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  1. Despite the two ints, I liked what I saw out of JJ and would rather bring him back for one more year than draft a QB because I think this D needs an overhaul. The line is fine, Kerrigan is good, and DJ is our best DB. That's about it. Fittingly, HaHa is a joke. Norman is too expesive for his production, and the ILBs are, well, they're there. And Manusky? Yikes. How many times under the same circumstance does he get beat? 3rd and long, let's them convert more often than not. Offense just scored, lets the other team march down field for points. Say what you will about Gruden (I'm not his biggest fan) but he had this team (with a 4th string QB, backup linemen and TEs) play well enough to win. Greg Manure is the one I hold responsible for the loss.
  2. And back to handing off again.
  3. Wonder what they'll call on 1st down.
  4. Man, I am so glad I didn't make a drinking game off of 1st down runs.
  5. If this D jumps and gives the Titans a free 1st down I think I'll have to buy myself a new computer for Christmas after throwing this one across the room.
  6. 3rd and long again. Long completion for a 1st again. At least the D is consistent.
  7. One of these 1st and 10s has got to be play action, right?
  8. Oh, this D on 3rd and long.
  9. Is it too early to make JJ the starting QB for next year?
  10. Please, play action now.
  11. Now would be a great time to go play action on 1st down.
  12. Man I was thinking it was going to be another 90 yarder from AP.
  13. Are you freaking kidding me with the false start?!?!
  14. And another player down. These injuries are ridiculous. Man, this team needs to do some DDP Yoga or something.
  15. httrMP

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    The Kris Richard idea intrigues me. If not just for his role in developing Seattle's Legion of Boom, taking him away from another NFC East team puts him at the top of my wish list. I Don't care if he's brought in as the HC or DC but he seems like the kind of coach this team needs.
  16. There have been 7 Captain Marvels in Marvel Comics. The first Captain Marvel (1967) was a guy. He was an alien named Mar-Vell. The lady in this movie is the former Ms. Marvel who became Captain Marvel in 2012. Then, of course, there was the original Captain Marvel (Fawcett Comics character acquired by DC Comics), now known as Shazam, from 1939, who was also a dude.
  17. Damn fine effort by Reed to get the 1st.
  18. Ok, so we just hand it off to All Day for another 90+ yard run, right?
  20. Crap, Sanchez is gonna play. Wonder if Gruden had enough time this week to get him some practice reps.
  21. I'd be up for a uniform change if it came with a change in the front office (or ownership) as a symbol of a fresh start. Otherwise, just wear the classic burgundy/white look (sorry to those that loved the gold pants and/or wanted to see the gold jerseys). Bust out the occasional throwback, maybe changing it up from season to season. As much as I dig the current throwback jersey, I wouldn't mind seeing 72-78 uniform. And if the NFL would change the one helmet rule or find some way to wrap them up differently for a game, then bring back either of the 60s looks (feather or spear helmet).
  22. Right as I was about to say that mixed extra point might bight us after scoring on this drive...
  23. Is it wrong that the only thing I'm looking forward to now is Snyder overreacting and firing a bunch of people (hopefully not Tomsula, think that guy should get a promotion if anything)?