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  1. I say go ahead and ban it, it won't happen here in VA and I doubt THAT many people in other states are wearing Redskins gear. I don't understand why we're going so far out of our way to appease people who aren't fans, don't watch our games and don't buy Redskins merchandise. Anyways, kids aren't stupid. If they ban this in schools, it will only spark interest as to why they can't wear it at school. It reminds me of D.A.R.E., they told us if you did drugs, you were going to hell/jail/hospital/homeless shelter. Many kids later found out that smoking weed doesn't mean you're going to die in a d
  2. His piece goes on for 8 hours, from 7pm until 3am, this won't get much press coverage if any.
  3. Except for the Hillary thing (which most people didn't care about or showed contempt for), I think this thing is dying down for now. You can thank football season starting up and the emergence of more important stories. Anyways,most of the people against the name aren't Redskins fans and it's still up in the air if they're football fans. Like all other news stories, it will build up, peak and then go back down. I'm a far leaning liberal who spends a lot of time on the huffpost and what not. The people there aren't football fans and they sure as hell don't know what they're talking about. The
  4. Call me insensitive, but does this kid really identify himself as Native American? If I were in a crowd that said "kill black people", I would be afraid for my life. Does this kid really feel anything towards his Native American heritage? All I see is a kid with a pony tail and a cliched, Native American middle name.
  5. This article: How Washington's Football Team Creates A Hostile Environment For Native American Students (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/22/washington-redskins-native-americans_n_5607082.html), is very telling. I'm been going to the huffpost for years and they are an overly sensitve group, annoyingly so. However, if you check the comments section, you'll see that even these far left liberals aren't buying this crap.
  6. The people have spoken!http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/23/washington-redskins-name_n_5522885.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular
  7. Well, the NFL Network is showing our winning Super Bowl over Denver right now and it looks like they plan to show more of us later this week. This could just be a coincidence, but seeing as how they always show our losing SB games or none of our games, I think this is the NFL's way of showing us support.
  8. Checkmate! Give this man a medal, I'm surprised no one has said this yet. I'm usually on top of the news, but sometimes sponsors jump ship over something before I even hear about it. I've obviously heard about this, but I haven't heard of any sponsors jumping ship. I honestly think this will blow over for a while when football season starts. If it does come up, it will be lost in the many other football stories that will be circulating around.
  9. I hope the Heat blows out the Pacers in four games, I really hate the NBA. This is why the NBA will never be #1, its a joke.
  10. Why did that first foul on Nene warrant a foul shot, I thought the team had to get five fouls first?
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