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  1. I wasn't sure, I was looking at Ticketmaster & StubHub. I'm not familiar with the layout of the stadium. You're saying 300 is the best seating? That's cool with me. The max I would like to spend is $150 or less.
  2. Long time reader, first time poster, I forgot I created a user name. Been a fan since '91, kinda tough being a die hard 'skins fan in Dallas but I manage... October 14th I will be attending my first home Redskins game at fed ex. I'm on a pharmacy contract assignment in Vermont so I figured I may as well go to a game since I'm on the east coast. My question is I have all the itinerary for my trip EXCEPT for my ticket. Tickets seem rather expensive for the view compared to AT&T stadium. I really want decent seats but not for an outrageous price. Should I continue to w
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