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  1. Honestly? Sign Cam to a one year deal, draft Trey Lance and let him sit for a year. He reminds me a lot like Mahomes. I'd take a flyer on that
  2. Kirk Cousins. But we had a bone head in our front office that couldn't get a deal done. also Trent Green.
  3. Lose out for Lawrence? Tank for Trevor? Fail for Fields? Sand bag for Sewell? C'mon man I need some more of these!
  4. So when does the Lose out for Lawrence or the Fail for Fields threads start? Lol.
  5. Looks like he'll be out this week, but he's week to week with a moderate groin strain. https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-de-chase-young-groin-expected-to-be-out-vs-ravens
  6. So if (a big IF) Rivera makes a change at QB.. who do you think gives us the best chance to win? A one legged smith, or a Kyle Allen who is basically just another Dwayne Haskins but with less arm strength?
  7. It may have an iota of truth, sometimes, but still very flawed. This is from the first article through week 9 in 2015: Ryan Fitzpatrick > Aaron Rodgers Tyrod Taylor > Ben Roethlisberger Jay Cutler > Philip Rivers Brian Hoyer > Russell Wilson Ryan Mallett > Cam Newton Ryan Mallett > Matthew Stafford Ryan Mallett > Andrew Luck Ryan Mallett > Joe Flacco Ryan Mallett > Nick Foles Ryan Mallett > Sam Bradford This just shows how flawed the system truly is. Mallett obviously isn't a better QB than all
  8. Here for all of you QBR fanatics, this is why the system is flawed: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/11/espn-qbr-stat-worst-stat-tom-brady-behind-ryan-fitzpatrick-what-is-qbr https://bleacherreport.com/articles/889199-big-flaws-in-espns-total-qbr-exposed-after-tim-tebow-rates-above-aaron-rodgers etc. etc. Finally QBR is based a lot off of how the TEAM is doing, not just the Quarterback as read in this article: https://www.espn.com/blog/statsinfo/post/_/id/123701/how-is-total-qbr-calculated-we-explain-our-quarterback-rating i
  9. Two years in a row? The kid hasn't even started a FULL year and most of his games he has started were a different coaching staff (2 HCs), in a completely tanking season with absolutely no help talent or coaching wise. Talk to me when he's had 16 games, a full season, and then show me his QBR. Until then GTFO with this nonsense.
  10. Wait now we are comparing him to Jamarcus Russell? Dear lord yes lets compare him to one of the biggest busts, no work ethic, off the field problem, QBs in the last 15 years of football smdh. This is becoming asinine lol, HELL lets just compare him to Ryan Leaf while we are at it, oh please yes make my brain hurt worse.
  11. This, and Campbells release was SO very slow compared to Dwayne's. In that comparison it was literally night and day. Also I wanted to bring this article up, with those saying that Hask doesn't have touch or accuracy.. quoting the article: It’s hard to quantify “touch,” but, in terms of throwing ability, this can set Haskins apart from the rest of the QBs in this class. When he has time to set his feet, he is money. https://medium.com/@thetim_dix/video-analysis-dwayne-haskins-arm-strength-release-time-and-decision-making-measured-14eb82d6ff6e
  12. Scherff to the Injured/Reserve list and they brought up Cam Sims. Sims is 6'5 220lbs, nice big target for Haskins?
  13. More than likely he won't be.. but we won't know that due to our terribad line and no weapons outside scary terry in my opinion. Add in a new system, new coaches, and basically no offseason/TC and you have our offense. It's a literal catch 22 at this point and time.
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