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  1. How about the burgundy jersey gold pants look for home and the all whites for the road games? I do miss that look too and the white on gold just doesn't look right to me.
  2. The more I see what the new Nike uniform upgrades for teams look like the less I want the Skins to change unis. While the team's current look could use some tweaking, I'd rather run with that instead of taking a chance on getting some overcomplicated mess like Seattle, Jacksonville, and Tampa (Minnesota has the best upgrade, I guess, but even that one bothers me to some degree). Just awful. And what sense does digital numbers make with a pirate themed team? It's like they just pulled rejected designs from the Arena League and assigned them to NFL clubs. I know the teams have to wear it, but do
  3. Ok, so how about a hybrid of uniforms past? Take the gold numbers and no stripe pants from this last throwback, the stripes for the sleeves and socks from the spear throwback, make the one feather the stripe on the helmet again, and then add a few logos to the helmet and pants to break up the monotony of just solid colors and we get something like this:
  4. I liked the look of the throwback this year and felt with a few modifications and modernizations it could work as our regular unis. No stripe helmet with gold face mask (though I switched back to the spear in my final design) and putting the Redskins "R" on the blank gold pants to give it something. Then I switched out the older logo from the jersey and replaced it with the more modern one and came up with this.
  5. So if we change the jersey style to the older look with more stripes on the side and adjust if for the new shorter cut that most players wear we could get something that looks like this. I think it solidifies the look and makes it more "uniform."
  6. I'll take white on burgundy or white on white over the white on gold. The burgundy tops with gold pants works for me (though I think we should switch the jersey to the 70s style so the stripe patterns match the pants and socks better) but the white on gold with that busted up collar is just a mess. I'm not for an overall uniform redesign (though with RG3 jersey sales the way they are I wouldn't be surprised to see one) just some alterations here and there to make the uniform match. The white jerseys with the two bar stripes should be on pants with the two bar stripes.
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