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  1. I forgot Mueller as a big dog for Germany. How could I forget Mueller? One of the most underrated and under-appreciated players in the sport.
  2. Ozil and Schweinsteiger Boateng won MOTM in that final as well. Germany had a lot of alphas on their team that won the World Cup. France has an aging Ribery. This was the French generation that was supposed to carry-on the legacy of '98 but havent come close.
  3. they have bottlers on their team. Still missing a "main man" type to take over.
  4. if you are saying this m8, then its clear that I am 100% right. Especially when nearly every venerated football mind agrees. You cant even get Mourinho and Arsene to agree on what time it is, yet they both agree. But go on son, and side with the Phil Nevilles, Alan Hansens, Jamie Redknapps, and Phil Thompson of England.
  5. Mourinho played him out wide too. Good lord fam this is basic stuff. A playmaker can play anywhere in attack. Hazard is also a beast #10 and he plays out wide with the license to roam the attack. You all idolize Zidane without knowing that he played out wide for Juve, France in 1998, and for Madrid when that team was at its best. Also, and this shows how much I know you have watched Ozil and Arsenal lately, Arsene has been playing him centrally while he has the license to roam. my line wasnt really anti-Gerrard, but more anti-English media who likes guys who ham it up for them and
  6. English pundits are idiots and has favorites. man like Craig Burley telling it like it is with regards to the English media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us8X5XBM8Eo its not about the damn fee, lol. Its about your media not appreciation the type of player he is. Its a big reason why England falls further behind. On every single metric, Arsenal are a much better team with him in it playing centrally. I agree he needs to score goals. Thats it tho, he does everything else well. 9 assists last year was tied for 5th in the league last year, despite missing 12 games in the l
  7. And lets not forget Joachim Low builds Germany around him. Like I said, idiotic English pundits influencing English football viewers. The man is a main man type, and much more than an asset. beginning of clubs existence. Ozil is already considered a World Class player. This is why these views are mind boggling off. EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD sees Ozil as the best playmaker in the world. Its only in England because they look at "intangibles" like body language and him not running "hard," and other nonsense. Probably why their national team is a C level national side. Need mo
  8. Shaka Smart is a damn good tactician and uses man to man defense. Im not saying I want him to coach, but his philosophy isnt just "havoc." He not Brad Stevens but he not how some of you are describing him.
  9. Highbury was a smaller (seated) stadium than Anfield, where Arsenal played for 93 years. the points only stand out because we are fans who follow the ball. (and tbf, he should shoot more) but the guy is a beast of a footballer. He is only underrated in England because English pundits are idiots for the most part.
  10. J.Michael had an article talking about this yesterday: http://www.csnwashington.com/basketball-washington-wizards/talk/j-michael-wizards-slump-warriors-speights-nene-gortat-wall-beal its hte first playoff series where both fanbases sorta hope their team loses in embarrassing fashion.
  11. Shaka Smart is going to a big time program before he goes to the NBA. (maybe Florida, according to Jalen Rose)
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3011776/Are-Manchester-United-Liverpool-Arsenal-Chelsea-biggest-club-Sportsmail-s-study-finally-settles-football-s-great-debate.html
  13. Beal is average. If you cant dribble the ball at the 2 guard and create for yourself and others, you will not be elite. Beal hasnt shown that. You can say that he is 21 and its only 3 years in the league, etc but its not like we have seen even subtle improvements in that front. He is definitely tradeable although I doubt he has much value at this point.
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