer market of virtually no activity. Story of my LUFC life.
  23. Enjoy Luke Varney. He's very very average but a hard worker with a decent leap.
  24. Fair play Liverpool. Sadly another poor result for Leeds. We're going through a shocking patch for a change. Whole club in disarray..
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