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  1. Morrison J

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Only has himself to blame really. We now have both safety positions to fill. Not ideal.
  2. Morrison J

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    I could see Colt McCoy lighting a fire up this offense to be honest. The guy plays with a **** load of heart. Maybe exactly what we need.
  3. Morrison J

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    I have faith that this doesn't completely derail out season. Colt is one of the best backups in the league. Nothing flashy but can do a job. Lets see how he does.
  4. Morrison J

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    I think thats an interception. Scarily close to an incomplete pass though if that ball touches the ground
  5. Morrison J

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    Smith is throwing well. Two bad picks aside he looks more confident in his throws and receivers are open for him. That Vernon drop was an absolute killer. Keep doing what we're doing and we can get back in to this.
  6. Morrison J

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    Unbelievable trade I love it. We're literally unrecognizable with one of the best D-Lines and the best safety tandem in the league. Our notorious weaknesses now our strengths.
  7. Wouldn't have been too happy if we gave away a third round pick for half a season of Golden Tate to be honest. Pass rush or CB would be the only positions I'd even contemplate trading for today.
  8. Morrison J

    Gameday Thread

    Yet the narrative on here from 99% of people when he left was that they couldn't get him out of here quick enough. Our fans are really stupid sometimes.
  9. Morrison J

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    Is it some of the season ticket holders demanding that tickets dont get put on the secondary market? I had the man sitting beside me ask me how I'd purchased my ticket yesterday. He was a season ticket holder and didn't seem massively impressed when I told him Stubhub.. I can see it from their point of view but it's kind of poor form if they're actively trying to make it more difficult and expensive for the regular fan just so they can justify spending way over the odds themselves. No offense to the season ticket holders on here but I think you're mad to buy a season ticket in 2018 in a stadium that never sells out. Flushing money down the drain.
  10. Said it all summer, Mayfield is the man. Going to be the real deal.
  11. Morrison J

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"
  12. Morrison J

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Stinks of a Snyder move but I'm OK with this one. Literally nothing to lose. Can cut him tomorrow if we want to. Absolutely worth seeing if he has anything left.
  13. Surely we bring an RB into camp for a tryout? The one positive is how early in the process this has happened. As much as I love Alfred Morris he adds nothing that a Perine/Kelley can't bring in 2018. Would be kinda tempted to take a look at Jamaal Charles. He's got that connection with Smith already. Nothing to lose having a look.
  14. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    If you've confidence in your picks the later they go on real life draft day the better! Makes you look like a bigger genius down the line.
  15. Morrison J

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    The absolute worst thing you can possibly do is draft position over player. We need D-Line help but Payne and Vea are not value picks at 13. No way.
  16. Morrison J

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Hard to have a proper discussion when we don't know who'll be available at our time of picking but I wouldn't touch Payne or Vea that early. Neither would be top 20 on my board.
  17. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Just that both players were by far and away the best players available on my board at the time even with their injuries taken into consideration. I'm a pure BPA guy and don't let whatever my previous pick is effect my next one. When it's the 5th/6th rounds and talent wise I have these guys as top 70-ish players it negates the risk for me. Wait for Myles Jack to break out next year. He was amazing in the play offs. Biggest steal in the draft of the past 5 years going in the 2nd in 2016 I think. It always reaches a point when the value negates the risk. For a top 5 player like Jack it was the early 2nd round, for guys like Cichy it's the 5th/6th. I'm very comfortable with taking him in that spot.
  18. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    As @Epochalypseknows I was ready to take Scales there! Jets select Skai Moore, lB, South Carolina. Potentially the steal of the draft if he is able to stay healthy imo. So explosive and has all the instincts in the world to start in the NFL.
  19. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Can I send a shortlist on to someone?
  20. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Jets select Mason Cole - C - Michigan
  21. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    With the #72 overall selection, in the 3rd round, of the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select: Chukwuma Okorafor | OT | Western Michigan Only player left in the draft with a first round grade for me. His ceiling is that of a franchise LT, can be a total difference maker along the Jets offensive line. Completely dominant on tape. Beast of a tackle who is crazy polished for a guy who's relatively new to the sport. Very happy to get him here.
  22. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Trade is off. Jets pick on the way.
  23. Morrison J

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Just waiting to finalise a trade that was agreed pending a player still being available. Watch this space for the minute.
  24. Morrison J

    ES Soccer Thread

    Sounds very Leeds. Think we've had one season in the last ten where we've spent more money than we've sold. Get out of there before its too late I'd say!