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  1. yeah, not sold on Dak...was startin to get sold on Alex lol
  2. Stefanskins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    oh...tell him I said hey!
  3. Stefanskins

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  4. Stefanskins

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    oh...then that would be incomplete..."control and two feet down" before you go out of if he got one down then that foot went out of bounds before he could get the second to just touch that would be an incompletion...but who the hell really knows now-a-days
  5. Stefanskins

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    that would still be two feet a catch
  6. i dont want to jinx us but as of right now pilly and the vikes are losing... /well chit, Kirk just hit a 44yrd td pass right before half : (
  7. Stefanskins

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    eh, id takin him for 7/8(?) games...proved he was worth any relationship you're best off realizing what your walkin into off the giddy-up...poor dude has thrown away millions...but the deeper issue is the real heartbreak...God Bless him...
  8. Stefanskins

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    not try'n to hijack this thread...but...if you haven't listened to the Kedric/Galdi interview...sublime...i totally agree (if not, pert near 100%) with everythin Kedric said...I've always been a Kedric fan... now I want to subscribe to his news letter...
  9. Stefanskins

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    yes, legally and ethically...but I dont think I've seen/been in any fight in my lifetime that was "legal" can get assault for spitting on someone...rightfully so...and there has never been a fight in history that was 100% ethical... oh trust me it coulda been much you know, a kick to the head can be fatal...but, true a weapon in any fight is worse...a priori... the world is surreal...
  10. Stefanskins

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Obviously, I'm not condoning violence...but it doesn't look like that bad of a fight...still, Montae needs to control himself...what if the dude had had a gun or a knife?
  11. no...if our Skins moved or even changed their name I'd quit being an NFL fan...if I wanted to root for an expansion team I would have become a panthers fan in 96'
  12. I'll take Gregg Williams...shoulda had a shot with us anyway...doubt he'd want to come here though
  13. Bears beat us 72(?) to 0 in the 40s
  14. this is w/o a doubt the ugliest football ive ever seen...
  15. lol FS on Moses...unbelievable
  16. man...i might have to tap out...hell, our Skins have...
  17. damn i need a cig already...we usually do something good when i take a break...
  18. there you go Moses...your weekly FS
  19. nice block moses....smdh
  20. this is incredibly painful
  21. lol 12 in the huddle...