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  1. Happy to go again this year with the Jets.
  2. Exactly what the tape showed in college tbf. Loses his foot mechanics and let's the ball sail far too often
  3. Got to take public transport. Guessing Uber is the best (& only) option? Anyone got experience on if you're better off using the Uber lot or walking a bit away from the stadium and grabbing on Uber from the metro station maybe to avoid the crowds? Any advice appreciated.
  4. Gruden calling a great game to be fair to him so far.
  5. It's just his deep call gets very inconsistent when pressured and that's all down to his feet. His mechanics tend to completely leave him at any sign of pressure and that effects both his deep and mid range throws pretty noticeably. The ball just sails on him. We've just got to use him smartly. Quick passing game designed to get him in a rhythm. He's deadly accurate when given a clean pocket and throwing mid range. Some of his throws to the sideline are really really impressive with the zip and accuracy he gets on them. I don't think there's any great comp out there f
  6. It's good. Won't be anywhere near a problem. Gets really good zip on his mid range throws. When throwing deep he's got to really set his feet right or he tends to get way too much air under the ball. Marino was a gunslinger who threw the ball into tight windows. Honestly I'm never going to understand the Marino/Big Ben comparisons. People see a big bodied QB who stands in the pocket and put two and two together. Haskins doesn't take risks with his throws. He's safety first in order to avoid turnovers. He also doesn't thrive when the play breaks down. Ben and Marino are th
  7. You should watch his tape instead of being put off by the round he was selected in tbh. Projected 2nd rounder in most places pre-draft. The talent isn't really in question. Teams put off by combine numbers. The tape doesn't lie. He's really good. I like him more than McLaurin tbh.
  8. Psyched about this. Insane value getting him this late. Great hands, smooth route runner, an absolute beast of a blocker. I see a lot of Alshon Jeffery in him. Really do believe we've just drafted our future WR#1.
  9. Wow Smith wasnt great last year by any means but to say Haskins will be better right from the start is extremely optimistic. If he's good enough to beat out Keenum/McCoy in camp we should be pleasantly surprised. If he comes in and performs as well as Smith off the bat we've got an absolute steal. Let's reign in expectations a bit here before we get too carried away. Also Haskins is afraid to throw the ball in tight windows a lot too, watch the tape. He's no gunslinger.
  10. Taking sacks isn't really the problem it's getting pressured to the point his mechanics go out the window and his throws miss their targets.
  11. I've watched pretty much all his interviews including that one. He comes across as a high IQ guy in general. What he does pre-snap is even at a much higher level than 95% of prospects coming out too and how he goes through his progressions is very impressive. I do think when he drops deeper and faces longer developing plays the results can be a bit dicey but I'm probably nit-picking a bit there. Think we can all agree he's at his best in the quick game when he's passing in rhythm. Keep the pocket clean and the passes quick and he's golden. That to me is more Smith than Ben, thats all I'm sayin
  12. Haskins does not have the athleticism or poise on tape to evade defenders though. Agree with that. Alex Smith does the same thing pretty well! Both high IQ players as I mentioned before as a similarity between the two. They read the field really well, just hesitate to pull the trigger. Sounds much more like Smith than Ben to me again tbh. Quick short throws, get him in a rhythm and he's looking good. Any clearer why I think there's much more Smith to him than there is Big Ben yet?
  13. Ok maybe we disagree on how we see Big Ben more than anything. I see Ben as a guy who's at his best when the play breaks down and he has to go onto his second/third/fourth read. A guy that has extreme poise in the pocket and the ability to evade pass rushers with considerable easy. I don't see that style of QB in Haskins at all. If we go back to my initial post I said the difference between Haskins and Smith is the athleticism. So I know Smith obviously uses his legs more. I'm talking about their mentality as QB's. Both are safety first and don't feel comfortable throwing into tig
  14. It's not skill set I'm talking though. it's style of QB and mentality more than anything. He's much more safety first (ie like Alex Smith) than he is gunslinger (ie Big Ben). No idea why people find that fact so crazy.
  15. Doesn't bother what others see, we all have our own opinions but I've genuinely seen more Alex Smith comps than Ben. Can you make some sort of list of what Haskins and Ben have in common? You think they attack teams in a similar way? How? Haskins is a safety first QB, Big Ben really couldn't be much further from that. No problem. The tape doesn't lie when you watch it. There are things that excite me with Haskins, don't get me wrong. Loads of it coachable too. I'd just advise we stay somewhat grounded. He's got a tonne load of flaws than need ironing out and S
  16. TOO MUCH AIR. The other thing that Big Ben does better at is that his mechanics don't fall apart like Haskins' does. Ben can find the safe area of the pocket, plant his feet and find his target (or he has the natural touch to find his receiver on the fly anyway). Haskins doesn't have the feet/poise when hurried and his mechanics take a hit as a result (see last two videos) haskins2.mp4 haskins3.mp4 haskins4.mp4 Another example of his mechanics going to pot when he feels pressure. This time a mid range throw.
  17. Don't get me wrong I'm not concerned by his arm strength at all. I'm just saying in comparison to a Big Ben it's not at that level of natural arm strength. Feel like Haskins had one Big Ben-esque play in his entire career and people have seen that, his big upper body and concluded that he's like Big Ben. Not the case at all. This play is an outlier. Big Ben does this numerous times a game, remember that. haskins.mp4
  18. I'm just obviously watching a completely different prospect to what you are tbh. Not saying Haskins and Smith are identical by any means but there are loads of comparisons. Both are clearly smart guys who can read the field. Both don't throw deep downfield with any regularity and have accuracy issues when they do. Both excel when throwing at medium range. Both lack poise in the pocket when the only options they have are deep balls or balls put into tight windows. Both tend to come undone when pressured down the middle (Haskins more
  19. I described Haskins in the draft thread as Alex Smith if Alex Smith didn't have his mobility to draw on. Both are hesitant to throw into tight windows or to throw deep. Neither are the type to carve up defenses with their arm. Haskins doesn't really possess any of the tools that makes Ben great at all.
  20. He's much more Alex Smith than he is Big Ben. Big Ben can throw deep, is elusive in the pocket and is comfortable under pressure. Haskins has none of those traits as of yet. Honestly, the only thing he has in common with Ben is body type really.
  21. Jay is a really bad liar lol WATCH LIVE_ Redskins HC Jay Gruden speaks to the media following the first round of the _NFLDraft 10˸17 - 10˸23 (tSWTBLoiFik).mp4
  22. Lot of my guys trending up but plenty trending down too
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