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  1. 17 minutes ago, Burgold said:

    We actually don't yet know if Haskins is by nature super-conservative. That could have been Urban Meyer's and the OC's playcalling/design. He may be a different thrower in the NFL if/when given permission to be let off the leash. Now, others who follow college football could better answer if Meyer's has been more aggressive with his other QBs, but I got the sense that he favors strong defense and mobile QBs with a running game.

    Cardale Jones was pretty aggressive. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Llevron said:


    I haven’t watched him and I know you have - do you see his needing to see his feet as an actual problem? Or is that just a comment? What I’m really asking is if this translates to him being able to make up for the inability to set his feet with his arm or is that not a possibility (in your opinion) for him? I have seen commentators make the other argument, but I have only been provided clips of him doing this like twice. 

    It's just his deep call gets very inconsistent when pressured and that's all down to his feet. His mechanics tend to completely leave him at any sign of pressure and that effects both his deep and mid range throws pretty noticeably. The ball just sails on him. 


    We've just got to use him smartly. Quick passing game designed to get him in a rhythm. He's deadly accurate when given a clean pocket and throwing mid range. Some of his throws to the sideline are really really impressive with the zip and accuracy he gets on them. 


    I don't think there's any great comp out there for him at the moment but it's definitely not Big Ben. I said there's similarities between him and Alex Smith because both are safety first and won't force anything down field. If utilized correctly though both can thrive. Obviously Smith is a better athlete though and doesn't really have the same mechanical flaws. 


    I think if you combined Smith's safety first mentality and Winston's arm/lack of mobility in the pocket you aren't far off. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, wit33 said:

    What’s the consensus on Haskins’ arm strength? 





    Above average


    Is it Mathew Stafford and Newton level? 


    Ive watched videos, but don’t possess a mental spectrum of all QBs arm strength. 

    It's good. Won't be anywhere near a problem. Gets really good zip on his mid range throws. When throwing deep he's got to really set his feet right or he tends to get way too much air under the ball. 

    2 hours ago, Newera said:

    Why i say he reminds me more of Marino than Leftwhich, is that Leftwhich had a  weird slow release.    Dwayne has a quick release.   More like Marino.    He plays a second faster.   And a second in the NFL is an eternity.

    Marino was a gunslinger who threw the ball into tight windows. 


    Honestly I'm never going to understand the Marino/Big Ben comparisons. People see a big bodied QB who stands in the pocket and put two and two together. Haskins doesn't take risks with his throws. He's safety first in order to avoid turnovers. He also doesn't thrive when the play breaks down. Ben and Marino are the complete opposite. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, Art said:

    Some of you are a little enthusiastic, which is good to see.   He's a sixth rounder.   If he's on the roster in two years it's an ok pick.   I think No. 1 material is a bit much :).   But I ain't going to tell you to put down the kool aid.   I hope you're right :).

    You should watch his tape instead of being put off by the round he was selected in tbh. Projected 2nd rounder in most places pre-draft. The talent isn't really in question. Teams put off by combine numbers. The tape doesn't lie. He's really good. I like him more than McLaurin tbh. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, DiscoBob said:


    Huge difference between a real #1 and the guy who happens to be #1 because the rest of our receivers are garbage.


    Reed and Doctson had ~500 yards receiving, neither is a #1

    Right. Well anyway, I believe Harmon is going to be a legit #WR1. You can hold me to that. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, DiscoBob said:


    .... what? absurd your post is? LOL

    Whats so absurd? Josh Doctson was our WR#1 last year. Hardly what you'd call tough shoes to fill. 

    5 minutes ago, Burgundy Yoda said:

    I see a receiver who doesnt catch with his hands. Big red flag 

    Watch more of him. He'll body catch all game and then grab one outside his frame perfectly. His hands are literally his best asset. Can make every catch, 

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  7. Really surprised by the order these WR's are going in if anything. Metcalf and Harmon two of my guys sliding big time.


    Yeah I'd have preferred to take Brian Burns at #15 and to get Rosen at this value tbh. 



  8. 1 minute ago, Skinsinparadise said:


    Good point about that offense, sweeps and all the backfield motion stuff would be up his alley.  The returner component to his game makes it feel some like T. Hill.   

    Yep get the ball in his hands and he'll do things. No better man than Andy Reid for that. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    .... We could have had DK Metcalf at 46 if we'd stayed put.  I have high hopes for Montez Sweat, but that stings a little.

    Love Metcalf but theres enough value at WR that I wouldn't lose sleep. The talent at edge rusher hit a bit of a cliff after Sweat imo.

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