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  1. I honestly am not as down on the team as most seem to be. They played tough in the first half. Defense got the stops, offense produced. 0-5 doesn't seem probable to me honestly we need this win against Dallas 0-2 in the division to start the season isn't a good way to start .
  2. To me it feels like ap was benched because of selfish reasoning. The team could have benefitted from him being active without a doubt. Hope Guice is okay I really want to see what this kid can do.
  3. Well, the team showed up in the first half... The offense did not show up in the second half whatsoever. I don't understand why you would blame the defense. If the offense doesn't keep the defense on the sideline the defense is gonna get torched. I was proud of our team for one half of football. The second half was awful. I want a team who plays for an entire game.
  4. Offense has been lights out so far. Keep up the work need to put up points to maintain this game.
  5. I will say the media is loving Philly, because they got lucky won the Superbowl two years ago... Yes we get it the other quarterback won for them. Yes we get it the Redskins didn't win a Superbowl two years ago. The obvious bias for a team while broadcasting is disgusting. Our boys are killing this game. Keep it up and for the love of God FOOT ON THE GAS LETS GO!!!! Offense can't be stopped keep it up!!
  6. If true that would have been a touchdown. As long as the player who stepped oob isnt the first to touch the ball they can receive .
  7. Alright. We got ourselves a football game. This offense is shredding the eagles d. FOOT ON THE GAS JAY. Keenum has them confused keep pushing what is working. We need points this drive.
  8. Niiiice!! Beautiful pass, keenum is that boy. Let's finish.
  9. Our boys came to play, must have seen the media hating. Let's get some points on this drive boys!
  10. Keenum making the good decisions damn this is fun to watch.
  11. I'm watching browns vs eagles, http://streamsarena.eu/events/20160911/cleveland-browns-vs-philadelphia-eagles-live-stream.php
  12. There should be a camera mounted in every QBs helmet with a channel to watch from their prospective during games
  13. What is people with progeria for 1 million Alex?
  14. Bet Ed Hocculi would train extensively to have the best 40
  15. Referee's should have cameras clipped to their hats
  16. Instead of walking out and bearhugging the commish drafted players should just walk out and sign the dotted line, new CBA doesn't allow much wiggle room for contracts anyway
  17. Can't say I'm surprised, give the "Heatles" three days rest and they will come out on fire.
  18. I've had a few of Flying Dog beers, harder to come by in HBG, PA but that Dead Rise sounds phenomenal. Different note Troeg's brewery ( right down the street from Hershey Park) is making alot of noise around here and the Perpetual IPA is great for hop lovers like me
  19. ESPN article headline said Sherman signed record deal with Seahawks. First thought was "I didn't know they made music"
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